One Punch Man

Chapter has been translated
Next Chapter should be the start of the raid. How do you expect it to go down this time?

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I hope the fights are good, that's pretty much it

kekk'ed at the first pages

I have complete faith in Murata, everything he's done has been great, the only minor disappointment I had was the Ripper fight being too short, but that was kind of part of the story and not on Murata, and we just had the amazing A class and Centipede fights.

Finally, some good image quality to work with.

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Crop test for thumbnail readability

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Nope, still unreadable. Oh well.

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Why does King activate his King's Engine inside the house? Thats awfully dangerous.

So if he ever dies he can just restart his heart

eternal vigilance is just one of King's assets

Saitama is really a piece of shit to genos, isnt he.

Genos is fucking clingy dude

Genos is a terrible friend in the first place, it's very fair play

Its called appreciation and respect

Saitama is piece of shit to most people, he only interacts with other when he wants something out of them, and at the moment he get it or gets bored he is trying to kick them out.

>Fubuki was at a restaurant eating alone with Saitama
>Saitama agreed

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Genos does not have a healthy view towards Saitama. He obsesses on every word, is completely servile and has zero critical thinking when Saitama is concerned. That's not respect, that's idolizing. The sooner he realizes that, the better for him.

What do you mean?
Saitama treats everyone pretty much the same.

I can't believe King is fucking dead

Tats > Fubu

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Judging by how he warmed up to Genos, Bang, and King, I'd say he's just tsundere. He actually cares about them, as seen by when he helps them out in a pinch, but otherwise he's going to bully them.

No clue on if he actually considers anyone else a friend.

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>good translations out yet thread is dead
What killed the hype?

Only 2 girls. Not enough for MUH BEST GIRL arguments.

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It's hilarious that the only thing that saved this chapter is the google translated scanlation. That's the only thing that generated discussion. The actual chapter is shit.

Fubuki is pretty cute.

>Dragons reveal is shit
Fuck you, ENW-chan is cute.

>tfw King died but Kuseno was just fine


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Every thread is dead when you say it's dead. I mean, we had 6 consecutive threads already. No greater indicator that the thread is dead than that.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kuseno was more fit than King. Even if he relies on a power suit, he must have gone through a lot of battles in his younger days.

what if Kuseno was Blast?

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I think Mumen Rider is basically the only person Saitama treats completely nicely.

original comic updates when.

Never. ONE has switched fully to the Manga, now.

Don't reply to them man

Will the Golden Smurf ever release any of his models? Has he ever said anything about what he'll do with them?

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It's dead, Jim


At the moment, don’t really have any plan to release them beyond making them viewable on sketchfab and doing animated (or not) quality renders on Unreal.
What kind of things would you do with them?

2019 for sure, I promise

Looking at Fubuki makes me want to see Murata draw Haman Karn.

Remember when people were expecting it in 2017?

good taste

Oh fuck, Murata just posed a tons of raws on his twitter from the last chapter.

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Bless Murata for posting his original pages.

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murata is stream!

FUCK he’s already drawing the next chapter? Isn’t that Psykos detecting Garou?

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It hasn't even been the obligatory week, did ONE actually deliver on time?

I would like to play as those characters in a game called VRChat. I have the VR hardware to do it, and I already imported a model of Saitama that I regularly use. Role playing and enacting various OPM scenarios with other people that have OPM models would also be really fun I think. Pic related is me, in-game.

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Well while Murata was drawing the chapter, ONE was already working on the new storyboards.

This way Murata usually starts working on the new chapter within a week after finishing the previous one.

The fact he’s drawing it makes the answer pretty obvious.

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I know, but it’s very rare to see Murata begin a new chapter stream after less than a week.

Giant Snowman or get out.

I want to protect that smile.

It took him a while to finish the newest chapter so chances are Murata received the storyboards this past weekend.

My model as it is would never work on Vrchat. The idea amount of poly for a character in it is seemingly 2k, while 20k would be the absolute max.

My Boros model is at near 200k, since I aim for visual quality rather than game optimized. I would be able to reduce it at parts easily, but not this low to work in Vrchat. For that it would need a full retopo. Then redo the whole process of UV and texturing (there should be some ways to use the textures I already have to readapt them I guess though).
Combined to that, it's not rigged properly. He has one that would work if he was a naked dude, but here he would need a good amount of rework on the skin weight.

And frankly, I have little interest in doing all that.

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Fubuki is a pathetic weakling trying to boost her reputation by clinging to Saitama and the S ranks

> Saitama
> reputation

to be fair saitama is pretty much guaranteed to be able to kill literally any problem they run into, natural disasters, super monsters, you name it, saitama can most likely punch it to death.

The tri limit imposed by VRChat developers is not a "hard" rule, and you can actually still import these kinds of unoptimized models into VRChat very easily. That shouldn't be a problem, so you don't have to retop, redo UV, or retexture anything.

So it's a shame it's not rigged properly. But I would still be interested in any other models you might have, that are actually rigged properly. King, Fubuki, Tatsumaki, are all ones I'd love to play with.

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they have reputation, but with his power they could potentially get more, but in this world it would probably backfire because all the destruction Saitama is causing, they would only serve as a cleaning team for him or something.

You can't "punch" a natural disaster away, you're only going to cause more problems if you try
i.e. kill more people by causing more destruction

>causing more destruction
coincidentally that is what Saitama usually does.

The absolute madman.

King got found by two HA members? Wonder how it’s gonna go and why he’s not gonna join the raid right away then.

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Waganma's dad seems to have understood his personal team failed.

Only Saitama knows his secret

I said «got found» as in litterally. They were looking out for him like the rest since the raid begins soon.

Fubuki once again cementing herself firmly in "best girl" status this chapter

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She's much more obnoxious than her sister

Which version do you like more?

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Next chapter will be on April 5th. Should be about 50 pages.

The chapter will come out before UK's translations.

God damn murata is so fast, what the fuck

wait, April 5th? That's only a week away, the hell.

I actually like Murata raws rather than the filtered scans.

Did a little pupils edit of this panel.

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Wideness accentuates the hips

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>opm and nagatoro chapter in the same week
yes please


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Why did he get rid of the abs?

> das it mane

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Are they still on namek?

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They're both so good I can't even tell which one is best girl.

Here is another edited out HQ Fubuki.

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He's at page 17.

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what is it with that preggy gut on fubuki

Murata is drawing Flash and ZM together. So that makes the raid team complete.