Darling in the FranXX

Post your predictions for the next Episode

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Fatoshi gets cucked even more

Humming baby songs and dancing happily with her baby doll RIGHT AFTER breaking up Futoshi's heart and successfully connecting with the love of her life.
How could anyone hate her? This is literally what everyone has been asking for since episode 1.

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An episode of nothing happening.



>Mitsuru fingering Kokoro in the background while 02 talks about suicide to Hiro.

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Ikuno hooks up with Kokoro. Don't ask me how they just do.

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Any thread that has "cuck" in the OP should be deleted automatically

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Because you are a faggot that needs to be banned permanently from this board.

They're going to show up at the end of next episode.

Say something nice about Kokoro

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Swap Ichigo and Kokoro.

She has cute feet.

Hiro and 02 flashback.

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Who is your favorite nine besides Alpha and Oni? based in nothing but this frame

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The reverse Mitsuru.

>Kokopuffs is happier than she's ever been
>Mitsuru cold heart will be thawed by her warmth and learn how to smile
>Futoshi will take the opportunity to grow (not physically) into a better person
This was the best outcome

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Far right looks like he'd be the least insufferable.

>yfw we see the children of all the couples at the end of the series in a time skip
>even the Ikutoshi child

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I'm koko for Kokopuffs!

She's beautiful
She's sweet
She's wifely
She heals hearts
She breaks subhumans
She's Kokoro!

Because shitposters keep making OPs with obvious bait and those threads deserved to be deleted.

>Ichigo's son is taller than her

She's a giant slut that breaks promises without any guilt

Fat guy realizes you lose people as you grow older. Ichigo gets bullied. Glasses opens up. Kokoro starts showing that side of her she hasn't shown people. Mitsuru removes the stick out of his ass

Just for you user

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>11 episodes so far of teenage melodrama with very little actal plot or action

How do we fix DitF

because you guys are fucking annoying

Now we are talking.

Oni connects to Ichigo to provide some intense yuri NTR.
Ichigo is left exhausted and insensate, but otherwise okay, because it doesn't count if two pistils do it.

A strong woman!

>tfw no Kokoro gf irl

i can already see kokoro fucking milkman's lifeless corpse with eyes like the 3rd panel

New bread found

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We start over. Remove the pistils and keep the stamens, turn the Franxx into their own characters with artificial intelligence.

Based breadtoshihan

you can't, they lured you in with mecha and waifus and now they have you strapped in so you can never leave

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Am I the only one who thinks that Miku is best girl?

Improve the teenage drama writing. If I want giant robot fights I'll go watch something else, the FranXX are just a vehicle for symbolism and character growth, and too silly to be taken serious as actual fighting machines.

She's going to cuck Milkman for Hiro next

Mitsuru and Kokoro will do something cute.

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An otherwise boring choice but it's yours to make

well to me would be Ichigo clone>redhead Sokka>Tall(true)Hiro>and then Ikemen

>mfw I fell for the bait and switch

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Most sons become much taller than their mothers.

Based drawfag strikes again.

loli 02

I really wish this was at least 48 episodes and not 24.


>Kokoro means "heart"
>Mitsuru gains heart
>Futoshi loses one
Does this mean Futoshi becomes a black knight? Will Chlorophytum be powered by mutual hatred of the opposite sex?

I hope so

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>wanting twice as much of this garbage

I'm here for the Nana, Dr. Franxx and the world building. Children please leave, this is an adults only area.

How could one drawfag be so based?

Yeah 02 is pretty shit


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Meant for

>my new guy got punched the fuck out by the guy I rejected
>let me tussle his hair
It's possible for this to be both very cute and very disturbing.

Meant for

No, he'll grow as a person.

She teaches useful lessons!

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She will be faithful to him, I'm sure of it.

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Reminder that promises/contracts made under duress are invalid.

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>very cute and very disturbing.
To be frank so are they and I love it.

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It takes heart to grow.

>batshit insane AI giant mecha gf

Hiro's dick would fall off

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This. Everything else is shit, even the mechs and they're mediocre at best.

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You'd have to be dumb to leave a guy who looks like Mitsuru as a straight female.

You are the best thing to come out of these threads user

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You can't spell delusion without /u/.

