Girls und Panzer : The Hunt for Red Subtember

the subs are out there....'s time.

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How is that senshado legal

it's a loophole where you can modify the motor but not the engine, or something to that affect

>Boys und Flugzeug

Reminder the Maus has a similar electric motor

My wife Katyusha is the objectively cutest and best girl of Girls Und Panzer.

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Durriftu Maus is the only thing that will redeem bringing that shitpile into das Finale, as the OP implies.

Well, to make the Tiger P legal in the first place they had to use modern electric motors.
The problem with the Leopon wasn't its electric motors but rather its engine anyway, and it runs using electric motors.

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Your wife is a brat and worse than Erika and Alisa combined


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Erika and Alisa combined is still almost as good as a normal girl, though.

>Not literally strapping some wings and a propeller to the maus and using the electric motor to have a flying tank gunship.

I'm ok with this duo

anyone know a better place to get the subs?
i see a stream site that jams the video 7 minutes in.

Don't talk bad about my second best girl and wife either,buddy.

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When will this tanklet finally get animated?

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The RAT can't even compete.

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I feel like exterior modifications are against the rules, else you could just up-armor anything.

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delete this

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I want to make guppie babies with them

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Please don't give Shiho any more children to ruin.

>modify the motor but not the engine
Ain't that the fucking same? And I guess they mean modifying the electric drive one but not the combustion ones but that's kinda weird

In five years after Das Finale is done.

Just torrent it

never probably, but we can pray

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>Small enough to be carried around all day and not get tired
>larger girls too heavy and bulky to carry around how can other girls even compete?

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>can't even princess-carry me
Why should I be remotely interested in Katyusha again?

The Maus and Tiger P drifting into battle together would be amazing.

>Team is in trouble
>Suddenly loud rumbling
>"What's that nois-"
>Cue Maus and Tiger P parallel drifting into the fight from around a corner
>"Don't underestimate the masterpieces of Porsche!"

Ask Nonna to carry you while you carry Katyusha

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Join for GuP and WT autism

it's on nyaa?

But how Nonna don't get tired carrying Katuysha everyday?

That's senshado!


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i request a render of this

Yeah get the AK subs one


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Okay I'm back on board but now I need to know how to get Nonna to agree.

Do I need to learn Russian? I don't really want to but it might be worth it.


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That's exactly what they did; they added an EPS system that dumps a huge amount of power from capacitors into the electric motors, similar to the KERS system used in F1.

please do not use discord its for retards

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The GuP discord + The /ak/ discord TL'd Finale though? No idea who the fuck is though, it isn't either of the prior.

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But why can you modify the electric ones and not the combustion ones? At the end of the day it's giving clear advantages and "becuse very few tonks had elektik muturs in wurld wur 2 XD" is not an excuse. They just make up rules and then fuck all as they feel fit and that sucks

Question: If Miho has her throat mic for inter-tank communication, what does Saori actually do?

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I can appreciate that you're at least asking questions but please tone down the retardation until after you've received actual answers.

It's because all of the electronics in the tank have to be able to be modernized fso the silly senshado federation just made a blanket rule which Leopon could exploit.

What does Yukari tummy feel like?

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She manages communication between tanks.

Soft, but firmer than Saori's.

>firmer than Saori's
That's not saying much, jello is firmer than Saori's tummy.

>that cable that clips straight through her chest
I can't believe Saori is dead

Not only Russian. You need to study mat and fenya.

Here you are user.

Miho gives more precise and direct orders like breaking off teams to go do recon or to have them perform a specific action during a fight, whereas Saori keeps the other tanks up to speed with the general plans, as well as prioritising and relaying incoming transmissions to Miho.

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Stop drinking!

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What girl would make the best wife?

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miho or saori

When will the next episode come out?

Next year.

How would you like to be Alice's dad?

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Around a year from now probably.

in 5 minutes


Thanks anons.

Damn, this is going to be a long wait.

Incidentally, the new not-French girls are niiiiice.

I think you can feel fit abs

Did they actually made MGS references or was AK memeing?


I'm gonna need the next frame to make an opinion

are we gonna get OVAs for the OVAs

I like how Anzu is always so into the Ankou dance.

Anzu would be super high-tier if she weren't flat chested loli-bait.

>loli bait

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Totally depends on who you gel with, every girl has the potential as that's what Senshadou is made to do, create perfect wife material.

Probably /ak/ memeing.

ak meme, both times

How about we drag Flint in the woods and beat her up for having silver hair?


We'd need a studio prepared to go FULL GAY on it though, or else it'd be a complete waste.

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how about no!

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So now that the new OVA has been subbed when are we gonna do another marathon stream?

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I was asking when they are thrusting their hips up, but this is fine, thanks

Reminder that Ami has had at least one threesome.

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Reminder that you're talking out of your ass and Ami is most likely a delicious slice of cake.

I'm sorry for bullying, Alisa-chan!
It's just how I show affection!

She is a confident, successful woman who can lay any man she chooses.

I'd rather be Alice's sister's husband.

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1,2:1 is not good statistics for kill ratio.

Already had one that I wasn't able to watch cause it kept lagging on my shitty WiFi

Probably because electric motors of the era were shit and in senshado they would be dangerous as fuck to use. If they fuck up you'll have a good risk of the crew getting electrocuted.
They needed all tanks that uses electric motors to use modern motors for safety purposes, but didn't specify that they are not to modify the motors.

I'd be disappointed that I had a daughter instead of a son that could pilot our family's B-17.

It means she killed 120% of the enemies she has ever engaged.

Guess I'll have another one by myself ;_;

That wasn't a full marathon, was it?

Does anyone have that list of kills in Der Film? The one with the Centurion getting over 12 kills or something.

God, look at that body, it's built for HARD, ROUGH ANA..
I was lying, it's actually for tender impregnation

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Get away from that psychopath.