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Big Fat Cat Tats

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just found this cool website

Anyone here got this figure?
Sup Forums told me she would bin... SHE DIDN'T. FUCK.

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>Ass fang
It just keeps getting better.

I want to fuck this half breed

there's no fucking way this shit is getting fixed for release, right?

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There's a chance, but realistically even if they don't it wouldn't be the hugest deal.

Ass fang, cameltoe and a high cut leotard so you can even see her V zone's sides

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Of course tats

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And blush

And more stealth tats

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>Guy asking about dakis last thread
>Ended up ordering an AJ pillow off amazon and $300 worth of covers on octopussy to try out

I am going to regret this decision fast.

Alright, I think I've gotten my dick under control here.

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Maybe, but for 16,430 yen that arm seam triggers my autism hard.

>$300 worth of covers
what the fuck
>on octopussy
Yeah, you will definitely. Are you in such a fucking hurry? You will only disappoint yourself.

you guys suck
the op was supposed to be porky

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It's mostly a gateway to get some stuff to try and if I like them I will consider getting nicer quality covers. The uncensored factor from Octo is nice too and some of the art was pretty nice (others certainly look like awful potatos.)

There are uncensored covers on other places too, including booth. You have to select in a dropbox that you want to see adult items too though.

Well, if people are already taking third party promo shots you're probably hosed. Kind of surprising for Flare.

That's neither by flare nor a third party promo shot

The fuck


I fell in love with her design but couldn't pull the trigger on the preorder. Looks like holding off was the right decision.

>preorders already closed fucking everywhere
wat the flying fuck

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>29 March 2018
>still no Diana Cavendish nendo

>5340 jpy
>For a mass produced prize figure

A non shadowed mass produced prize figure that you have to assemble, detail, and paint/coat that is.

I got mine.

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>her hair isn't cabbage

Nice try Schlomo

You pay for the privilege of doing all the handywork that Chinese workers do at the sweatshops.

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There aren't any censored dakimakuras.
They are either drawn with clothes, hiding the important parts with their hands or some other stuff or are completely naked, but you won't find any pixelated censorship like with hentai.

The official ones are usually in the first or second category, unless the source is a hentai.
The doujin ones can be all three categories.
For example, that cover in the pic is sold uncensored, even though the preview is censored.

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>Nippon-Yasan sends release date change email
>Probably a fucking delay again
>Initially the release date was on : 2018-03-31
>The new release date is now on : 2018-03-29
T-thanks? Did I need an email about this?

>new adress is too long for mandarake
Should I contact them?

You should move, what kind of shithole must you live in to go beyond two full address fields?

Use a shortened version if you're confident it'll still find you. Otherwise get a PO Box in a neighbouring suburb with a short name.

>preorders sold out everywhere less than an hour after being put up

The hot glue meme is real.

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>hiding that delicious armpit


Does she look fat to anyone else?

I use a P.O. Box since I moved to the country side, ends up being pretty long

Healthy, not fat

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Not really

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Nope. That seam has to exist somewhere for casting purposes. The good news it that the seam should be tighter on the final release, not gaping like that, but it will still be there. It's just a consequence of the bare shoulder and arm.

Well, this sucks. EMS lost my fucking package and now I have to play double if I want to get it on the aftermarket, assuming I can even fucking find it. I don't have any other recourse, do I? I'm pretty much just screwed here?

Has it been 3 months since it shipped? Have you requested the insurance money?

About two months. The investigation was opened 30 days after shipment and it took about a month to confirm they don't know where it is. I just got the message that the investigation was closed and I should be expecting documents to confirm non-delivery. The issue is that insurance money doesn't cover a replacement because it sold out almost immediately and aftermarket prices are ridiculous. It doesn't even cover half.

RIP, user. Who did you lose?

Is she even HEALTHY? She's just got fat tits, her waist is slender.

bunny nep

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Very tempted to buy it as my first and only bunny, but they're way too big, expensive and same-y. 20k + shipping for something this big that I can't even fit in my shelf is too much.

The same-factor isn't really an issue if you've only got one though.

It is when considering the price. It feels even more expensive when you consider how similar the figures look, which in turn makes it look like they don't put much effort on them while still charging this much. Considering the scale I guess I can't really say they're that overpriced, but the other points are still valid.

