Please tell me there'll be more

Please tell me there'll be more

I loved this show

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But too bad that Kadokawa had cut the waterpark date EP with Takagi cannot wear bikini in anime.

No one cares about children in bikini, dumb ESL

That's going to be the OVA

Read the fucking manga

Says you.

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It's my AOTS, can't wait for the OVA.

Takagi is not child,but she is a T!E!E!N! Girl.


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fuck you I care

it was comfy and cute i'm down for some more

although im sure the most we'll get is an ova but hey, thats better than nothing

It'll be Hataraku Maou-sama'd.

As in, it'll sell great and there will be more material to adapt in the manga, but you will never see a second season because the TV stations are beyond retarded.

hope you like NTR

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What are you talking about? He planted HIS seed in her womb. That's his daughter. Somebody else has to take care of his wife's daughter.

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That could mean anything.
>He died in a car accident
>He left me for another woman
>I'm ashamed of his erectile dysfunction

What chapter is this? This looks extremely dark.

Did it have the best ed of all time?

It's from the spinoff where they are married with child
The pic is edited

This scene was cute af. I think I have diabetes now.

Mina can wear bikini but Takagi can not because cut the water park date in anime

Neither of those statements is true. It's from the first flashforward chapter in the main manga, and that's the dialogue that's part of Takagi's chapter long trolling of the reader.

trolling of the reader? That would ruin the series if it was legitimate NTR

If I remember correctly at the end Takagi breaks the fourth wall by teasing the reader by not telling us who the dad is. Last panel shows the name by the door is Nishikata's though.

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As soon as both of them turned 18 he humped her brains out, I guarantee it.


If you do the math with how old their kid is and their ages she would have given birth when she was 19. So they were def boning at 18 but I'm sure she'd teased him into it years earlier.

it's not really. she just wishes he was home because she loves him and her family so much

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kao akai yo

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I want to slap legal-aged Nishikata and call him a sissy faggot as I watch him squirm.

Are you Hurricane Kishore? Your post certainly looks like one of his.