Hunter x Hunter

It's official boys hiatus confirmed
Press S

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Why Togashi?

Cammy will be King! See you in two years!

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I will miss you, cammy

Well at least we Berserk is still on.

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Didn’t Berserk also go on hiatus?

It did. Said
“Till next time/issue” but no date like it always does

Wan piss ALWAYS wins baby
>op 20th anniversary : heartfelt touching note, color spread
>HxH 20th : 40 chapters of nothing, a haitus
Feels good to be part of the antihxhforce

Was this batch better or worst than the last batch of chapters, Sup Forums? Honestly, I feel like not that much happened this batch because it was pure setup, and we won't see the payoff for god knows how long. Last batch felt the same too. I'm kinda on the fence about this.

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>shits on every other WSJ manga
>gets only 10 chapters a year


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maybe it will only be a week or two before it comes back

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A lot of small stuff happened, but there hasn't been any serious character deaths or anything. I think on the whole, it's more important than last chapter, because now we have a lot, lot more subplots going. But at the same time, there isn't one moment comparable in importance to Momoze dying.

That's a good point.
Maybe if I become disillusioned with HxH I'll be able to escape.

>comes back

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>10 chapters a year

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You know it will be 8 months at least

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It was to be expected. I'm hoping for a short 4-5 months hiatus like the previous one.

Give up already. Nothing will ever change.

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>Feels good to be part of the antihxhforce
that's just sad user...

This is punishment for Hunterfags advertising their dicks all over the place

Truly the Rick and Morty fans of anime.


>A good manga should stop because I'm mildly annoyed by some faggot user's words
Humans... are so very...

>2 years without cammy
this hiatus is gonna be hard for me

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I wish I could get into long runners like this but damn 20 years is a lot.

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Togashit does it again.

It is not even like Berserk that just goes to Hiatus randomly. Togashi has been publishing Hunter in 10s for years now. Everyone should have expected this. At best you should have expected it to come before the year ends

fucking kek

Man, That fear Togashi has of not being able to finish HXH's story before he dies is real, he can only handle 10 chapters every 2 years and he's clearly thought up a shitload of stories for HXH's world, I don't get why he doesn't just have someone else draw his manga for him, is it a nippon pride thing or because he won't make any money having someone else do the drawing like the D.Gray-man author, who definitely won't be able to finish her story before she dies, she's pretty much forgotten most of it already. Kubo Tite at least knew when to fold'em and end it, then again, I don't think Bleach was his only source of income considering where he lives.

Finally, there's the World Trigger author, I feel so bad for that guy and I'm sure JUMP does,too because they still can't bring themselves to officially cancel the series. It's still on hiatus when it's last chapter was 2 years ago


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>At best you should have expected it to come before the year ends
you guys said the same thing on 2017

Who /onepiece/ here?

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cammyfags are responsible for this


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I think that's because you think the plot is important in battle shounen, but it isn't. The plot is just a canvas to paint cool shit on.

And I'm not demeaning Hunter x Hunter or any other series when I say that. Plot is by far the most overrated aspect of any medium. Do you think all the people watching the Straw Hats run from the Big Mom Pirates are thinking, "Damn, I hope Luffy becomes Pirate King soon"? Becoming Pirate King is just the canvas. The MC achieving his goal is not "a satisfying conclusion" because it's not what the story is actually about. It's really just the end of the canvas, and why would one want that?

Soft dropped it when Carrot transformed and Big Mom was still trying to find her wedding cake. I still check spoilers to see when it's the best time to catch up, but Jesus Christ how can you drag out Big Mom chasing the Strawhats for like 30 chapters.


I'm not sure Togashi is hellbent on getting to the "finish line". He obviously has ideas, and I sure as fuck hope he has someone holding onto his notes so that we can at least read what could have been. HxH seems like Togashi's joyproject, he works on it because he wants to, but he's in no rush.

Well Togash did come back relatively quickly from last year's hiatus

>how can you drag out Big Mom chasing the Strawhats for like 30 chapters.
To shoehorn a certain moment into chapter 900, of course.

welp the guy dont want to make money for the Tokio Public Treasury.


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>2 years of restless cammyposting
This hiatus is going to be hard indeed. Shitposting becomes stronger after a hiatus.

>Everyone with a brain heavily suspected hiatus would be coming this week
>Suddenly all of these people come out of the woodwork crying and mocking over it

What do you prefer, bros?

That chapter 380 ends without something big going on, or that chapter 380 ends with Hisoka appearing out of nowhere and killing Nobunaga or some shit like this?

Honestly, I prefer a warm ending, no cliffhanger to torture us during the next year.

the schadenfreude is strong in Sup Forums.

Just coming again to the spiders was enough to hype me desu

Depends on who's raping.

It'll be 6 months at the minimum.

cammyposters will disappear after a day when there won't be daily hxh threads.

I'd prefer SM's identity being revealed, so we can not have chapters dedicated to that subplot next batch. I don't know how many chapters we had of Kurapika's nen classes, but I feel like it was too much.

/hxh/ threads always die during the hiatus. You rarely see them

Is that supposed to be scary?

>Hisoka appearing out of nowhere and killing Nobunaga
You know that's not gonna happen

"I have some news regarding hunter x hunter"

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If Togash releases chapters at that rate we'll never see the DC , much less the end of the series.

Pitou is my wife

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I really liked these chapters, even if deep down in my heart I knew he wouldn't get even close to finishing any plots. I think he still has his touch, and at risk of sounding like an obnoxious HxHfag, these few chapters had me more hyped than all the chapters of One Piece that came out in the same time. It's as creative and interesting as the York Shin arc, and I was afraid he was going to fuck up with introducing so many characters but he managed to make me interested in most princes, even though they're destined to die even before we reach DC.


