Tfw you start reading goblin slayer expecting it to me moe mmorpg

>Tfw you start reading goblin slayer expecting it to me moe mmorpg

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Be honest Sup Forums, I know you enjoyed the rape scenes.

Nigga most of us got in for the rape scenes and stayed for the goblin slayer

Why do seinen think inserting rape scenes makes a series "mature"?

Are you me?

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I'm glad I found the manga, it lead me to the light novels, and man is it a wild ride.

How mature can you expect the mangaka/LN author who had been living off their family until mid-thirties to be?

cartoons are for children my man, the mature tag can be literally translated to edgy 99% of the time since the market doesn't cater to adults outside of fanservice.

>IRL 35 year old NEET
>first manga that he draws is a 15 year old getting raped
>everyone in the anime community loves it

And people wonder why anime is criticized...

why do none of them have names

Any more mangas/anime like this? i like the mmorpg theme in manga but most of them are plagued with the "LMao im level 999999999 but they dont even know and i 1 shot everything" theme. I kinda like GS because hes not OP just well prepared


Tokyo Fashion week?

The rape scenes it has aren't really graphic anyway. The possibility and brutality of it adds to the sense of danger at least. I'm just happy for a good fantasy setting with an interesting MC that's not about some fucking NEET retard being transported to another dimension.

But it turns into a moe mmorpg after the first volume.

Reading the rest of the manga after fapping helped with the post-fap shame.

Can somebody please spoonfeed me a site with the LNs? Preferably in PDF
Can only find the thanks empire manga

Honestly the beginning was way darker than the actual rest of the show, it's just there for shock value

What’s going on in this image?

Goddess Madoka.

Soon you'll realize what must be done.

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Can’t register on that shit
Thanks, anyway, I found the LN up to volume 4 on some garbage site

no, i don't

Be honest user. You did.

only a goblin would enjoy that

no, i only read it because Sup Forums was spammning it like no tomorrow during the chapter 2 days, i quickly skipped the rape pages but when GS appeared and delivered justice i picked it up just for him.

You're not being honest user. You like it. Is ok to say the truth.

anything i said you will put insane troll logic on it.

>me moe

That may be true user, but still, that's no reason to tell lies.

I want and at the same time don't want to see the Priestess get gobbed.
When she didn't get gobbed I was glad but also disappointed.
If she should ever be gobbed I would curse the author and then fap.
And why is there no doujin of SM getting gobbed?

How baited are going to be anime-only fags after the first episode of the anime is out?

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Well the PV is already pretty misleading

t. Goblin
And no

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> enjoyed the rape scenes
hells yeah

> stayed for the Goblin Slayer
hells yeah

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>And people wonder why anime is criticized...

>implying anyone here gives a shit

95% sure we are going to be invaded by Sup Forums Dark Souls autists after EP1 webms start spreading

Well you should

No I shouldn't, since there is no reason why

Kill all goblins, like druggies they need to be shot on sight

my body is ready

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>never noticed the horse jumping 20 ft in the air before
that's what I get for speed reading

Convince me to read it, and no Goblin Rape isn't enough. I have dounjinshis for that.

it's cute and a fast read

from last thread, fixed.

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>Convince me
He's a living npc's.

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Great edits.

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>Oh look he's a outcast and lonewolf because he does the job no one else will do but that doesn't stop all the women from falling for him and people to sing songs about him
>He doesn't like goblins, that's all they could come up for this bland self-insert
>The author seems to relish in abusing women.
>If goblins are such a threat why do they send only low-level adventurers to hunt them.
What else are people going to say once the anime comes out?

Does he ever look like this in the other chapters? Because this is fucking rad and such a wonderful kind of sinister.

Who would win between GS and Wasabi-san?

Wasabi no contest.

Kill goblins! Fuck goblins! Goblins are not human they need to be killed on sight! Goblin Slayer is a hero killing all of goblins goblins goblins goblins kill kill kill i hate goblins so much moreso than elves

They live in two completely incompatible systems. If in Wasabi's world, Wasabi stomps him hard because he's a low level shitter who can't damage her. If in Goblin Slayer's world, GS stomps because there are no levels or vidya mechanics and even if she killed high level adventurers, she wouldn't level up and snowball into the threat she is in her world.

Why nobody listen to experts anymore?

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I enjoyed the brutal retribution that came soon afterwards. I also enjoyed the fact that said brutal retribution will never stop.

