The only reason this is praised so much is because it is babby's first mecha

The only reason this is praised so much is because it is babby's first mecha

In reality it is extremely mediocre and wildly overrated. Anyone who thinks otherwise has zero credibility

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Nah it's becaise it was one of the first somewhat plausible psychological shows.

the fact you are making a bait thread about a 20+ year show says something about the quality and staying power that EVA has.

Babby's first mecha was tetsujin

It says more about the quality and staying power of his genes.

Were they the good guys?

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I agree. It was so boring, when i finished it it was like cumming gallons after a fap probation, but not because it was good, but because i finally finished watching that pile of stinking shit.

They're Sup Forums incarnate

>The Elders of Zion
>the good guys

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I don't consider it to be bad, but highly overrated. I remember that I couldn't understand the last two episodes and it felt like shit to me, after watching and reading more it all made more sense

You forgot to call it pretentious.

Hey that's only my opinion. One thing is for sure, this stuff is, like you just said, too much overrated. But then again i'm on Sup Forums and everybody knows that Sup Forums has 99% of times shit tastes.
also this

It’s no Madoka but it was still amazing for its time.

Gurren Lagann is the baby first mecha anime.

Oh yes, Madoka was another over-the-top overrated pile of garbage.

Madoka is the best directed anime on earth. Miyazaki even admitted it was a masterpiece.

I couldn't stand Shinji so I dropped it at ep3. I tried but it was just beyond me. From what anons say Asuka was at least as bad later on so I regret nothing.

Not to mention it's a Devilman Crybaby ripoff. Anno is a hack.
I was just listening to this earlier today. It's pretty great.

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Weird way to write cowboy bebop, user.

Shinji more like cringy AMIRITE hah hah.

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I'm the op of the K-ON thread. I made that thread with sincere intentions and expressed my genuine feelings. That is all I wanted to say.

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Bebop was an overrated piece of garbage for nerds to think listening to jazz makes them sophisticated. The actual show itself was okay at best and with a different soundtrack it would have gone almost unnoticed completely. Cowboy Bebop has literally nothing on Madoka Magica in terms of music of story and that’s that. Actually kill yourself you hipster ass goblin.

lolol wtf is this? the normie tier weeb shit reunion or something? lol you guys should kys for such bad tastes

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it's mostly blues, not jazz. but who cares, you're probably one of those failures of human beings that roams the k-pop threads. also i won't even waste myself in arguing with you about the excellent direction, the compelling mix of genres, the great characters and so on; just go back watching that doremi bullshit, that's the style that suits you bitches best.

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>ummmm ummm user doesn’t like Bebop so he must roam Kpop threads.

Nice trying to defend your garbage show.

It wasn't babby's first mecha in Japan where it became one of the most influential and popular anime of all time.

There’s hundreds of influential anime series.

The only reason this is praised so much is because it is babby's first mahou shoujo

In reality it is extremely mediocre and wildly overrated. Anyone who thinks otherwise has zero credibility

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Eva isn’t even the most influential mech anime.

>babby's first mecha
Maybe if you were born in the 2000s

>Madoka is old

You new?

Madoka gets all the praise it gets from people who have actually watched it because it’s genuinely amazing unlike shows like Eva and Bebop where the fans watched them as kids and have a thick pair of nostalgia goggles over their face when they eat their member berries.

Go watch kobayashit, you little pleb. You will never be able to enjoy a real anime.

Evangelion is the greatest series in anime history. If you do not think the same, it's because your taste is shit .

>needing to watch more than 3 episodes of Madoka to realize it's utter trash


kill yourself

>pissed Eva fan

You didn’t even watch it.

>seething madokek
You could sell the salt to your local supermarket.

Wrong, it's because of the psychology. Anyone with half a brain can see why this stands out, even if they don't like it.

Not him but Madoka is a good anime, that's all. Eva is a master piece. It's a huge difference.

>muh psychology
The brainlets who made this show can't even make a graph right.

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Looks like the Madoka EVAhate autist is back to tell us why it's so much better than other classics without explaining way.

Not him but Madoka is literally a better series. Eva fans have thick nostalgia goggles covering their eyes.

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that's the only reason i came up with, because you must have tons of shit taste to deny perfection; either that, or you're just an underaged contrarian.
>your garbage show
Boy, how wrong can you be? Check the entry "Reception". Literally everyone idolized it, aside the edgy kiddos like you that is.

Madoka is pleb shit for newfags. I have watched it 5 times to the point of hating everything about it and realizing what an amateur casual magnet it is for impressionable teens. No one actually likes Madoka. They just want to be seen liking it. It's a fad, just recency bias on the part of the fans.

>inb4 you don't understand user!! you don't understand shit, you never did... madoka is a clever exploitation of the magical girl concept!!

exploit my smegma encrusted foreskin, you fags.

also inb4 "nice plebbit spacing xdd" fuck off niggers i will eat you alive

>good guys

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Why you do think that? Madoka will never be a master piece like Eva. That's pretty obvious. It's a good anime. Better than the average moeshit, but better than Eva? You must be dreaming.

The same thing happened with Madoka. Bebop is overrated.

