Finally, someone got it right

Finally, someone got it right.

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Actual shit taste neck yourself

I don't even like shounen that much and i know that's wrong

>Fucking DBZ lost to Slam Dunk

>Only 32

Really that's weak, there's at least 64 Jump series to mack a knockoff bracket

Go fuck yourself, I bet you liked the steaming dumpster fire that was Hunter x Hunter

>death note losing to shit-taste: the anime

Quick someone post this on reddit!

Why anime though? And it's shit having 3 DBs, 3 Jojos and 2 Narutos

>Yu Yu Hakusho losing to Haikyuu
>Yu-Gi-Oh losing to Haikyuu
Thanks Fujoshits

>Huan Piss over Death Note

>Underrating Slam Dunk
You wouldn't have lewd doujin of your waifu without it

was that made by an autistic 7 year old?

Absolutely disgusting taste like, what the actual fuck? you don't go this far just for a prank.

>Shaman King vs Yu-Gi-Oh
Why would you do this to Shaman King?

>Implying anything on there is good

>>Underrating Slam Dunk
>You wouldn't have lewd doujin of your waifu without it
What do you mean?

Yes. Makes me wanna kill myself before people fucked up again.

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Going by the anime, One Piece has no right to win.
Going by manga, Haikyuu had no right getting as far as it did.
It's retarded to add extra seasons like they're different titles. (why aren't there 4 different Gintama's though? Is there a bias going on?)

What frustrates me the most about the image is that it reminds me of how much garbage I have consumed in my life.

What the actual fuck is this shit? Am I tripping? I better be because otherwise I'm about to shut nuke Japan with their shit taste. Y'all are all acting like a rabid fans fangirling/fangaying the show like it's end of the world, no one actually commenting about the show, just the gay pairing and how great they are together. There is a reason why we don't talk to or about them. Y'all sick and should kill yourself.

Without a doubt the second worst fandom of the top of my head: fujoshi. First one is Reddit.

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>three jojos, including the bad one and not the best one
>both narutos
>kept eyeshield 21 even though the anime is an insult to a great manga
>saiki died
>bakuman died
how did you manage to fuck up and make the last thread's one worse

Everything is wrong with this.
>Fist of the North Star losing to who gives a shit
>My Asspull Academia
>Haikyuu beating Yuyu Hakusho
>Haikyuu beating HxH, even though HxH had by far the easiest fucking ride through the bracket comparatively

They forgot the real winner

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>putting naruto vs hxh

it's the exact same show going up against each other

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Sponsored by: Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha Co.

That's a funny way of spelling Kinnikuman.

What is this shit? I could've sworn that it was either bait or a randomized win/loss but the responses are making me doubt that.

> one punch man over slam dunk
> haikyu over DB
> hxh over naruto
well, the one punch man is not that bad, but kys anyway

>Haikyuu vs One Piece
It must have been ladies night or something. All of these match-ups and losses are batshit insane.

Naruto lost to HxH...twice

Narufags are now shamelessly outing themselves.