Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Ultra next year and new movie this year. Are you happy Sup Forums?

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I will only be happy when a complete GT redo with the same arcs happens, hopefully after EoZ.
Untul that happens, GT will remain for me the DBZ sequel and bog rof and Super will all be mere what ifs.

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No I wish they would've just stopped after dbgt, the show has turned into a shameless cash grab with more lazy character design and story than DBGT

Reminder. Multiverse is Official canon.

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Thats what makes it fun though

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No it's not, now stop spamming your shitty fan fiction.


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Best looking frames in Super?

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Come home, human boy.

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So what's the deal with this guy?

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Reacting like his manga counterpart, even if it was for a few seconds.


Freeza's not paying him enough.

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>even in the manga Frost fell into the dark side
>meanwhile Freeza ended up joining the gang
I fucking told you

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Kid broly a cute.

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Why doesn't Goku or the others learn/use the Shin Kikoho?

Its output is 100x the users power, which with goku's bullshit god ki and 10x kaioken, it would essentially be able to 1 shot anyone.

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>it's another Blackfags pretend Black isn't a bitch in all versions
He's only smug and shit when he's the strongest guy, as soon he's surpassed he cry like a girl, he sucks that much, face it and move on

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I want to praise and adore Zamasu.

>universe 11 about to disappear
>Toppo wants to get some last worse
>Goku butts in as usual

>How to derail yet another Dragon Ball thread
You faggots can't go 5 mins without this type of shit

Black did nothing wrong.

Why is she so perfect?

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Because it's pretty much a suicide attack

Kefura please, I already fapped to you twice today.

>This autist thinks DBM isn't after Z.

Except being a faggot when he can't asspull another power up


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So what? It's still not canon, now fuck off salagir.

I miss Jiren

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>Post a DBM pic
>retard thinks im salagir.

By that logic we all are Toei & Sensei Toriyama for posting DB pics.


You posted it

u g l y

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Learn to spell retard.

W-why is she sweating?

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much better

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Intense training, that's all.

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His brother never wishes him back, and now he's pissed as hell

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Is that why he is so pissed with chadku?

Very intense.

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Me too

Base kefla a qt

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Do you love Quitela

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As dragonball super has proved, if you just get strong enough, negative effects of moves just go away. Evil Containment Wave and Vegeta's Self-destruct (and also 17's) both didn't do shit to them. So it begs the question why Shin Kikoho would.

Especially when its so useful and can be used multiple times. Tien used it at least 20 times on Cell before passing out, not even dying. And considering that SSJ1 = 50x boost and SSJ2 = 100x, Tien was essentially attacking with the force of an SSJ2 there (relative to his lower base/max power level to the saiyans)

So Goku using Shin Kikoho at SSJ2 (100 x 100 = 10000x) would be stronger than most any attack from SSJ3 (which is only 200x)

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You tell em father.

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Don't ever compare best girl to that non canon trash

Kefura is a qt in all her forms.

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You mad?

I need more prisoner Torankusu footage

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>So what's the deal with this guy?

He's an OC out of dragonball ultimate tenkaichi

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Both the same character. And FYI one is a ripoff of the other.

Nothing else in the series will be exciting knowing that Jiren is always gonna be stronger

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You mean don't drop the soap Big Dick Torankusu

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Do you love Vados

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>soon this will be 3 years

How is she both cute and hot?

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You can't redo something when literally this entire something is shit.

I'm glad that he's alive

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Excuse my autism, but why would they bother using characters from Super's "canon" timeline in an event that would ever be acknowledged?

She's a saiyan.

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>Jiren opens his eyes a little wider
>Gohan wakes up from a coma 5 years later

I haven't laughed so hard in a while, thanks user

She's smol.

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I'd drop the soap for him, though

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What's his name

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>GT but Goku gi keeps its original colors

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The Soyajin Gohan


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>Her super saiyan green doesn't make her taller

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Shut the FUCK up


Back the fuck off?!

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>implying Raditz is ever coming back

Gohan con gafas

Get off the computer Tyler, mom said you got in trouble

Nah he's old news now

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You see me at twitchcon and run boy

Who here /coldskin/?

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El papa de vados-kun

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Freeza cucked Vegeta out of the finale.

I will never get over of the shed death.

Best /dbs/ mascot coming tru

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Stop posting that fridgemode spic. Only decent thing is the smile

Wtf are you posting you mongoloid?

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>he doesn't know

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everyone in dragon ball loves soy, specially the strongest member of universe 7

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fuck off salagir