What is your 10/10 waifu, Sup Forums?

What is your 10/10 waifu, Sup Forums?

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my waifu, obviously.

Mai Natsume

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Lucy hits 10/10 for me.

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I have an obsession.

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girl=/=waifu you dumb ironic weeb

Minako 10/10 sailor guardian

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>using waifu as a substitute for girl
Anyway pic related is my 10/10 waifu because she is my waifu and is 10/10.

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Did she do the do with that Amuro guy?

My waifu is cute, cool, AND has the power to level an entire city if she ever wanted to.

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I see you are a man of culture as well

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Nice dude.

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Lalah. Or Anthy from Adolescence Mokushiroku

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She is

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The only ones that actually manage to be at least 7/10.

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Would be a 10/10 mother to my children.

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Thank you, user. Nobody ever says nice things about my waifu.

I love her so much!

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That glare just drives me wild.

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All waifu are 10/10 because they're beautiful enough to be loved by you!

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>tfw you aren't a complete autist and have a stable, mid-high salary job
>tfw she'd be a loving, nurturing, loyal wife and mother instead of a bitch since she doesn't have a literal "WAKKU WAKKU" retard giving her brain aneurysms.

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