I want to hear your facts

I want to hear your facts

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>it's another "my shonen is better than your shonen" thread

- Dragon ball might be casual, but its a great manga till saiyan invasion
- fairy tail is shit
- my hero academia is boring in manga and only works decently as an anime
- Naruto would be even better than Fullmetal if we only include the first 4 arcs original arcs. original fma is an 8.5/10 at most.
- the real kings of shonen should include attack on titan, the promised neverland, death note and the best of all of them: ashita no joe and slam dunk.

You're retarded and should stop posting

Ask and you shall receive.

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They're all pretty casual though

>Death Note


>Ashita no Joe
nice meme

Here's a theory: any series with English letters in its logo is casual garbage.


You may be onto something.

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Pretty accurate list, just not sure what the last one for kings of shonen is. Name?

Gash Bell

What's the one on the bottom right with two exclamation marks?

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Elitism among shonenshitters is either the saddest or funniest things ever. I can't decide which. Just fucking admit you like cartoons and comics aimed at children. There's nothing wrong with that.

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>Just fucking admit you like cartoons and comics aimed at children.
But nobody is denying that.

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>Just fucking admit you like cartoons and comics aimed at children.
But I never said that I don't?

The percentage of HxH fans alone who try to argue that it's "more than you average shonen" etc. is pretty large.

what the fuck is the last ching chong? also jojo's is casual garbage.

>jojo's is casual garbage

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gash bell

Shonen is just garbage in general.


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Well aimed at teenagers specifically.


You really like Dragonball?


Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia need to be removed from the list or given their own middle tier.
Dragon Ball is a mixed bag of quality at this point. If we were just counting everything through Z, it could take a spot at the top, but overall it balances out.
My Hero Academia is competently made, but doesn't have much about it that makes it a stand-out series.

Casual? Yes.
Garbage? No.

Literally everyone who isn't a 30 year old virgin prefers Dragon Ball over One Piece.

You mean everyone that has shit taste. I mean come on now. Even if you disregard stuff like the time skip of both series One Piece had higher highs and didn't have the most boring power system known to man with fights that all came down to the same shit.

I mean most people that know about dragonball didn't even watch the original series which was better then the timeskip. Just all round trash opinion.

The last two episodes from Dragon Ball Super were superior than anything One Piece ever had to offer.

Oh ok man. I'm sure that's a popular opinion those that have read/watched both series.

I've heard some stupid ass shit before, but god damn.

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did you really just use virgin as an insult on Sup Forums of all places?

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All of them are trash

All I need is Kinniku for 300 years!
It's funny, it's suspenseful, and cheap too


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This desu. I would also move Gash Bell into that hypothetical middle tier.

Whats the one on the bottom right? I can't read weeb.

The only right answer.

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objectively correct.

jojo's is casual, and most of it is garbage