You shouldn't use words you don't understand Jimmy, now why does your mom let you watch two animes again

>Madoka is bad
>I’ve only watched it 5 times
>I.. I swear it’s bad

K-On > Eva > Madoka

You’re dreaming

>Hideaki Anno (see pic related):
This is really good, Kyubey. Be it getting rid of lip-synching, or working it as a character, doing it so thoroughly makes me feel great. And the symbolization of the witches is also skillfully done. The music is also good. My urge is to own the three BGM tracks like the "salesman's theme" which I love, got me to buy Vol. 2 of the Blu-Ray. Ep. 10 was good too. The way HomuHomu was depicted was good. I think in terms of the released form of anime works, going for a movie series instead of another TV series is a good way to establish it even further. I have high expectations of it.
>Mamoru Oshii (Japan Media Arts Festival judge):
Madoka is the first "god-tier" anime since Evangelion.
>Yutaka Yamamoto:
Stop Cancelling Our Anime! There’s no need for “self-estraint” with anime. There is no need to cancel Madoka. Now of all times, Madoka must keep crying out the truth of humanity.
>Kazuo Koike(Lone Wolf and Cub & Crying Freeman):
There were many times I felt my heart rending when I watched Madoka Magica. I think it is a great thing to create such touching work. Gen Urobuchi, I could not have such ideas. I admit defeat.
>Shunji Suzuki:
Madoka might beat Eva, if it hasn't yet. It's not good for relics of the past to stay at the top forever.
>Ryusuke Hikawa (Japan Media Arts Festival judge):
For the past decades I've wondered, "Why can't anybody make an anime with as much impact as Gundam using the power of the moe anime genre?" Madoka Magica made this wish come true.
>Hitoshi Sakoh:
The pairing of Madoka and Homura is just the best!
>Rena Matsui:
It was a most heartfelt joy to watch scenes like the ED of ep. 10 or when Kyubey gave a speech

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Ano is that you posting on Sup Forums?

>recency bias
>its 7 years old

Have you even watched Madoka? Honestly? It makes Eva look bad in comparison.

A work of art must be at least 20 years old before it's no longer affected by recency bias. Every single positive comment on Madoka is thereby skewed and invalid until 2031.

Perhaps, yes. Everything here is extremely overrated or underrated, no grey areas. For Bebop though, i think there are good reasons if it's the former one. That's my useless opinion on the internet though.

Why do Madokafags always think that if you didn't think it was the best thing ever made you didn't watch it?

This thread is just full of Sup Forums tier levels of arguing.
Everyone go reevaluate your methodology of critique, re-watch your shows, take notes, and then come back.

Yeah, and I love it. It's one of my favorites anime. I like Madoka, really like it, but better than Eva? That's too much, user.

>it’s 20 because I say so

This but unironically.

>forcing people to commit to instrumentality
>aware of second impacts effects, proceeded to undertake it anyway
>shadow group hidden from the rest of the world's knowledge

Madoka > K-On > Eva

If you're praising a show that's not even an adult in age, there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

Because when you start asking questions 99% of people who claim to “hate” Madoka haven’t watched it. They know nothing about the actual series.


You’ll bump up the time every time an anime comes around that’s better than what you enjoy.

i've watched it and it was meh to say the least.

Madoka Magica is quite simply the worst thing to happen to mahou shoujo ever. Its forced profundity has caused millions of people all over the world to force themselves to like what is quite simply nothing more than an exercise in style.

Urobutcher has no idea what he is doing here. His show jumps around with little to no sense of unity. The great film makers of the world create a series of events that contain clarity of information, something Urobutcher couldn't bet his life on.

What is the purpose of what is going on here? Is there any coherent message? I have heard suggestions that it is Urobutcher's message about humanity, but what is that? Does Urobutcher even know?

This is Transformers for the art house crowd. Pure style over substance. Nobody actually likes this show, they just like to be seen liking it.

Eva > Eva > Eva

code geass is clearly the better mech anime

prove me wrong

>Being this contrarian
You can personally dislike it but to call arguably the most accessible anime of all time garbage just makes you look like a edgelord retard.

Madoka is far from hate-worthy, it's really good. Was even compared a lot to eva here when it aired. It's not eva though.

Honestly episode ten of Madoka alone is the equivalent of EOE.

It's the same fucking guy every time. See , I recognize his response verbatim. I must've argued with him 4 times by now.

And you’re saying that because you didn’t watch it. If you thought Madoka was meh you probably don’t enjoy anything you watch anywhere.

It’s better. Most people in the industry who knew more about anime than you agree.

That's better.
Now can Madokafags recover?

It is literally only one guy making that argument over and over.


Have you tried watching Madoka though?

>responding to your own post

Madoka answers questions about its own universe and characters than Moon and CCS ever can even imagine despite having much less episodes. That’s why people who review Madoka activity shit on both of them unintentionally.


How would that make sense? Why would I respond to myself in such manner? I just wanted a better level of discussion from both sides.

I don't know why nobody blatantly said it out loud and wish somebody would just own up to it and say it; I'm just gonna say it:

The humans are the evil ones in this series, not the angels. For fucks sake man; why is humanity defending itself with such a shit evil lie man? And they wonder why god fucking hates them? They all did deserve instrumentality.

I've seen people interpret Madoka's message in many different ways but I think if you look at Butcher's overall writing it's clearly meant to be a spiritual sequel to Fate/Zero and his other earlier works. A writer's journey to write a "real", sincere happy ending.

Because it’s obvious you’re the same guy trying to bring attention to your own post. Moon might be old but Madoka is better and sold more than crystal and receives better reviews which should have blown it away considering it had years of existence while Madoka didn’t exist yet.

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Okay, relax. No need to randomly bring Sailor Moon into this. Personally I'd really appreciate if we took the enthusiasm we had here and put it into a Madoka thread instead. We had an amazing one awhile back and I'd be happy if we could keep doing that.

>that pseudo-science shit
Madoka was a nonsensical mess

>Billions of people on Earth who doesn't have anything to do or isn't even aware of it in the first place
>all deserve instrumentality.

Nice logic, traitor.

Sailor moon is about as deep as Inuyasha. People need to stop treating it like it’s some kind of masterpiece because it’s old.

That's Ozymandias to you fool.

Sailor Moon S was Madoka done right. Clearly your recency bias is clouding your judgement.
>implying anyone cares about Crystal