Top 3 Loli Artists


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>not listing quzilax

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>onizuka naoshi
>kokekokko coma

Nanashi has done what, 3 loli doujins? Moreover half of Ichihaya's characters are too big to be proper lolis.


>Onizuka Naoshi
>Higashiyama Show

Shame the latter two aren't doing too much these days.

>kokekokko coma

My fucking brother, I was very close to listing him. His Yama no Susume doujin is the tightest fucking shit.

Inuboshi is our lord and savior

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user draws the best lolis

Good tastes, especially on Ichihaya.

I refute this list with my own
1) Mochi
2) Tanabe Kyou
3) Maeshima Ryou


I can't get into the rapey ones.

What are you, gay?

Rapefags please die, lolis are for pure love


My personal favorites are

Hoshino Fuuta


Meme artist

His happy sex stuff is great though.

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>liking a thing
>hurting a thing
No, I'm just logically consistent.

Sure, but it's a minefield with more than half of their work being rape and I associate his artstyle with rape, so it makes it harder to enjoy the others. And even the lovey dovey ones can have bad ends, like Blind Love.

Maeshima Ryou
Guess my major fetish

enjoy your ban

The guy that does all the LO covers

>announcing a report

Honestly I just really liked Yupiel, if I had to choose I wouldn't mind replacing him with Ogu or Himeno Mikan

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Ikujinashi no Fetishist was great then he fucking disappeared from the loli kingdom. Anyway
>Nakamura Kanko
>Sekiya fucking Asami
>Ootsuka Reika

Shit lolis
Too fat

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And bapping

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>And even the lovey dovey ones can have bad ends, like Blind Love.

I know, but they are so good.

Higashiyama Show
Ootsuka Reika
Onizuka Naoshi

I like how you complain that someone left the loli kingdom, then list Reika, who... left the anime kingdom. We got 2 volumes, but they're gone.

Whatever happened with Ootsuka Reika?

I'll let you have your opinion on the first one
I might even agree with you on the second one
However I'll fucking fight you on that last one

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>>Sekiya fucking Asami
Good taste.

she's a bit chub

Wasn't he doing a non-h?

Shouji Ayumu
Part Six

>Ootsuka Reika
Amazing taste there, I've always been a big fan of Bitch Project


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Post long lolis


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It got axed a year in did it not?

At least Reika did two volumes. Fetishist was one work on Comic LO (they probably deemed it too hardcore) and one Saya no Uta doujin.
Then poof.
Oh, there's also Ame to Toge that disappeared from Comic LO.

Only 3 is too difficult. (nsfw)

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Cute JC


Fuck off, piece of shit.

This thread sucks and all you pedos should be put in a jail to rot.

>11 pages of doujins
>7 are lolicon
>adding to it almost weekly
I understand

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That ended/got axed at 3 volumes. No new works since then.

I dunno if it should be call top 3 "loli" artists since I have too many to count. I randomly picked these from my favorite.

>tanabe kyou
>Tsubaki Jushirou

My dick's twitching already.

Yuzu machi

I don't have a corruption fetish, I swear.

Dunno if this makes me happy or not, hopefully they will come back to porn then.

Seeing a lot of anons share my favorite artist make me happy.

Through lolis we unite.

That's because you're a fucking pedophile.

Through dick, user. Through dick.

Sex with lolis!

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Sasahara Yuuki

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Why do lolis love sex so much?

>tanabe kyou
Great when not doing NTR.

how long until the mods delete this thread?

How long until you delete yourself?

I like Nihon Dandy. He does humiliation without it being too mean spirited.

Because lolis were created for the sole purpose of pleasuring and being pleasured by a kind and loving onii-chan

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my top three loli artists are dead

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who were they?

Ootsuka Reika needs to get back in the game already.

Satan's trips demand it

Shhhh, Chi-chan is sleeeping

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ookami uo

satsuki itsuka

ogu: nice art style, lots of urethra play
oota takeshi: ok art style, more extreme play
okina: very nice style, mostly rape orientated
mamezou: Iori anal queen, enough said

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I want a loli slut to playfully attempt to castrate me

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Let me fix this thread
>Nishi Iori

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>ctrl+F henreader
>0 results
what the FUCK

I don't read many lolis but
>Yukiu con

>no senke kagerou
I can't believe Sup Forums is

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Akihito Tsukushi is a demigod. My other two favorites, if I can only pick two are Zankuro and Harada Takehito.

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>Himeno Mikan
Any other answer is wrong.

Apparently some anons think he’s overrated.

Hopefully soon.

wake up


nu-Sup Forums is literally this retarded: not posting the absolute best.


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Poyoyon Rock. He went mainstream and turned thousands of normalfags.

Fuck off, retarded spic.

My nigger

quzilax's vanilla shit is actually pretty good, but it's clear his main focus nowadays is long intricate plots about shitbags taking advantage of loli's. not really my cup of tea but at least it lets him stand out I guess.

>Well, looks like I'm gonna work on the tl of this book.

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I seriously don't understand how one of the most popular loli artists on the site has such shit translators. Like, I'll see some obscure fucking artist get a full tank translated randomly one day and still over half of Quizlax's shit is untranslated. I'm not complaining about the lack of translations so much as I'm just genuinely asking why?

eternal lone POP-fag posts again before crawling back in his crevice

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Yukiu con

Chiguchi Miri!!

I need to find the source of this image again because for some reason I only saved this page and now I can't find it again.

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Satsuki Itsuka?

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Zaki Zaraki
SaladI like my lolis scrawny

>Exotic condenser.

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