What is the appeal of Nagatoro again?

What is the appeal of Nagatoro again?

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I know I'm garbage, so the only way I can self insert into a romantic story is if the girl treats the guy like garbage.

Revenge rape and mind breaking.




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I love her expression.

She's cute and is getting cuter and cuter as the series progresses. That panel were realizes she hurt Senpai's feelings and that smile she did when she found out Senpai bought the chocolates for himself are my highlights.

I wasn't interested until they started bullying the bully.

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same reason as ahogirl

she's hot, small and could easily kick my ass

Wanting to beat the main girl until she has permanent brain damage?

>tfw nagatoro confesses her love for sen

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It's for creepy masochist betas who long for an aggressive-but-kind fey cutie to interact with them and love them for some reason despite their many faults and lack of any apparent qualities that would make them desirable.

However, Nagatoro is also cute as fuck universally.

Watching what you thought was a trainwreck of an impossibly dumb human being and then realizing you just want to see where life will take her because she's succeeding despite all evidence to the contrary of her day-to-day survival, much less happiness?

Twintails is cute! Cute!

How pathetic do you have to be?

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Calm down A-kun

This is my girlfriend, please say something nice about her

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Isn't this by the same guy that did those loli pig rape doujins?

He still makes those.

Yes and also ultra vanilla NaruHina doujins.

She's a cute girl who's in love with a cute boy and the only way she knows how to express her love is through teasing.


Don't you mean straight-up physical, mental and emotional abuse?

Is that even true past chapter 5? Also, I'm pretty sure she's receiving the most mental damage out of this, almost all her BS has backfired on her.

She has a heart of gold and is trying to help MC come out of his shell and enjoy highschool life. Also she's written more like a real person in contrast to the stereotypical highschool girls from Japan that's an ideal romanticized version of a real Japanese schoolgirl. This makes her stand out in a crowd of carbon copy generic waifus designed to be easy self-insert one dimension fap bait for lonely otaku schmucks who have wallets to burn.

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She's a tsundere.

Im talking about the original here. The manga version is completely watered down.

Having someone love you and make advances towards you, which none of us have experienced. Love is hard and the fear of getting rejected hurts and actual rejection hurts like nothing in this world. It doesn't matter if shes a bully or even insane, we just want someone to love us and play with our weewee.

Also girls with tanlines are hot as fuck.

Have you read his other masterpieces?

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Does she wind up murdering those sluts?

Because I like girls that feisty with a bit of bite to them. I can't live without sarcasm so I always like the more cynical people.

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His Mami doujinshi were fantastic. And the one with the apes I fap to on a weekly basis.

Sadodere. More deredere lately.

>Being this easy to please

This is true; before the manga, Nagatoro had next to no positive appeal outside of her cute face. She was a turbobitch with 0% dere.

Imagine being bullied by a weak little jap and then behead that fucking bitch when she tries to be dominant

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No, it's fun imagining how hard you would dom her in his place

She also has yandere tendencies, and she’s an S. I like her character, it’s the truth when she said she had rare value. She’s one of a kind right now

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Calm down there, friend.

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I sincerely hope this manga does exceptionally well so that we get some ryona/guro of this smug bitch on Pixiv.

How are the volume 1 sales so far? Any reports?


disgusting. don't you ever do that to my daughter again.

actual dere

I want to ask your daughter's hand in marriage.

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she's shit user

For some people it's the femdom angle.

For some people it's the tsundere angle (ie they interpret her abuse as her being in love with him and incapable of expressing it any other way.)

And for some people it's the fantasy of the guy eventually snapping and reciprocating the abuse, primarily through rape.

She's the best kind of tsundere

Hopefully we get horses next, as hinted to in the pig one

I don't understand bullying, from either standpoint. I don't understand why bullies bully or why the bullied put up with it.

But I'm 6'8" and bearmode and have been since grade five. Early bloomer.

That started out amazing, but then he got to the usual cliche aheahe mindbreak tripe.

>mfw can't find any Nagatoro ryona

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I want to be raped by her

>still no pregnancy
I was promised pig pregnancy after the first one.

We got monkey pregnancy and birthing, but it's not the same and I'm still upset.

I want to fuck your girlfriend!

I was also promised cowitits partner would get some animal dick, but oddly enough she's gotten previews TWICE and then forgotten about every time 774 wants to draw something else.

I'm just hoping he keeps publishing in Towako, even if it's only occasionally.

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I'm a dirty masochist and I'm not pathetic at all

The nice thing about Nagatoro is that she actually likes her senpai, so the ego guard I have that protects me from malice drops.

She speaks the truth about user while at the same time giving user the attention he desperately craves.

Her anus.

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I want to see three succubi bulli this cute shota

Is it legal to read this in Canada?

If you have to even ask, no.

Her noodle arms

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Yes, it is illegal but the RCMP won't actively go after you

Kinda dumb that it’s illegal desu, it’s just 2D drawings

Yes, in Girls Form.

Playful teasing in the manga at least. She falls into the "Sadodere" category. It's kinda how people like yandere, but less extreme.

wow living in Canada must be suffering if they have that kind of crap.

On the plus side it's legal for a woman to tie you up and have animals fuck you in canada.

We just want to look after our little nippers eh

You can't say anything bad about Islam or they lock you up with the new law.
Even making fun of peoples clothes is illegal now.

I have unresolved psychological issues due to being bullied in school and the disconnect between these intense negative memories and the light-hearted antics of a series like "Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro-chan!" allows me to vicariously relive that painful time of my life through a relatable but idealized version of what I endured.

I've already told you this.

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Canada never had freedom of speech. I don't know why people are making a big deal out of this.

i only see improvement

Give me an unbiased source for this because I don't believe you can get locked up for saying just any old bad thing.

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Do you believe everything Sup Forums tells you, you underage mouth breather?

she treats the mc (you) the way they (you) deserve to be treated

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I'm Canadian and this is true. It's illegal to misidentify genders in Canada now too

It's not being enforced but it is the law

Lmao you know how I know you go on Sup Forums and have never been to Canada?

Huh, sucks to be you, i got it so bad that nagatoro doesn't even seem like a bully. I'd have to disagree with you there. It might have to do with being emasculated and overpowered mentally by someone who is interested in you sexually. The pain and the relief also plays into some brain chemistry shit I don't understand.

and people say America is a fucking shithole, how can you deal with that crap & it must be hard to get some anime or vidya games there too.

The real question we should be asking is: why is Nagatoro best girl?

Not really. As long as you don't have underaged nak'd lolis on the cover, you're fine when it comes to that kind of media.

The RCMP isnt actively stalking the net for people playing eroge or fapping to hentai

It's even easier here in California. Subculture is everywhere and totally accepted (besides that it's shit; rather be in Michigan honestly)

How can you make fun of Canada when you live in california

Don't listen to redpill-tards, I've been fapping to underage guro loli porn non-stop for the past few years with no issues. I've also bought some pretty intense loli doujins at public conventions in the past year.
And the C-16 shit is massively overblown by neet albertans, it's about hate crimes, no one is getting sued for misgendering. I misgender someone once a month at least with no problems.

She's a sexy spats-waring tanned girl with nice legs that bullies you even though she's younger. The H possibilities could range from SM femdom to full dere revenge masochism. 0% things to dislike.



not making fun of it, just stating some facts about california


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