Hatsukoi Zombie 101

You guys do a last round of QC

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>confessing to a girl right in front of her boyfriend

What a chad.

Also thanks for the scanlation. Your work is appreciated.

People are still reading this?

I wanna do operation boobrosa with Ebino, deploying my soldiers in her mountains.

Is this /u/?

not even a little

I want to physically comfort Ebino after she loses.

Would it have been a better story if it was just Ebino, Eve, and Ibusuki?

What a qt.

I want to walk her home gently.

This shit is still going? He hasn't fucked either of them?

You know, I'm sure it'll be swept under the rug by the time it's revealed by the eventual relationship drama, the confusion it'd cause on Tarou's dick and what-not but I almost hope Tarou actually gets mad when Ibusuki reveals that she was a girl all along. There's something that really annoys me about Ibusuki acting like she wants to be closer to Tarou and being all jealous and shit while Tarou lives in a lie.


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>strange double space with "was what"


This was the only thing I saw that needed QC, all the other pages looked fine.

Me too, but we all know any anger will be quickly resolved in favour of giving Ibusuki her unearned ahppy ending.

Ebino a shit. She has less personality than literally every romance of the week girl, all her focus chapters are boring as fuck and she's had 10 fucking years with as far as she knows nothing in her way to make a move yet hasn't.

She's got a banging body though, so that makes her better than the 14 y-o rich boy and the ghost.

Don't talk shit about Eve, user.

I don't know why but I lost interest in this series. And I love reading this kinda shit.

Is this manga monthly?

I'd QC Ebino's body

Dem big eyebrows.
I want to touch 'em

Jesus. I want to play with them too

What a qt
And that's true. She's quite different from the first chapters

She's a qt too

Nigga got guts
Also, thanks for the dump!


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Wonder if this'll ever get an anime. Volumes don't sell that well but it seems to be decently popular with readers and really liked by the editors. While there are more popular series in it's magazine I could see it getting one as an attempt to push sales

I remember reading about an anime adaptation of a manga that tried to push the sales of the manga but it didn't worked and the manga still got cancelled.
Still, since this manga seems to be one of the editor's favourite, it'll keep going

You think a kid who bathes with their sexually attractive relatives grows up and and jacks off to the memories?

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it will look pretty, but degenerates can't handle the idea of not waifufagging.
The fact that shit like Nisekoi was allowed to get away with so much shit but this manga being hated by everyone drives me nuts.
The art's decent, the girls are enjoyable in their own way, and the secondary couples are all cute as well.

I just want this to do better, it deserves better and everytime I come on Sup Forums I want this to do better because the people who hate on it have such shit waifufagging reasons for hating it.

She fell in love with him very recently. What does knowing him for 10 years have to do with anything in light of that?


wow, didn't expect that.
Thanks for the dump, I Love You.

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well, a firestorm's brewing.

>I just want this to do better, it deserves better
Even though things are moving at a snails pace I kind of agree, I really do enjoy the series even though I am well aware of its obvious faults.

Aren't you talking about Keijo? Funnily, it ran in the same magazine.

Hope you guys were ironic, because otherwise you'd just officially be the most autistic anons I've seen in a long time. Just sayin'.

I think it's weekly but no one is translating

Please, just please god don't make the bitch win. I'm fine with Eve, even with Ebino even if I know it will never happen, but the bitch... Please just nope. She even manages to turn Eve into an evil bitch like her later in the raws iirc. She's the worst.

I don't read this
is eyebrows supposed to lose?
if author does that he's a homosexual lmao

OF COURSE she's gonna lose.
She's both best girl AND childhood friend. No way any faggot japanese mangaka would let somebody great like that win.

Ibusuki is best girl.

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Both r childfriends in a way...

she's gotten better

hey where can I read this? looks really good but I can't find it on Toshokan

try this

Ebino still best girl

Thanks for the dump OP. Glad this got picked back up by someone

author needs to get isekai'd for what he's putting poor ebino through

>ghost won't win
It hurts. She is so much better than her real version, but I guess that's the point of those idealised ghosts.

Probably not the right place but what happened to megumi san? The thick manga? It was uploaded every Tuesday

Amano has many openings, the one with the girl playing kendo? It's still updated, I just don't catch it on Sup Forums much.

Yee amano I've only caught 2 threads this past month. I need more thick

Yeah not the right place to ask it. Let's say it's in proofreading right now.