Yuru Camp

OVA subs when?

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I didn't know it was out already.

It was out with BD1 which came out in Japan yesterday, 28th

Wow I didn't realize it was coming so soon.

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Ah, neat, I'd expect it to be at least a week though if done by one of the remaining sub groups.

I want to do lewd things to this dork.

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High-res scan of Secret Society BLANKET, especially Big Rin, when?

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I want a series of them post college age.

>Camping with their college boyfriend

How about just eat a spoonful of cyanide?

This smug look does unimaginable things to me.

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>post college age
Remember, wishes on the monkey's paw don't come with refunds.

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You should be the one to eat cyanide.

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>Our General is still alive

We post ideas for season two:
>Onee-chan and Chuggsie getting drunk together
>Rin and Aoi episode while Aki and Nadeshiko do something together
>Everyone tries solo camping
>Rin's grandfather episode
>Saitou and Chikuwa episode

This show basically writes itself. It's amazing.

Old age hasn't slowed him down one bit.

>"Yes, user just bought 1000 CAMP"
>"dump it"

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get in line

>nadeshiko's family gets slaughtered
>the killer adopts her as his sister out of guilt

>4 old women were found frozen out in the wilderness under suspicious circumstances, local authorities puzzled

>police stumble upon the comfiest crime scene they have ever seen

>tomorrow will be the first week without comfy camp

ova fucking when

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So it's 1 OVA per BD or what?


baseball episode while camping

>Scraps were found at the scene containing the insignia of a Secret Society BLANKET, possible motivations unknown

I want these, where can I get them?

>Rin burns down Mexico
>Aoi does nude gravure for camping supplies money
>Camp in Alaska -- get eaten by bears

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Asenshi hasn't said anything about subbing it?

ooh mama

Asenshi got run over by a truck last Tuesday.

They say they are doing the BD's and episode 0, which I assume they mean the OVA.


Episode 0 is the OVA

>which guy should i bang tonight?

She's just drunk.

Drunk on smugness.

Does Rin know what it feels like to take a life?

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But she's dumb and noisy.

What do the other yurus smell like?

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I hope we get a OVA

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I hope we get 8 OVAs

You know, these past few months weren't prefect for me. But having Yuru in my life made it just a little more bearable

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I hope we get another season

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Chikuwa is going to die at some point.

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Batoning is one of the big no-no in bushcraft

>No more Rin.
>No more comfy adventures.
Thursdays are dead.

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She's actually using a hatchet. She just shouldn't have her hand like that.

>you will never teach rin proper bushcraft techniques
>you will never have her thank you with a smile after

I hope we get two movies and collabs with big tent makers and a world tour of camping in the Lake District, UK.

She's got an anti-cut glove on, she's fine.

I like that the convo is being offloaded like this.

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I hope they make they make Rin and Nadeshiko real and they can come be my roommates and we'll stay up late watching anime together and we can go camping on the weekends.

So where are the videos of Nips going camping and eating curry ramen? Youtube gave me 0 result

Anyone else feel like the first few episodes were better than the few last ones?
I felt like it started off strong but ended pretty weak.


This mad man?

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Nadeshiko is angry at you! What do you do?

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Fuck her sister.

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>Nadeshiko's sister
>looks more like Chiaki's sister
What did they mean by this

Nandeshikos mom pleases Chiakis dad for free.

I want that Ena so bad.

Ate all her food.

Time travel. Oneechan went back in time to go camping with her sister.

Nadeshiko is a monster that kidnapped Sakura and sucked away her genkiness while she was out camping with Chiaki.

Why are they so perfect together?

OVA raw where?

Thankfully I know how to deactivate an overloaded nuclear reactor.

[soft Shimarin noises]

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She's so darn CUTE.

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>tfw finished episode 3 and there's only 9 episodes left.


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Just one this time, basically episode 00.
Asenshi promised they'd do it, though we'll to wait several days to week most likely.

Is the raw out?

how's that trip coming along lads?

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What the fuck is this faggy, tumblr-esque response?

What the fuck are those ugly, misshapen cowtits here

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I don't know, I didn't even post that, but it leaves me far less disgusted than that response.

I refer you to this then


Go back to Tumblr.

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Shining, Shimarin, Splendid

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>Asaka is going to Anisama
>Her career is booming, so she might end up being a regular
>Meanwhile, the Shana/Index singer only ever went to Animelo twice, and only as a substitute instead of a regular
What went wrong?

>camping in the UK
Enjoy being raped and murdered by a muslim.
And no, it doesn't matter what gender you are.

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I can't stop listening to the soundtrack.

Driving my car up the mountain range, working as a national park ranger is the best soothing experience. God I actually love my job for once.

>screencapping your own, terrible posts and then posting them later as if someone would read that dumpster fire and think you are cool

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Rin Chan would camp with her boyfriend.