Shows people pretend to like

Shows people pretend to like

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Fuck you it's muh favourite anime

Biggest meme in the industry.

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Why do you like it?

I broke after a few episodes and never finished it. I'm sorry I am weak. This shit was too depressing.

It's comfy

Fuck you

you should say at least
>Hotarubi no Mori e
and I'd agree. All movies are overrated no exception, and a lot of them people are just pretending to like.

What the fuck is your message format?

Koe no Katachi
Kimagure Orange Road

Movies are the normalfag format and they normalfags are the best in trying to justify their wasted time by praising mediocrity. Me don't mind me, the board is not about.

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>the episode with the green children

Shut up. Ikuhara's stuff is crazy fun.

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I see...another darling in the franxx thread....hmmm

Nah user, some people can be as retarded as to actually like that

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Dumb sakuraposter.

>show is all comfy
>people complain that it's too monotonous and never does anything different or interesting
>show has aspects that aren't comfy
>people complain that no one could possibly think the show is comfy

I guess haters gonna hate

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This abomination and VEG

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One thing I learned is that underage don't like episodic shows. They loathe them.

This but unironically

piss off, I liked koe no katachi

You think you liked it but really didn't

Not him but I cried every time I watched it.

>Well-liked shows I could never get into

Because I guarantee 90% of people didn't understand the main plot, let alone the intricacies of the side characters. This is an underappreciated and misunderstood masterpiece.

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It's trash. Mexican soap opera tier garbage.

this thread

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You think you cried but you didn't

You think you didn't like it but you really did

lets write every character to be as shitty as possible, then make them shittier: the anime

Like really, maybe if you are like a 12 years old girl, but c'mon.

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Wow, just wow

This 100% even though I like it

t. pleb who can't into story

Are you looking for a fight you fucking faggot?

You know it's fucking true, don't lie to yourself.

People either watch it because they're inbred goblins or they want to see how bad it is.

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Nobody really cares about this shit before the saiyan arc.

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anything made by KyoAni

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best dragonball show of all time

brainlets can't even understand its majesty so they try to shit talk it but don't realize literal poos are coming out of their mouths

that episode is maximum comfy

try again


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Why do you immediately invalidate your own post by saying that people like it but insulting them like it makes a difference? You can just say you're asshurt that people like it instead of being retarded.

Only furries would like this shit.

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Mushi shi was really relaxing though.

its true tho. The only idiots that would watch that pile of garbage are negroes, spics, and la creaturas

haha you sure showed'em bro
upvoted, nice maymays

I noticed that too. They also use the word "filler" for shows that aren't an adaptation, or for non anime-only episodes. They clearly have no idea what world building is.


The world and setting has so much potential. I also just want to see more Sammy doing cute things.

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VEG is fine so long as you're not a social retard who lacks even a shred of empathy and has 0 life experience.

Fuck I love all these shows
You mean I have been lying to myself?

The whole comfy thing is not for me.
Pic not related.

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op's probably 12

No. It just means there's an audience that's trying to like act "smart", by liking the shows you just listed.

Anything made by Kyoani
Anything made by Trigger, especially Darling in the Franxx

this thread is BAD!

This but unironically. Literally nothing happens.

These threads usually works as a great recomendation list. Mostly because anons love to bait others by insulting good shows.

Mushishi is okay. It's as if Ghiblii didn't suck.

Sorry man, but pretty much. I also just found out that I didn't really liked them so it's not too bad.

the stories are good and some are very touching, also i dont think mushishi is a show cool people like so
i like it better

and has a nice soundtrack

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It's got some tone problems and the end (excluding ep 25-26) seem a bit rushed but overall I'd say it's ok. Have you seen the End Of Evangelion movie?

Is it wrong to say I prefer it to Z?

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That's art you uncultured swine

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>Watch Mushishi
>After a few episodes decide it's just something people put on their 3x3s to earn brownie points on an anonymous message board
>Try again 8 months later
>It's actually an incredibly well made series about how different people cope with what's seemingly beyond their control
I was so glad to feel so foolish. But yes people do put it in their 3x3s just for brownie points.

Basically these are shows people have never seen or only partially seen but claim to "like" it and use them as examples to make them look superior.

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I don't remember the exact thread but some user showed that on MAL inb4 go back there that despite having 100 000 anons having it listed only like 20 000 or so have actually completed it. So yeah, it does seem like certain series tend to attract idiots who only use them to make themselves seem smart.
Still doesn't mean that most of those shows aren't enjoyable though.

Who brags about anime to look smart? That's like bragging about how much paint you can drink.

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Mostly teens who've grown out of their shounen phase and are now entering their "I'm extremely smart look at how much of a hipster intellectual I am" phase.

Not the original poster but I've never went to a "shounen" phase. I didnt really like those kinds of shows even on an early age

not the guy you replied to but still

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What the hell is this? I've never watched a show and pretended to like it, is this some meme

wtf i hate mushishi now

Nice thinly veiled rec thread you got here, faggots.

I enjoyed it when it aired and still think it was a good show, but how is it a masterpiece, and how is it misunderstood? The show wasn't very deep. It did what it sought to do well: convey the imperfect and selfish minds of its characters while making them relatable and creating a unique atmosphere/feeling. Its messages weren't particularly profound either. The only people who think it was a masterpiece who think relatable and "real" characters make a story good.

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That's real? I thought it was just a meme

I liked most of those as well, but not anymore. Sup Forums has set me on the right path, so I only watch Darling in the Franxx now. Also looking forward to whatever the most-watched show of next season ends up being!!!

200% the answer is Sakurasou. The show is entirely irredeemable

I liked it because I like the colour Blue, and the show had a blue super saiyan form in it.
Also 17 was awesome.

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Nice try. DB>DBZ all the way

Two of my favourites anime, i can't have such a shitty taste...

I'm still pretending to like Aria, and I'm going to finish it someday too.


Fuck off Digibro, your videos are still shit and you're a pretentious faggot.

Literally franxx.

for some reason I liked it the first time

watched it again and couldn't believe how bad it was

the one redeeming quality is that they were all trying their best, giving it their all

>implying people pretend to like it rather than pretend to not like it