Komi-san wa komyushou desu

Chapter 133

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This mean that their chapters won't have background/secondary weirdos

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I wonder what he spoke.
Also, looks like he's the class's representative

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Is this girl Najimi2?

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It's like a parody of their siblings and their main story

I thought the exact same thing.

And that's it for this chapter

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I like how the brawny male student doesn't even get a name.

He makes every guy go homo for him

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Thanks for the dump OP.

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That girl is ao damn dense
Poor Komi-kun

Good thing it wasn't just me. Out of recent manga, it reminded me of this the most.

rip brawny male student

She is here !

Najimi must have influenced Hitomi a lot growing up.

Oh, yeah, thanks for the dump.
My thoughts too. They pretty funny but they need more screentime tho

Do you legitimately expect Hitomi to have a positive effect on Komi-kun the way their older siblings have on each other?

Yes. Komi (sister) has communication problems so she wants to make friends, but needs Tadano (brother)'s help. Komi (brother) has communication problems because he doesn't want to make friends, so Tadano (sister) is going to help him whether he likes it or not.

Isnt this sensei like a lil short ?

Fuck, this shit is so good.
What studio should make the anime?

However their relationship develops, it's definitely going to be played out more for laughs than the older pair's has been.

I wonder how the family reunions are going to be.

She is a serious candidate for best girl

This is the start of a Tadano-Komi Love Story v2.0

Maybe Najimi spend a lot of time in Tadano's house when they were younger or maybe Tadano-dad has the same personality
Since I feel that they are like a 'parody' to the main couple, probably her influence would be bad (he doesn't have any comunication problem tho).
But they would need of each other to be balanced

Nah she is kind of ugly.

She actually is kinda ugly (normal-looking would people say) but she has her personality to compensate it

>he doesn't have any communication problem tho
yeah he is just a miserable dick, hopefully she shows him how to enjoy life a little more.

There's a missing section here, just above Shousuke's head.

It's something along the line of "she's no good, he thought".

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Cowed by her ignorance. Scary.
But I think I get it. Tadano-KUN is uncannily aware of the atmosphere, while Tadano-CHAN is so oblivious it's scary.

>Najimi spend a lot of time in Tadano's house
Do you think Hitomi used to have a crush on Najimi?

If Hitohito's aware of the atmosphere and feelings of others but not his own, does that mean Hitomi's very hyper aware of her own feelings?

Maybe that's why she's zo brasen. She knows what she is (energetic, happy-go-lucky nuisance) and is not bothered by it. Probably happily admit the celebrity she had a crush on.

They are childhood friends so expected.

He seems cool. He just don't want to be bothered with dumb shit.
Weird. They might have done it on purpose. What he thought clearly shows that he dislikes her

Normal japs are hideous.

yeah dumb shit like making friends are getting laid so dumb am i rite

thanks for the dump

>getting laid
I'm imagining Komi and Tadano having sex and I can't decide which Komi would be the most awkward.

Is the use of "hito" common in japanese names since the author, Oda Tomohito, also has "hito" in his name?

Can both pair legally married?

We yet have to see Komi-kun blushing.
Maybe since Komi-kun doesn't show any kind of emotion and Hitomi shows way too much entusiasm and emotions, maybe their story goal is to make him learn how to show his emotions

Of course dumbass

It's bad if you are forced to have 'friends'

Fitting Tadano's "special role", Hito would be the middle of "most mediocre names"

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I figured as much


so this is the power of autism

Yeah, but they have to do it at the same time otherwise it's incest.

Hitomi and Shousuke can marry easily. Hitomi and Hitohito would be illegal.

Hitomi/Hitohito/Shousuke marrying Shuuko would be 100% as marrying a Goddess is not allowed within Japanese law.

she is way into him, I dont know if this is going to play like Komi and Chadano gender bender, and more like clingly fan girl looking for a way to get his attention. In other worlds a more sane and likeable Yamai.

>knows who Komi-san is (has literally called her by name)
>dude is obviously just as much of a god looking human as she is
>doesn't talk either
>still can't make the connection and asks him if he has siblings

Is she retarded?

No. In Japanese law your brother/sister in law has the same standing as a blood relative so it would be considered incest which is illegal. So only one couple can get married.

wtf, she is going this far for him already? I think we have a yandere here.

you fucking autistic

She doesn't seem to be very bright at getting conclussions, except for the Valentine chapter.
I feel that their relationship will be the opposite of Komi-san and Tadano-kun

Well, that means it's good that Shousuke doesn't like her, as shows.

If I already have friends and I'm happy and confortable with them, I won't need more friends. As much I'd have some good relationship with them as acquaintance, and nothing more. Maybe even a little more friendly, but if I don't want to have more friends, why would I be forced?

Pretty sure it only applies when it's 3rd degree of kinship and under. In laws have their own degree of kinship iirc.

Does Komi-san's brother have the same lust that Komi-san has?

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Both would work in their own sense. Komi-san would be embarrassed and would want to go slow with Tadano-kun who would be responsive to her needs. Komi-kun would be silent and simply do his own thing while Komi-chan enjoys herself and goes wild. Do not lewd the Komi's

does it fucking look like he has any friends at all.

No, Hitomi is the rapist of the relationship.

He seems to have lust for not beign bothered

>3rd degree of kinship
What is that?

3rd: Uncles/aunts
2nd: Siblings by blood
1nd: Parents by blood and adoption

This might not be the case in Japan though

so a toxic and full of bully?


Of course always full of good intentions

This is homo

She reminds me of Najimi.

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>people already wanted Shousuke to have his own love story
If there's anything I learned from Tsuredure Children is that we need contrast. The Komi family are already full of romance, let's have one Komi that is unbothered by it.

good intentions mean nothing if Hitomi ends causing real physical or emotional harm to Komi-kun.


Well, she kinda did him some psychological harm

>Komi used Death Glare!
>No effect!

she has to start somewhere, she could be so over him preventing him making friends.

This girl is precious. Protect her.

This is of course how Komi-kun become known as the God with a Stomachache.

Yeah but it's not like the other two. I'd be fairly surprised if they were ever hinted at romantically. She's just gunna bug the shit out of him until he listens, which frankly is what an ass-by-choice like him needs.

>Tadano-kun wants to get along with everybody but ends up beign hated by his classmates except for Komi-san, who likes him.
>Tadano-chan wants to get along with everybody and ends up beign liked by her classmates except for Komi-kun, who kinda dislikes her

>communication problems because he doesn't want to make friends

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