>yfw you're not a hiatusxhiatus fan

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Why must you do this to us?
Why do you feel joy on witnessing our pain?

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jokes on you i enjoy the hiatus

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the WCI arc is dogshit OP you one pissers are in no better position

woah really?

As an adult with shit for free time I'm ok.

still better than being a OPtard

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Why does daiz keep releasing new games that distract togashi? What is his goal even?

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In summary, what actually happened these past chapters?

The rick and morty of shonen eh.


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Enjoy rereading your 9 years arcs with no anime Togashitfag

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I like both One Piece and HxH but really One Piece has been horse shit this arct. HxH was the only thing I've been waiting for every week.

Katakuri losing was such bullshit I don't want to waste my time on One Piece, it completely soured the entire arc. Luffy beating Katakuri after getting curb stomped is down right insulting to the readers intelligence. How can an OPfag read that and go "luffy wins lol". You have to be braindead to think that's good writing. You can laugh all you want but at least HxH has much better quality of writing. No point in being happy when the manga you get to read weekly just keeps dropping in quality.

Honestly this is less with me defending HxH and more with attacking the garbage that One Piece has become. I'm embarrassed the fanbase sees no problem in that asspull.

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The fanbase is mostly Luffyfags, what did you expect?
But enough of that, at least we get to laugh a HxHfags. A bad manga with weekly updates will always be better than a good manga that never updates.

So unexpected!

Lol autistic retards laughing even though they know their shows much shittier.

I fucking knew it.

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>b-but m-uh shounen deconstruction
suck it hiatusfags.

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Set up

It doesn’t release weekly even though it’s being published in a weekly magazine
Dari I say

Why is Sup Forums so insecure, bros?

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quality comes in waves. if togashi needs more time to refine the story so that it's not garbage like OP or MHA then fine.

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