I would prefer not to get a recast, but better it than nothing. I'm certainly not paying 200 bucks for it. Of course it figures that my only lost package to date, EMS or otherwise, is the single most expensive one. In aftermarket price, at least.

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Does anyone know where I can still buy pic related?
I really want this...

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>its like gunpla?
What the fuck

>$200+ for the Alter figure of this char
Idk who this chick is from but I was tempted

Looks like the implication is the skin is shaded by the casting process.

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Also far from the first Fumina plamo.

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I have a couple new smokin hot babes for my desk.

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So where can I actually get this Fumina model kit? Is it really sold out everywhere?

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Most people don't actually care about quality and will buy pretty much anything of their favorite character.

That bitch from saki, bulma, boa hancock and the fat girl from sonico

Who are the other 3?

>not color coded
freeing is so lazy it's not even funny

I dunno myself, there are several sexy whores with huge jugs in my collection whose name escape me. A lot are one-off images from artists like oda-non, not necessarily characters from an anime/manga.

They'll buy it anyway.

I have a question for you guys, what does your girlfriend think of your figurine collection?


I'm being serious.

If she doesn't find my collections cute and want them for herself then she doesnt deserve to be my gf

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>Popular character
>New line from popular company
>New technique to give built in soft edged highlights without paint.

Are you really surprised nips ate it up?

Which one to do first?
Looked at the photos from behind and the anatomy looks a bit off.

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I can't tell, how many beach balls are in this image?

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She thinks they're a bit weird and she's worried I'm devolving into a manchild and is a bit jealous of my dakis but she's understanding.

Why is there so little Emilia figures? Even Rem has more. Anyone else waiting for a regular Emilia with an accurate face? I might just cave and get the one where she's on ice or the Pulchara one

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Woops, meant Ram had more. Also hoping for Puck to be in the decent figure but if I wait for that I might never get it

Not that shit image again, they are not based on that artwork any of them.

I have her, she's cute

Such a good art wasted on a stupid toy, just get an onahip.

On a side note, is there any notice of this image getting a daki release?

Is there any way to track the status of my HLJ order? I got emails for order confirmed and payment received, but I don't have a tracking number or a status update or anything.

Check the site?

The details of the attire don't really matter do they? The general idea is what matters with such a small number of figures. Anyways no matter what it is, if you get the face right it's automatically the best one

Nice try Schlomo.

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No problem, Cameron.

>Not even one full day has passed
Have you considered waiting until tomorrow? HLJ isn't that fucking fast

>HLJ isn't that fucking fast
This is true. Fortunately they have gotten faster since they updated their billing system, though. I don't really like autopay but the speed increase is a boon.

I've never order with HLJ before. I was getting antsy because it's nearing 5pm and tomorrow is Good Friday (followed by the Easter long weekend). I don't mind if its a little bit slow but I like being able to track it live so I can see it progressing.

Has anyone been able to buy from dakemakura before? I've been trying to email them but they keep bouncing back.

Then don't buy from hlj, they might take anywhere from two days up to a week without an update or shipping your shit.

They had the best price. Thanks though I guess I'll just be patient.

You are aware those holidays mean Jackshit to Japan right?

Do you have reason to believe the Japanese care about Easter? Amiko's operation calendar at least is completely normal. Just wait, it'll show in a few hours.

What do you guys have preordered?

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Anyone here ever bought a set (10+) of doujins from Melonbooks?
How were they packaged/any damage?

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Individual sleeves for each doujin all put inside a black plastic bag taped then thrown inside a box with some promo papers and bubble wrap for padding.

+A3 poster for Yuu and some other character merch

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Thanks for the reply
>bubble wrap for padding
Thank fucking god
I once ordered artbooks from amazon jp and they just threw the books inside the box and the corners of the books got bent/destroyed

That was my last order from Manda.
>Toss doujins in a bag
>Tos bags in a carboard envelope
>Ship that shit
The edges of the packaging were damaged, but thank fuck the product was okay.

Someone selling this for $120 without box, how bad an idea is this? I have the worst luck buying used shit so I usually don't but I really want her.

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Just ask your forwarder to repackage if you are that paranoid about damage, its not like you can buy directly from melonbooks from overseas anyway.

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