A reminder that Dragon Ball Super is not canon

A reminder that Dragon Ball Super is not canon.

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A reminder that Dragon Ball doesn't have a canon

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A reminder to shut up.

A reminder that Dragon Ball Super is more canon than the Bardock special

If this true then Dragon Ball is dead to me.

Reminder OP is a GT retard with Autism who doesnt even know how old Gohan was when he killed Cell.


What the fuck does that even matter? Frieza shouldn't have been in Super period, would've been better if they used Raditz instead, the most underdeveloped character in DBZ history with the most interesting history as being Gokus brother.

>most interesting history as being Gokus brother.
I don't see how

>we'll never see vegeta's little bro again
could tarble kick cabba's ass?

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Oh so you have brain problems

I dunno, being from the same blood line you'd think Raditz would also have the key to immeasurable strength like Goku.

You have brain problems if you think frieza was a good choice bring back into the series when in it completely destroys the whole point of the Frieza Saga. Hell any other character would have been a better choice.

Freeza was already brought back immediately after the Freeza arc you retard.

fuck no

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I mean as being a supporting character alongside Goku you fucking spastic.

Then you should have said it instead of being a retard, retard. But in any case you're wrong, and millions upon millions of people loved it indicating that it was definitely the correct choice.

>Millions of people enjoyed dog shit so that must mean it was good

Guess Sword Art Online is a masterpiece.

Fuck another character we wont see again

She wants to be canon

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Even by canonfag standards she's canon because Toriyama designed her

>Dragon ball
>Having any artistic merit
Mate, I don't like being someone who calls people a retard, so let me just call you a brainlet

>I don't like being someone who calls people a retard

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A reminder that no u.

Fucking mongoloid, it did, they were very well done concrete story's of the hero overcoming villains with interesting abilities. Its just that Frieza served his purpose in his arc and there is nothing more you can do to add on to him, working with Goku in super just ruins what purpose there was for the Saiyans killing him. Seriously why not just make a new character anyway or somebody else.

>retard keeps posting this like it means anything

Yeah I kinda hate that they even brought Frieza back. How does he have a body still?

Which restaurant in Mexico is this?

Stay mad Raditzfag. Your forgettable monkey will never return.

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Stay forever buttblasted

You could say that about every fucking villain/antagonist in Dragon ball that turned "good"

Is she the biggest boobed dragonball girl he's made? SHe's a mom but still, she's bigger than Bulma

Tarble is not canon. Doesn't he only exist because of some Toei movie or something and toriyama was just like fuckit, sure he's canon.
I don't give a fuck who says it, even tori himself. That is just a worthless asspull that does not conform to the plot at all. Of course, super almost fits that same exact description.

he was just an average saiyan whose claim to fame was a brother he barely knew.

I'll agree that's Bullshit at times, but its Bullshit with Frieze as well.

That guy is a retarded Raditzfag. He's just mad that nobody cares to bring his fave back to life.

He was literally the Yamcha of the Saiyans

Nobody cares. Frieza's alive and kicking again and Raditz is either dead or reincarnated.

Seems like partnering up with your mortal enemy is all the rage these days. This isn't even the only time Batman has done so this month.

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>Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Tarble is mentioned by Bulma when the group is wondering where they could find a sixth Saiyan to help Goku to achieve Super Saiyan God, Vegeta answers that he is on a distant planet and he does not know where it is. Bulma asks if he does not have his cell phone number...
He is literally in Dragon Ball Z, not even Super.

Oh boy I can't wait for more Dragon Ball with Frieza again...


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Raditz is a literal who and a weakling

Raditz already has SS3

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Fanfiction the game doesn't count

hahah you dream fagg ... i bet that they will show up in the new movie .. i wonder what are you going to do if that happen

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Also, Japs don't give a shit about "canon".
It's a westacuck thing.

you know something. this image reminded me I should hate dbs more.

They'll only appear as Frieza's waifus or victims or they wont show up at all

Stay mad

>GTpedro still at it

"THE MOVIE WHIT MORE SIAYANS ON SCREEN " that only mean something U6

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>thinking they're not talking about U7 Saiyans of the present in the the past through flashbacks
Retarded waifufag. Nobody cares about U6. It's the U7 Saiyans and Frieza movie.

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thinking that trunks goten and jobhan still matter

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I wasn't talking about those halflings but ok

still they sell more that gohan ... THE only trunks that matters is F.trunks....and who the fuck is goten ... also thinking that your opinion is what matters or that you speak for the mayority of the fandom

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Why Goku should care??? Bardock was never a good father.

They do. Even if they didn't they would still get some minimal screen time, can't say the same about the fodder saiyans from u6.
>will be lucky to even reappear some day with the SS Job 3, which of course is completely useless at this point (not that it was ever useful for anything)
Reminder that they have no chances for go ki either, due to no CHADoshi soul in their universe.

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saiyans are dead .... and they are never going to come back that is why they introduce the U6....

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Never post again

VEGETA achive the God Form ... whit out ritual pure training

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>u6 saiyans will be in the movie you will see! They will even kick some ass with SSJ3!

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Vegeta did it in u7, yamoshi soul molested him during his training.

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Man, I didn't realize it until OP, but now that I think about it, I feel so bad for Bardock. Bardock, I am so sorry for the direction Dragon Ball went in.

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is more probable to them to apear that gohan goten and trunks

Nah, all three are guaranteed to appear in the movie even if none of them fights anybody else.

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Uh no, GT is shit.
I just think it has some cool concepts/designs. Like SS4, Omega Shenron, etc.

An officially drawn Majin girl with big tiddies

Toriyama is truly /ourguy/

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