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These threads are being kept alive by Sup Forums and /tg/ though, maybe a little bit /d/ and Sup Forums. There is almost no Sup Forums in these threads because they can't handle rape and gore

>/tg/ will love
/tg/ are the ones that shit up most GS threads.

Everyone in this thread has god given taste. Carry on

The entire issue is that goblins are horrible monsters because one of the goddess self insert a mary sue human for the campaign so one of the evil gods made the gobos extra fucked up just to piss her off.

No one hunts goblins because the reward is too small, the reward in turn is paid by farming villages which are essentially the only ones really attacked by goblins. It's a vicious cycle because goblins are actually a thread that should be handled by mid-tier adventurers. You could see it in the recent chapter, even with the world expert and a good varied party of allies they still nearly got fucked.

I get shame-boners from the rape scenes which makes gobbo culling all the more satisfying.

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C-can someone post this scene?

Read the manga you goblin.

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>goblin slayer has ikemen faggot face

100% correct

not necesary. orcbolg is orcbolg, cute priestess is cute priestess and rapebait elf is rapebait elf

To be fair Goblin Champions are suppose to be super rare and when they are known about the rank of the quest is usually bumped up. This occasion where one showed up was a quest in which a high ranking adventurer specifically summoned the leading expert on goblins to deal with. While goblins are still extremely dangerous and can wipe your average beginner party they should not be running into a champion, lord or even a hobgoblin unless they are extremely unlucky.

sad! these threads are always pretty chill and there is a healthy balance of funposting and discussion. with Sup Forumsermins around gs threads may aswell become dbs or darling tier shitposting festivals

>not knowing this thread is for containment and inst the actual one

im actually posting in both

I wonder if Kobolds exist in GS world. They supposedly the same "strength in number" like goblins but if you're unlucky you'll fight horde of them with Dragon as their leader, not Champion/Lord.

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same here

>other thread got gobled
dammit goblins

>dammit mods


made in abyss, neverland, goblin slayer, what's up with so much edgy mangas of all sudden

Masturbated to them multiple times.

People trying to fill the niche left by Gantz ending.

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Fuck yeah I did but as everyone here, I came for the fap, but stayed for the weaponized autism of GS.

Because rape is not for children.

Next chapter would be a good opportunity to highlight his inhuman rage.

I'm really fucking excited for next chapter. In most fights, GS is cool and calculated, but now he's going to go full Rip and Tear on this champion.

They already exist in Goblin Slayer. The original Kobold in folklore were pretty much goblins if I recall.

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just started this bullshit, how can an ass like that walk around the adventurer's guild without anyone smacking it?

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I liked it at first but gets kinda turned off by his harem as they look pretty generic, will they be focusing more on his harem later on? Because fuck that

>Sup Forums now thinks every fantasy manga is isekai
what happened

Speaking of kobolds, an user in an ancient thread once said that GS gobbos are basically Tucker's Goblins.

should I spoil it for myself with the LN's? Maybe a better question, are the LN's any good?

Who are you talking about?

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>goblins, elves and magic
>not fantasy
You should really get out more, user.

Yeah author probably decide to use Goblins because Japan misconception with Kobolds. Also because designing encounter with MC able to outsmart Dragon in D&D is hard.

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There is also Dead Tube if you like to see good innocent girls get raped and killed (thanks to the shitty edgy author).

No. Patiently awaiting the passionate consensual sex that must surely happen at some point in the future.

I remember a former friend getting angry at Monster Musume because the kobold girl wasn't a lizard, it was strange.

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>play Baldur's Gate back in 1998 with my only exposure to D&D being the cartoon series
>always thought they were little dog people worth 7 EXP a piece
>mfw finding out that they were actually little lizard people

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>Tucker's Kobolds

That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. When I first played Baldur's Gate, I spent 1 month real time in the Firewine Dungeon, because that dungeon spawns squadrons of Kobold Commandos who pelt you with flame arrows and flee when you get close...and as you pursue, they lead you into trapped rooms, or ambushes with stronger monsters like skeleton warriors. They then flank you while you're busy with the warriors and snipe your backrow characters, and if you pursue again, another group spawns in that room.
I swear, that dungeon was created just like the Tucker Kobold ones. It was a pain in the ass

Given the setting, it's probably a pretty common sight so most guys probably look at it and "oh, nice ass" and go about their business.