ITT: Characters that you like that the rest of Sup Forums hates

ITT: Characters that you like that the rest of Sup Forums hates.

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inb4 snakefags trying to be special snowflakes

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It's just Asukafags that hate her since she stole Asuka's screentime and piloted Unit 02. Except for the Asuka/Mari yuri shippers.

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Not as ridiculous as to why you're over 30 and have still never gotten laid.


nah, that's easily explained.

Did somebody say snakes?

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Eh, she was boring in bake and nise, but once she got bitchy and then psycho goddess she was pretty first rate.

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is the manga over? did she get cucked already?


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Their doujins are the only positive of the Rebuild series existing, who knew the way to fix Asuka's personality problems was to give her a bestie she sometimes has sex with?

Asuka just needs to be loved

Literally everyone loves her so don't worry based user.

Her last words were
>Sayonara, Makabe Masamune-kun.

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There was one doujin with exactly that, seeing Shinji again depressed her about their current situcation, Mari says that's just fine and that's why she like's Asuka, since everything's fucked now why not be honestly dishonest?

It was pretty depressing.

Rei chad user where are you?

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Mari has the same personality as Zero Two from Darling In The FranXX

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>no nudity of her in film

Why is modern anime so prude

>tfw literally came to this thread to post nadeko
i don't see why there's all the hate

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>It's just Asukafags that hate her since she stole Asuka's screentime and piloted Unit 02.
Try again.

I don't hate anything posted so far, someone should've started with kyoani characters or the hamster

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It says something that her rendition of 'English' was only third or fourth worst in that movie.

You're all of Sup Forums?

I don't hate Mari. She makes my dick feel good.

Umaru is easy modo.

That's not a character.

The difference is that 02 has an established story and purpose in her anime.

I don't hate Mari, I just feeling nothing for her since she hasn't done much.

This desu.
Though her quirks piss me off since she's literally the only person in the entirety of the series to never take anything seriously in a franchise established to take things very seriously.

And her twin sister too.

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Mari-chan, Rei, and Shoko-Shoko are all good girls!

They are all the worst part of their respective shows.

I would watch an entire show about just Yoko

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But everyone likes Yoko.

Who hates the emotionally blunted loli?

Yeah what said. She's mai waifu, in fact.

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don't kiss her tho

She's QT, but the choice she made in the later part of s2 is maybe the dumbest one ever made by a character in anime.

Fuck you, kirino is the worst imouto and she is another generic shit tsundere

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The thing is that above all else she prides herself in having the students best interests at heart as the daughter of a prime minister and a popular student who is trusted by all but her fatal flaw was giving into the pressures the students gave her. Despite her own insecurity and reluctance the students pushed her to run in the election and she caved in. She tried too hard to please them and do what everyone else thought was right while being dishonest with her own feelings. It was evident that she really didn't want to send Haruto away and that she regretted both of the decisions she made. It's true that part of it was possibly to save her own skin but it's a rational decision that made sense for her character and I wish people understood that.

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Still better than that flat cunt
Being honest Rei is a bad character but I still prefer her than that overrated shit of Saeko, She is the main reason of why HOTS is not forgotten yet.

this snek? she seems pretty hated round here

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>guys mowing your innocent and unarmed friends with machine guns no-russian-style
>the person you love and trust, but he's probably a vampire, whatever that is
>fuck off monster, P-P-PLZ guys, can you stop massacring us? No? Ok...

The lenghts some people go to defend their waifu. What a dumb bitch.

Considering all the shit he goes through, most of his actions and decisions are perfectly understandable and he develops quite nicely by the end of the series. While I think Guilty Crown is an overall mediocre show, Shu was a good MC, even if he wasn't always likeable.

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But everyone likes Miia

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Saya is still the best HOTD girl

I like all megane girls.

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Nowhere in my post did I say it wasn't dumb I just gave reasoning as to why she did what she did.

Speedfags, Alicefags and Tamafags.

This one is exception though.

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I literally picked up the show because of Yoko, stayed because Gainax

>no ITT: Characters that you do LOVE but the rest of Sup Forums hates

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this desu. though it was the porn originally.

Saya Takagi
>Pink haired with twintails
>Sexy generic tsundere as fuck
>And rich

Look man, I just like crazy nutjobs

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This gorgeous shogi lady

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why do people hate her? I don't even know what show she's from but the hatedom seem pretty real

Mikuru-chan is so yes!

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Taiga best girl.

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Oh come on this bitch is overrated af

Taiga is a shit with cancer

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Dyke slut who tried to rape snake.

There is always a reason, stop acting like people are too stupid to understand fuckin Valvrave. The problem is the explaination is nowhere near enough to justify this kind of action, not they didn't explain it at all.