Has moeshit gone too far?

Has moeshit gone too far?

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who cares, anime's gonna be good anyway

2007 was more moe-ish than 2018.

how is that even remotely neko musume

If you're telling me 2018 looks worse than anything on the left you have brain damage.

>becomes more anatomically correct over time
>hurr durr le moeshit ruining anime
Fuck off.

I'm just waiting for the sudden realization from the younger generation that they had potentially fapped to the same waifu as their grandfather.

2018 looks more slutty than moe to me.

2007 was the best one.

Nope. It will go even further beyond.

2018 is by far the best

great, huh?

Original neko musume was the best anyway.
And by original, I mean the one from the manga/Hakaba, not the ugly midget.

no idea who the fuck this bitch is but why the fuck is she so jacked up before 2007

>"I'm totally not a werecat" werecat
>I gave up fite me faggots

How is it more correct? Older versions actually look like a creepy Japanese child from the past. The most recent versions are clearly a more idealized caucasian type, that looks like it belongs in Monogatari, or something.

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2007 and 2018 look extremely cute. The others looks gross

85 is clearly the worst you fucking baby

>implying my grandfather knew about glorious chinese cartoons

Looks fine

Sup Forums is the only thing that has been kept for too long.

What the fuck is 1985s


1968 and 1971 are ugly cute
1985 looks like shit
1996 and 2007 would be moe
2018 looks like a semen demon

>no idea who the fuck this bitch is
>being this proud of being an ignorant asshat

>a more idealized caucasian type
>black hair with clearly asian eyes

2007 is moe
2018 is fuckeable

What are the numbers under years supposed to be? Age?

Number of dicks they have sucked.

>being this much of an EOP
It's literally the same fucking thing in Nip.

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Back to Sup Forums

Actually 2018 looks less moe than 2007

>It's literally the same fucking thing in Nip
checks out, thanks

its just getting started. soon we'll have AI shitting out these generic characters based on popularity polls

God I hope so, I want all anime girls to have saberface

Japanese "calendar" year based on the current Emperor. In this case it's the Shouwa period till 1988 and everything after that till now is Heisei period. The number is the year count starting from the first year of every period, so for Heisei it would be 30 because it started in 1988.

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>1988 was 30 years ago
What the fuck

I know. it just didn't occur to me because I'm an idiot and I though that x-å¹´could be an alternative for x-sai

I believe this to be correct but I have not counted.

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2007 is the cutest.

She was pretty popular on Gelbooru back in the day.

Wow. 10/10 Would bang.

Id hit it