How do I get a Kokoro gf?

branch swinging hoes never change

>Ikuno x Fatoshi episode
>Ikuno gays out
>Mitsuru x Kokoro things scalating up to sex
>Mi x Ko decide to explain to everyone what sex is
>Papa and whatever don't like it
>Council turns out to be evil guys who hate sex, people are actually born in labs experiments
>woo plot twist
>hiro and kids join together and fight the powa
>they win, time skip to their mid 20's
>hiro and kids are now the heads of everything
>labs shutdown
>society growing, fucking and having babies left and right
>klaxosaurs have to be fought back sometimes
>sudden 02 change to evil side via plot bullshit
>hiro and young adults fight back the klaxosaurs that are under 02's command
>they actually find out the klaxosaurs are actual demons from hell
>abstract limitless power fight (with the classical friendship love powerup and all) between 02 and hiro
>hiro wins, 02's comes back to normal
>everyone became couples with plenty children
>02 and hiro disappeared soaring around the planet
>rainbow up in the clear sky


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Not to mention that they're young boys piloting giant robot women with equally giant tits and asses.

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So Mitsuru won't actually protect Kokoro then

This is normal. I'm 30cm taller than my mom.

>son being taller than mother
What's wrong with that?

>turn it to an actual mech anime that everyone thought franxx was going to be instead of a knockoff NGE
Yes please.

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Be handsome
Be brooding
Be sensitive

In that order.


Why don't we shorten DitF to DtF? Because these girls are absolutely down to fuck.

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>PV narrated by Hakase

Finding out what the Grand Crevasse is and why it matters, at least according to APE.

Elaborating on Hiro and 02's past. Some sort of hint as to what left little Hiro mindbroken. 02 finally reveals to Hiro what her "dream" is.

Mitsuru and Kokoro being smug-cute, ZoroMiku teasing them. sweet IchiGoro moment. Fatoshi trying his best to get over last ep, resolving to not make the same mistakes with Ikuno.

Climactic moment with Hiro giving 02 the kissu

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>Fell in love.
>In a world where people don't understand love.
>It was his first love.
>Worked hard after being swapped to protect love in combat and hopefully get her back.
>Love choose another.
>His friends don't give a shit and he needs to lose weight.
>His new partner doesn't give a shit.
>He was last seen crying on his knees in front of everyone.
He's going to be on the edge all throughout the next episode isn't he?

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So 17% of fat men can achieve full erection? As if I’d ever let him stick his dick in me for less than a 1 in 5 chance that I might feel it. I’d probably have a better time with my hand. With my LEFT hand. I bet he’d even want to cuddle afterwards; needy virgins like him always want to cuddle. Gah, just the thought of having a limp, unresponsive dick next to me in bed is appalling.

…Oh, sorry Fatoshi, I didn’t see you there. That came out all wrong. What I meant to say is that I would feel terrible making love to you without knowing you’d feel the same pleasure I was feeling. It would be selfish of me. Selfish… and wrong.

You see, Fatoshi, that’s the reason I’m keeping you in the friend zone while banging Mitsuru senseless every night. I thank God that you will never have to suffer the agony of having to use a handsome, submissive autistic boy to slake your most depraved lusts. You’re so pure, Fatoshi… you are the only pure thing in my world of dark, sexy Byronic torment. I couldn’t bear to taint that.

So I need you to stay strong. Can you do that… for me? Good boy.

blessed diabetes giver

Ikuno and Futoshi's Excellent Adventure...to the Strip Club.

Wish she taught lessons on saving full pics.

They are already color coded.

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Fucking hell.

>Some fuckoff huge Klaxosaur
>Team struggles against it but can't defeat it
>Someone gets injured (Hiro maybe?)
>Hiro-02 flash
>Sudden power up
>Giant climatic battle
>Hiro-02 getting closer
>Secret foreboding plotting by APE to close out the episode and set up for the 2nd cour (possible with an appearance by the nines)

Screenshot this shit for when I'm right

Other possible events, though with a somewhat lower chance of happening.
>Children find out some dark secret regarding parasites, adults or APE
>Appearance of new half-klax person, maybe a male to stir drama
>Hiro-02 flashback causes Hiro to no longer trust 02

Grabbing Miku's twin tails and plunging deep into her pussy.

since this anime is basically government propaganda to get neet out of their home and find a proper wife, I can see fatoshi getting /fit/ after a short period of despair

Because putting cuck/ntr in the OP is just baiting

Also using all caps will do it.

Who will share their first kiss after Hiro and 02?