Black Clover

Are the Black Bulls a good shounen group?

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post yfw hxh is on hiatus again

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Of course, it's one of the best, I like all of them

So are we not doing fun names anymore?

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Did the other thread die?

Probably a newfag

Not a newfag. I just didn't feel the need to do a shitpost name like Kuro Clover or Luck Irish Plant with 3 Leaves when regular old Black Clover wasn't taken. And yes, the other thread died.

When is it never not on hiatus

> Black clover
I hope this thread dies for this shit OP name.

Fekete lóhere

dumb op

Noelle's battle armor fucking when?

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>suddenly completely changing the fighting stlye of a character for no reason
Tabata is a hack but he isn't a retard. Just let Leona teach her Mana Zone so she can run around and shoot dragons everywhere. Makes more sense than changing a ranged/support char to a physical char.

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Acier looks cute and nice.
Such a shame she's. Not around to be disappointed in in her 3 eldest children.

Ok guise

What kind of power ups ourguys needs to completely REMOVE ELVES from the BC planet


Nothing, them powering up to match the elves in power in a sudden is a hack move

Elves using every possible element is already a hack move


Or something that can help him fight Luck because we all know its gonna happen

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? Only Liar and Rill can do that but thats because their magic allows them that

Tabata blocked their fights for this moment, magna vs ELFED luck

>dead thread
Guess its time to shitpost


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Asta to lose his grimoire to Licht and then get his own anti magic grimoire with all kinds of weapons sonhe can truly become a king.

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What magic? If Licht takes his swords back then Asta is perma fucked as he truly has nothing to work with.

>What magic?
Never giving up magic.

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How is a person with magic supposed to wield anti-magic you brainlet

You know what I meant with magic. stop trying to bullshit me. Asta doesn't even have a grimoire to learn any kind of spell.

It's canonically his magic he will find a way.
If anything if Licht takes his grimoire back the demon will most likely gets exorcised from it.
That is enough for Asta tobfind a way.

At this point, I'm only in it for the elf twist. I hope Asta and friends end up with a terrible loss that isn't easily reversible like his fucking arms.

>If Licht takes his swords back
Licht cannot wield the swords anymore brainlet

>At this point, I'm only in it for the elf twist.
Me too to be honestly I started reading this, because I have a real problem when it comes to battle shounens especially if they are from jump
I only actually got invested, because of the elf stuff and didn't really care much for it.
Like I didn't even like Julius all that much I only liked Yami and the time Asta chucked his sword at Ladros.

I hate it when people come to threads without actually liking the series

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> Easily reversable
I would not have called it easy

I am liking it now so it's all good.
Almost everyone hated Asta at first in the story too, but they all cane around.

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>power that changes eye color
>power that covers half of body
>sword wielder
Tabata is a shameless copycat

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>didn't even shed a tear when Julius died
Marx is a cunt and a possible traitor.

Asta is not a edgy boy with daddy issues

>Boruto going to shit fast
>DB Super ending
>HxH going on Hiatus
One by one, we will be king of the Shonen!!!

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>MHA still alive
so sorry BCfags :)

>out of all the shit to choose from you choose boruto
Dead by ch 400, BC will live on strong.

>sol arc
>villain is literally, as opposed to figuratively, a youtuber
>assistant is a literal child

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The one who chastised Noelle for her mother's death in that flashblack was her father or the king?

That was nozelle I think, he has some major mommy issues.

>sol arc
Nigger Clover had one too faggot
>villain is literally, as opposed to figuratively, a youtuber
Forgive Hori for making a villain who's actually original and with heart put into him unlike your fucking elf
>assistant is a literal child

Let's not start a fanbase war here guys, it will lead nowhere.
You understand user-tachi?

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>black clover above boruto on CR on boruto's airing day

No, there was another flashback with a shadow figure, I think it was the dad because of the way he spoke about her mother, less affectionate than Nozelle

Mikepai stop shilling your videos

ok sorry

>unlike your fucking elf
>our villain casted a doomsday swords of revealing light spell on humans.
>Because a swords of revealing light spell destroyed his kind in the past
>Except he casted it at a time wizard
>Who flung it back in time

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His character is bland and has no heart put into it unlike Gentle who hasn't even been around as long

I know, but I remember nozelle saying some shit about how it is her fault that their mom died and the shadowed out figure saying some shit like how the can't believe the last baby acier shat out was so shitty.

