Is this good writing?

Is this good writing?

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Can you objectively declare it bad writing?


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it directly cointradicts the previously stablished struckture of the espada rankings, so yes

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I thought zero was not a number?

good concept, terrible execution, the Cero Espada should have been Wonderweiss in the sense that is as strong as the Espadas but over-specialized so isn't as effective for other missions, just my 2 cents

nope because it led to nothing, worst fight by far not only because it was off screen but even if they did the whole thing would be
>hes huge
>and strong
thats it

This brings back memories. It was like the O MY RUBBER NEN moment of however many years ago this happened.

He was only 0 in terms of raw power and potential. He could get stronger and stronger, but he lacked the gimmicks that made Starrk, Barragan, Halibel and Ulquiorra so god damn dangerous
This lack of any kind of interesting twist on his power is what got his ass completely wrecked by Byakuya and Kenpachi

How the fuck is 0 not a number?

cause you dont count from 0.

Is black/white a color? It's really only comes up from pedants man.

espadas arent ranked according to their special abilities, but according to raw energy

That's literally where you start from.

it would had been better if yammy got the number one and stark been the cero espada from the beggining.

Reminder that Yammy never referred to himself as an Espada. He introduced himself as Arrancar Diez. Meanwhile every other Espada called themselves Primera/Cuatra/etc Espada.

0 is embodies nothingness. Is *nothing* a number? An apple?
Nothing is nothing. 0 is nothing, not a number.

But you count down to it

You do in computer Science, everything indexes at 0 nigger


In SS arc it was stabilished that Aizen died and then turned out he wasn't, would you call that bad writing?

I thought bleach is done already?

It doesn't matter.
After this, nothing before or after mattered in that series.

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The idea of a previously weak ass character being the strongest in itself is fine, but the problem is that Yammi has no reason for the limiter. This isn't some mental block like Dopplo vs Diavolo scenario nor is the 0 rank some kind of impractical nuke option that makes it relatively obsolete for skirmishes and fights.

The idea that Yachiru was the sword was a theory passed around since the day that Kenpachi lost.

If anything it's the least stupid part of that arc