Hunter x Hunter Spoiler/Hiatus discussion

Pack it in boys it's over^tfw&ref_url=

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Togashi son of a bitch

no i cant take it anymore im going to kill togashi with my glock

People usually don't say this seriously, but I'm actually scared of Togashi dying/me killing myself before HxH ends

Me too, user. But let's appreciate even having a series we like this much and what we have of it so far.

The last proper thread/spoiler dump this run...
Been a fun run you guys.

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No way, Togashi didn't suddenly change his ways this time either? I can't believe it!


I want Kurapika to breed with Oito for the sake of his clan!

In 60 years in a Tankobon chapter break sketch during Gon and killua training arc 4
>I forgot to show Kurapika and his wife with there new baby last Volume, so here you go...

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i will wait, Togashi

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Until next time


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Another year has gone by.

Why doesn't Togashi just cum on some white paper and publish it as a new chapter? The HxH fanbase would eat it up anyway and claim it's a masterpiece.


I thought he already did that.
>cum on page
>add a bunch of dialogue on top

it still wouldn’t compare to the spunk Oda smears on paper every week

I wouldn't know, I don't read One Piss

Why are people still surprised by this? Everyone knew it was happening this chapter, after rounding out another volume.

At least the last hiatus was only like half a year; I'll never forget the 2 year wait, where I was truly beginning to believe it might not come back.

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Maybe Berserk won't actually be in hiatus then

New writer for HxH

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This should not be surprising to anyone who knows just a tiny bit about Togashi.

The question here is where's the fucking /toc/ thread, I need my weekly shitposting fix.

Just have his wife write it, I don't even care, Sailor Moon was alright

Togashi should just write a fucking LN at this point.


We're literally never going to see the ending of this manga. Togashi will either die, or just stop writing altogether. Give it up lads.

already do it.

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With the infinite addition of new characters, it would take at least 7-10 years for this boring LN arc to finish.

This fucker will never end this series with such an autistic approach to executing a simple plotline nowadays.

>HiatusxHiatus going into hiatus again

>B-but One Piece!
rent free

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Just look at the catalog, plenty of shit threads.

See you in 3 months fag.

>2016 11 chapters
>2017 10 chapters
>2018 9 chapters

Go back to /fgg/.

>See you in 3 months fag.
Haven't bothered to read the last few volumes actually. I'll just binge read it if Togashi bothers to finish it. This is a series I can go without reading since it isn't a favorite.

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Wanpissfags are laughing at us :(

And why should you care?
I'd rather have a series that's good but I have to wait for than one that's mediocre but comes out every week
Even though I read both weekly, Op could go on break fora year and I wouldn't miss it

he can draw it instead.

Same here, i personally don't even mind the hiatus. 4 chapters or more a year is more than enough for me.

Only pure shonnen kiddies get actually upset for the hiatus. How would you handle it if this was an actual book series?

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False-flagging fans want the One Piece and HxH fans to hate each other.
Sad really, but don't respond to these freaks.

>mfw karma for ruining BnHA threads

Lmfao and nobody can still grasp why nobody bothers to keep this relic of the 90s in production.

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324名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい2018/03/29(木) 12:12:10.70ID:pKhiOvjH買ってきた

Should I keep watching this garbage? First arc was kinda interesting. Second arc is going into shounen garbage ren zen heart chakra naruto bullshit.

Is it really going on a 2 year hiatus? Is that confirmed anywhere?

Take me, Beyond, I'm yours.

>Actually going on hiatus when he's JUST started the spiders involvement.
Fucking disgrace.

10. The last chapter is on Issue 18.

You know it's a shounen, right?

Are you watching the 2011 anime? Drop it and start over again from the manga. If you absolutely have to watch an anime watch 99 FIRST.

you'd know something about that, wouldn't you, Lelouch?

Well anyone gunna translate?

Mizai vs Nobunaga


So are we dead?

Well, this thread is more or less on hiatus until the other thread ends and we regroup here.

You mean the fight will only START once the hiatus does.

Reminder that there are faggots who defend the hiatus.

You aren't worthy. Drop it and go back to your slice of life garbage.

yeah it's a shame how much toriyama stole from naruto. More like Hack x Hack.

It pretty much already is.

Good thing I never got hyped

Give me a quick rundown as to why HxH is always going on hiatus.

children, backpain, dragon quest

Author is already rich from Yuyu Hakusho and his wife is the author of Sailor Moon, he got back problems by stretching YH and got a contract wich says he releases HXH at his own pace.

Since he is rich and sick for him to release more shit both will and ability have to coincide. It's a weird case.

Reasons: As for who allows all that? The editors, he already was pressured with his manga YuYuHakusho and had to end it abruptly making fans angry at the magazine and one sided with Togashi.

Came ITT to laugh at you stupid shits.

It's not so bad. There's worse things out. This ain't so bad. I've seen something stuff in my time. This ain't nothing.

Togashi used to have backpain which was a valid excuse for him to not work on the manga. Now that he is recovering, Togashi only does shit whenever he feels like it.

Togashi can get away with it because he still makes money off of YYH and HxH merch, and because his wife is the creator of Sailor Moon, the most popular shojo series out there.

HA nice lapsus mentis, faggot

if togoshi keeps introducing new characters and subplots at this rate we should finish this arc by 2040, get hype boys.

How? There are tons of therapies to correct back pains, even a granny doing yoga can have the back better. This guy should be punished for lying to his fanbase

At this point, I view HxH as a series where the hiatus occasionally goes on hiatus, and not the other way around.

Fuck following this shit weekly,i'll just read the compiled volumes in a few years,if i even remember.

But you don't get the same level of hype and conjecture.


Have you seen what Japanese health care is like? Or how retarded the Japanese are about working through illnesses?

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>hiatus supposedly announced
>no spoilers yet


picture of the same anime nigger that said this week is a break when it isn't

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>we might this arc
As someone who just recovered from a particularily nasty bout of pneumonia just last week, this makes me sad.

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>Sup Forums image
Get the fuck out, scum.

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incredible. absolutely nothing happened this year, either.
how long will togashit get away with it?

damn this made me cry

I won't believe it until I see the announcement at the end of the actual chapter. Spoilers still aren't out.

Friendly reminder, there was an entire chapter focused on a roach

How long will this hiatus take? Do you think it's gonna be short and he will come back by the end of the year? :')

Until December 2019.

The worst thing that can happen is that Togashi rushes the manga due to fan pressure. It's better unfinished than sullied.

Also I don't think you people appreciate back problems at all, it's pretty obnoxious to call him lazy. The man couldn't even use the shitter at one point.

How do people stay invested in this series when the author gives so few shits about it/the audience that after drawing 10 chapters he goes MIA for a year to play Dragon Quest? What's the point in even discussing the story and possible future developments when Togashi is gonna die before anyone is off the boat

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togashi is a genius

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Is that fucking Fuu?

Spoilers were fake?

Did Fugetsu just escape from the succession war? Amazing




It says 11th prince right there

By her sad look we can only assume Kacho is still stuck in the succession war.

Also didn't the Zodiacs need another teleportation ability for transportation between the forward HQ island and DC?

Third deck is like the worst place she could be right now, since Morena put a price on a prince's head.

someone translate for the love of god..

Also isn't the the side of Phinks head on the righthand side page

Start of haitus chapters are always hype

Don't worry, she's under Mizai's protection.

There's a reason why Togashi mentioned killing a Prince will net you more levels. She's basically dead, user. I'm sorry.