Come on guys let's not do that now.

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Just some rando silhouette I guess

The elf sucks. Black Clover is decent at its very best.

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>Licht starts beating the hell out of Patolli as soon as he wakes up
Kino, whats the ranking for BC like?

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>All for one shit
>Stain shit
>Shigaraki garbage
>Dabi garbage
Elf masterpiece the strong superior race

you got a screenshot?

>all have good characterization and are well-developed
>elf shit
>strong and wants revenge
So, this is the power of Nigger Clover...

I don't feel anything while reading BA though, Stain is a shitter, Shigaraki is a shitter, OFA is fine though

I kinda wish Asta would keep getting swords and his ultimate will be something like Noctis ghost sword summons. Would be pretty cool

Would be pretty lame, I mean if he keeps getting new swords everytime he hits a wall its basically gonna be like FT on how Natsu kept eating a fire to beat the big bad of the arc

Atleast evil elves are original

>I mean if he keeps getting new swords everytime he hits a wall its basically
That is how everyone grimoire works though basically.
Just look at how noelle got the defense abd attack spell and how Yami got his dimension slicer.

>being this wrong
>defending a show that has both weaker villains AND worse waifus
>pic related

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I guess you have a point but I think the 2 swords are fine, they already serve the purpose of anti magic. I mean One reflects and one absorbs, no need to add.

Noelle makes my peni hard.

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Doesn't change the fact that the main villain is bland and uninspired.

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>Black Clover taking cues from Fairy Tail

Wow, it's almost like they're both utter trash.

Its not what more lame unlimited sword antimagic or just demon transformation like naruto

>Not reading the entire post.
whew lad, stay mad

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what do you mean? he said it would be as bad as fairy tail IF asta kept getting multiple swords. key word is IF because that's not what happens. and what's with all these people coming into the thread just to hate on the series?

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I just think giving him some more variety won't hurt him even his demon form is just the same shit he already does, but stronger.

I mean Asta will probably unlock his 2nd swords potential to absorb and use other magics, that would probably be his ace in the hole since BC is more about Teamwork rather solo skill

reminder that Asta's second sword still has unused time magic absorbed from when hoolius tried to hold it

What about ki super power up like dragonball, afterall ki is just energy like magic

But Asta's demon dweller sword never absorbed Noelle's magic.

fuck no. BC is fine without retarded planet-destroying beams of energy

Yes. Noelle a best.

holy shit you're right, his sword absorbed some of Julius's time magic.

If they use that mcguffin to revive Julius because of some "part of my time was in your sword Asta I used that to save a piece of myself" horcrux bullshit I will jump to BnHA

But asta cant cast magic user

where did I say Noelle in my post ?
>"part of my time was in your sword Asta I used that to save a piece of myself" horcrux bullshit I will jump to BnHA
oh please no now you've got me scared too

But the only magic he ever used with the demon dweller sword was Noelle's so there clearly is some other prerequisite.

Julius specifically called out his time magic was being absorbed by the sword. So it is confirmed Asta has some time mana

That bullshit asta still have no mana

he has mana in the sword

Was it his time magic? I thought it was his mana that was being absorbed.

We already know the sword absorbs magic rather than mana given that Asta is able to specifically absorb and use Noelle's water magic but not her mana

But he never absorbed Noelle's magic with that sword.

fuck off with the falseflag and just enjoy both manga or hate both of them

Stop speedreading

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in BC, there is no base mana, only types - water/fire/earth/air/metal/etc.... a person who has water can't cast fire and vice versa, except for Mars but that's because he's a special snowflake.

Julius has a special type of mana where he has to store it and get more from a source (currently unknown, but people believe he has to steal mana ie: kill people and their remaining "time" in the world becomes his time magic)

Knowing this, we can assume that some of that time manipulation mana has been absorbed when Julius felt his mana was taken