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>gomen ne

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>tfw read that in Hayamin’s voice

Best seiyuu for best girl with sweetest voice

>Yeah... sorry


Hypocrite two-faced slut

It's so easy to detect fatties.

There's nothing to be sorry about.

It is even easier to detect reddit white knights.


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>anyone who disagrees with me is a redditor
Found the redditort

>grandma voice

Did nothing wrong. Refusing to promise to always be partners would literally jeopardize her survival due to partner conflicts, even before you consider her timid personality.

Furthermore aside from her own happiness, her switching partners is to the benefit of the entire team since Mitsuru/Ikuno weren't working out.

Okay, cool, now that there's no danger she can go to Futoshi and explain her actions, right?

Stay fat.

Ow the edge.

I love that we can just do this now.

>No YOU'RE a redditor.

>having shit taste

We need to start a list of all the characters that get cucked

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>Sup Forums claims they want purity and honesty in their women
>openly embrace whore as some sort of best girl
disgusting. must be nu/a/.

>You.. said you want to kiss? As if I'd kiss someone as disgusting as you. Get away from me, you freak.

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She has the sweetest voice without sounding too moeblob-ish.

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Kokoro did nothing wrong.

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>Sup Forums- I mean Sup Forums still thinks a 10 year old girl should've waited 15 years for a friend she knew in elementary school for a few days
Get over yourselves. Why wasn't there a HOAD for Erased?

Notice how literally no one was defending this autistic fatass until this episode? Why would you even want to self-insert as someone fat and ugly? Self insertion is what Hiro (to an extent) is for.

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this is just a meme calm down

I didn't bother watching this show since Kiznaiver was a disappointment, but what is this meme? What did this girl do that got Franxxfags so upset?

Normal fans of the show realized that what she actually did wasn't wrong, only how she handled it. The retards who self insert as the fatass are upset because their self insertion fantasies didn't come true even though there were giant neon lights pointing to this scenario coming to fruition. By the way, horrid idiotic memes aside, you should give this show one chance. It's a lot more fanservice-y than Kiznaiver but the characters aren't nearly as shootable (except the fat one but don't mind him).

Is it like actually romantic/sexual or just a metaphor?

The FranXX themselves are a metaphor for love and sex. This show's main driving force is characterization and development, but a lot of "MUH ACTION" faggots with adhd don't realize that, and thus get upset when the characters aren't sidelined as useless.

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I just want the PV already, man. I need to put my worries about it being a fatass episode to rest.

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I mean he was a spaz but that's legit it?
Mitsuru's an actual asshole. Obviously you'd defend the better person.

To some people it's not all about appearances.

>yfw ikuno episode

>bitter permavirgins in charge of art

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Laugh at the losers, really.

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Okay, now redraw that as Sora from Digimon.

How she handled it is the whole reason Sup Forumsnons feel sympathy for the fat one. That being said, it's fairly realistic because women lack the heart to be honest with people.

If your last relationship was a failure and that's what drove you to think this way then that's on you.

3DPD are heartless.

I've never personally felt the sting of soft rejection.

It gets better, but before it does somebody has to.

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Noone is defending him. They are just mad Kokoro has a loose cunt.

>cyberbullying by proxy is the future.

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By the way, after episode 12 airs, I will consider that the end of the first cour, and I will make a brand new best girl/best boy poll. I will make a brand, brand new one after the show ends, too. Simply because this show relies too much on characterization to leave it at one poll.

What a surprise.
If they explained her reasoning more precisely or if she was more honest with Futoshi, she wouldn't be that high.

What were the writer's thinking? She's doing worse than the lesbian.

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>Miku is the least hated
Must be that incredible ass.

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Do kokorofags even exist?

Well there's a drawfag so yeah. Someone had to vote for 02 as worst girl.

I don't have much art of her, actually. She must be really unpopular in Japan, too, because there's plenty for Miku, Ichigo, and obviously 02. I had an easier time finding Ikuno art on DitF's Pixiv tag than her.

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There's nothing to explain about her reasoning. She likes Mitsuru, got forced into an awkward situation and a coerced "promise" by an obsessive fatfuck, burned the obsessive fatfuck when the opportunity presented itself to be with the guy she likes.

A qt gril to save our edgy selves. 02 haters are ichigofags.

Who would willing waifu a girl that would cuck you?


IchigoBROS = Realize that Ichigo is much better off with Goro and would be much happier that way.
IchigoFAGS = Are still latching onto IchiHiro.

Don't be an IchigoFAG. Be an IchigoBRO.

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I thought nips hate fatties. Do they hate western looking thots more or is Kokoro too generic looking?

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I like her, but I also have a bias towards Hayami Saori characters.

I also don't really blame her for switching partners, because things probably would have turned out worse if she kept unintentionally leading on Futoshi while still liking Mitsuru. That said, I think she should explain to him at some point that she never saw him in a romantic way and that he needs to move on.

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She was next in line for pruning after Mitsuru at that current rate anyway.

>The adults. Make sure to talk to your partners so you don't leave any sour feelings behind.
>Raises hand immediately.

She got coerced into nothing. Futoshi could do nothing to her if she said no. He's also not a "fuck." He's fat, but he's objectively superior to Milkman emotionally.

Girl you're projecting.

The PVs typically drop at 4:00 AM EST, right? Shit.

>mad fatfuck

The show itself told you to lose some weight

t. fat and ugly

>your last relationship

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>complaining about virgins on Sup Forums
weebs out teens in

Yes, she's a cutie.

>Go men! Go men!

nu-Sup Forums won't get the reference. Many such cases. Sad!

Aw, this guy's such a tsundere.

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>How she handled it is the whole reason Sup Forumsnons feel sympathy for the fat one.

Futoshi was pretty much a non-character up to that point and nobody cared about him. What made people sympathise was how badly he was treated with no consequences.

Also, it should be added that a lot of people also don't like Mitsuru. I don't really care that much about Futoshi getting a bad outcome than I care about Mitsuru getting a good outcome - which is the real tragedy here.

She's not a dumbass feminist, that's the reference.

You mean the K-ON fansub thing?

>Sup Forums hating kokoro for ditching the fat guy
>not hating her for her bland and overdone character


my bros

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Jokes don't get taken seriously. That's the lesson.

>hating one cliche out a bucket of them
>thinking Darling of the Cuck is original in any way

C--k needs to be an autoban word. A permanent autoban word.

You sound like a Yamchafag.

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I don't think that's really comparable, given that they've broken up in the past and looked for other partners. Not to mention that there has never been a doubt that Bulma is a slut.

How to shut down a conversation.
Personal attack user you know nothing about. It's like you can't even defend yourself.

i want to pour gasoline on kokoro while she's sleeping and light her on fire

Kokoro could be a panty pooper

>not hating her for her bland and overdone character
If her character were bland and overdone it wouldn't send Sup Forums into fits of rage.

Don't reply to bait.

It's possible, Sup Forums is retarded after all.