What do you think Altair and Setsuna are doing right now?

What do you think Altair and Setsuna are doing right now?

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Living a good life

Comfy things

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Endless possibilities of sex. I bet she makes Meteora, Selesia, etc. clones for orgy purposes.

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You need a cuter image

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I was always a little disappointed that Altiar wasn't shorter.

Cute girls doing godly things.

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Altair needs to be tall enough to maintain her godly aura

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Her hat and heels make her look a lot taller than she is. There was a height lineup picture for all the characters somewhere but I can't find it

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and this one as well.

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The concept that they were lost in time and space forever was just beautiful.

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Shitposting on Godchan

These two always make my heart hurt.

I thought "what's this kuttsukiboshi rip-off ending" at first.

Her eyes always make her look like she's stoned

It is Simoun all over again!

They made a coastal mediterranean town for each other, and are just enjoying the sun and the sea all day every day.

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Their universe was within the "bird cage" universe, so when the crossover universe ended they probably got trash compacted out of existence.

Someone colored that one and I think it looks great.

basically this:

The messenger served her purpose, and the creator can finally rest in peace.

Probably fucking.

That wasn't the real Setsuna. Altair basically got mind gamed to death.

There's no such thing as real

They better do something awesome out there.

Setsuna is probably wondering what this faggot is doing?

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I want to fuck Altair

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That's not okaysame

I know the term "cuck" has become overused lately but that's literally what this faggot was. Imagine being such a worthless beta that you not only let your waifu die, but she essentially comes back to get a yuri ending instead. It's like they were trying to break the record for how pathetic a male lead can be.

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Imagine bring so autistic you nearly destroy the world

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I mean, is it really chatoic evil if he's to fucking stupid to know what he's doing?

That faggot knew exactly what he was doing, he just underestimated the consequences

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He didn't mean to hurt anyone. Neglect is not the biggest sin out there

I need more art of them shit

Same here

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How tall is Altair?

5'5 apparently

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Disappointingly short.

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>that artist who keeps all the lewds behind a paywall but nobody wants to upload the stuff