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Don't take it out on us hiatusfags. It's not our fault your mangaka is lazy

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Dropped when HxH resumed.
Are they still on the run?

During last hiatus Sup Forums was flooded with O MY RUBBER NEN posts. I know that O MY RUBBER NEN was on a different league than Cammy, but I wouldn't underestimate them.

Half of these people are just shitposting trolls. Have you not been in the Hunter x Hunter threads recently? They're fucking garbage. This thread itself is a falseflag - One Piece fans and Hunter x Hunter fans don't actually give a shit about each other, or they like both series - but if One Piece fans did want to feel like they won something over Hunter x Hunter fans, it's not the hiatuses, it's the quality of their threads. All of the shippers from Naruto and Bleach have poured into the One Piece community, but it's otherwise bearable and interesting enough. Hunter x Hunter threads are like:
>actually responding to Zushifag
>how does Nen work?
>OP falseflagging
>Sup Forumsbaiting
>people responding to each other by just repeating their own posts or spamming punctuation

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Yeah, but at least Luffy got Migatte na Gokui and beat Katakuri

>from now on every ensuing hiatus will last at least 2 years because Togashi introduced too many new characters to plan the next volume worth of chapters in one year

See you in August ;^)

Cammyposting doesn't compare to O MY.
That's one of the most popular recent memes on Sup Forums. It's on an entirely different level.
I'm sure these threads will die, mostly because this batch of chapters was boring and nothing really happened

But I thought Togash said he was going to solve the hiatus problem. What happened to that?

You're not even a One Piece fan considering you use images from the anime instead of the manga.
>Captcha has Bordeaux street signs
RIP Franklin.

>or they like both series

Fucking Togashi why don't you even try?

He never mentioned the hiatuses just the slow publication. Which means we’ll likely get shorter hiatuses like the most recent one, which was only like 5-6 months compared to a whole year prior and 2 years prior to that. We might end up getting 20 chapters a year from now on but definitely not all in one go. It’s still Togashi we’re dealing with, he has health problems but he’s also a lazy fucking bastard.

O MY was a big meme and a huge moment for /a
cammyposting is one (or at most, two) NEET autists spamming Cammy in the threads

I don't get why OP and HxH fans fight. It's not like these manga are on the same level at all, Hunter x Hunter is a piece of art, manga with real literary aspirations. One Piece rules and is incredibly fun but at the very best it's a weekly action strip. An incredibly good one, to be sure, but why compare? I'm fine with my 10 chapters of HxH per year and I'll keep myself entertained with something less complex like OP in the mean time.

Sucks to suck.

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Togashi is enjoying his life with his family and playing vidya, even his back is better now. Why don't you enjoy life, user?

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It's not actually fans who are fighting, you know.

it is narutards and irrelevant lbeachfags falseflagging

>he has health problems
I refuse to believe this. He's always looking healthy whenever we see pictures of him now.

OP fan here. I don't give a shit about hxh and usually avoid the threads, but it's fun seeing the tears so I came here. You are right in saying we got the Bleach and Naruto audience after their series ended, but I will argue that they are not bearable. The threads are fucking trash now. Constant hack posting, shippers, "nothing happens" posts, faggots who speedread and can't even remember basic plot points, and various other shitposts I can't stand. The only time I even bother going to the threads is on days we get chapters.

At least we'll see Illumi before the hiatus.

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>One Piece fans and Hunter x Hunter fans don't actually give a shit about each other, or they like both series

This is true, at least for me. Though I prefer HxH.

>but if One Piece fans did want to feel like they won something over Hunter x Hunter fans, it's not the hiatuses, it's the quality of their threads
The thing is that OP at least gives us more content to discuss. Stupid memes like Jack will be the next Pirate King die faster than HxH's stupid memes, and shipping wars can be pushed to the background. With HxH there won't be much to talk about for a while, and while a lot of things happened, I don't think there's much room for speculation, there are a lot of things we don't know yet.

If it's 4 months like last time, I'm cool with it.

he hates making money for the Tokio Treasury Dept as he reported 70% of his total earning went there.

This is great. HxHfags btfo because hiatus, DBZ is over for now, bnha has been shit for months, and wan piss hasn't been good since the time skip.

I would like it to end on something hype, although it doesn't need to be big. It could be anything from Hisoka appearing to Rihan birthing to Predator to Mizai confronting some Heil-ly goons.

So what's left if this is good news

Nah, we'll get introduced another 37 new characters while every other character we WANT to see more of gets shuffled to the sidelines.

I still don't understand how Togashi got away with writing the MC out of the plot.

I wish I could be THAT optimistic, user, unless you're talking about 2019

never thought i would miss cummy posters

>70% of his total earning went there
And we cry about our taxes. What's wrong with Japan?

>is the year 2040
>we are at the end of the Dark Sea Arc
>the Gatekeeper leads the way with our reduced group of heroes
>at the gate, the Gatekeeper stop and open the gates towards the Dark Continent
>in the last page everyone gazes into the unexplored lands beyond the gates
>"yadda yadda... into this world of unlimited mysteries, the end."
>"Thanks for reading HxH all this time"
Post your face when.

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It's possible the abnormally short hiatus we just got over is his remedy.

straight shit

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>Gon never reappears again


>writing the MC out of the plot
What are you talking about? Kurapika is in almost every chapter