Darling in the FranXX

Cute and nice this time

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Loli 02 when?

Thank god for this thread.
I'm betting at least a flashback this upcoming ep, along with the resolution to 02's issue or at least the start of a resolution, and hopefully the kiss.

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next episode

I'm hoping, if Hiro has memory loss, "darling" was a word she learned from him.

Finally a good OP without bait for god's sake. I hope it'll be a comfy thread

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Cute and nice!

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We're only halfway through the show and 02 is one of its main pillars; do you honestly think they'll wrap up her arc before the last few episodes?

Maybe that's what he originally named her.

So when are we getting a new ED?

What happens if Zorome and Miku go deredere at the same time?

Ichigo is chadder than Zero two.02 cannot wear bikini at all while Strawberry can wear it despite her Flat bobs.

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Is this the comfy DitF thread?

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They probably won't wrap it up, but considering the lyrics of the intro, and how many other issues 02 has, I don't think it's too far-fetched for Hiro to start the healing now.

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So, loli time. Let's go.

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Fraxxly there's too much to cover in one episode to sort through all of 02's issues. I figure we can get though a partial flashback and maybe have her begin to get over her current depression.

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Lolichigo is cute!

02's issues will be ongoing no doubt but hopefully we can get some smiles, PDAs and communication though.

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Kokoro is best girl and best OTP.

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>Futoshi and Ikuno
>"This is fine."

you should've put the "n" on franxxly.

So whats the deal with this anyway, I was under the impression DitF was anime original?

Anyone got a link to the translated 4komas? Can't find a collections of them anywhere.

All Ichigos are cute!

What is Ikuno reading?


just put the chapter you want, ya nancy

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It is. The manga is the adaption and it changes a lot of events.

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You can't tell she is already getting tired of that shit.

>Not pulling her closer instead of pulling yourself away.
Hiro you absolute madman, what are you doing?

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She's not a terrible character, but she's not really great either.

Mitsuru's a dickhead though. His treatment of Ikuno and Hiro at the start was just being mean for the sake of being mean. Him making light of Futoshi's feelings even though he's going through the exact same thing brings his apathy to borderline sociopathy.

The only romantic chemistry they have is ummm. They both go to a garden I guess?

Their couple status is inferior to both Zorome/Miku and Hiro/02.

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This, only fatties would disagree

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Book is usually covered in lilys so you can guess.

A recipe book of fitoshi's favorite dishes

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Go to the other thread please, I'm asking politely


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Don't use my wife to shitpost.

I would headpat this Ichigo to keep her short and cute forever!

Don't bully me!

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Is there a chance we finally see this scene happen in the present?

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you're waifu is a two timer

There is nothing gay about liking girls

There's nothing gay about liking girls.

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Bread > hoes
Books > dicks

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Pistils can't synch with pistils, that's forbidden piloting!

Filthy lies.

>Not red
He had one job.

/u/ pls

Stop posting Ikuno

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They just aren't trying hard enough

>randomly spinning with arms extended for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
Was it autism?

That's called pure happiness user.
Something we'll never feel.

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Ok this chapter had me dying.

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You made me sad, user.

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Goro too.

get that stinkin' shit out of my face

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Why are couples with height disparity the cutest?

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>i want you to procreate


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It's the first time I noticed the endgame pairings were in this one as well.

literal gap moe

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>What is Ikuno reading?

How to lesbianize straight girls in 24 lessons

Sorry user, I didn't mean it.
Maybe I'm just projecting my own state onto Sup Forums.

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Do it I dare you. That computer screen fucked your wife.

Life is struggle. Happiness is fleeting and isn't something to be pursued, rather it should just be a fortunate by product of conquering struggle.

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Sorry, but Catgirlification is Ichigo's shtick

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>4 years
>2 horns

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>4 ears
>2 horns

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A small frail girl, compared to a tall strong man, is vulnerable to the point of being completely defenceless. The fact that she is willing to put her life in the hands of a man who could effortlessly break her in two speaks volumes about how true her love is, and how noble and trustworthy the man is.

>4 years

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But Zero Tsu has the big cat stampede mode so it works.

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Has the drawfag finished coloring the headband 4koma?

>no sexual tyrannosaurus edits yet

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Turn that frown upside down.

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Not sexual enough.
Needs more blain voice over

That's pretty hot.

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Requesting translation. 1/2

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What is she making that face?


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I don't think so.

She is only saying "darling"