I wanna hear about the mythical adventures of papa bones and the gang wrecking the villains who attempted to destroy Nazarick while seated on papa bones lap

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>Neia's tunic is cut in such a way you can see her tummy and boobs.
I used to want her to live until I learned she was a SLUT.

It's an edit you gaye, she's best girl.

NIDF pls go and stay go

Neia is literally the best girl and you can't prove me wrong.
Name one girl with more beautiful eyes than her.

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Clementine. Princess Renner.

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Patrician taste.

I've got more

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Neia or EE?

Please continue. But don't devalue rare Shalltears.

Shit, that'll be tough.
I'll try though, it's for Shalltear-sama

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I don't wanna make it seem too obviously a dump so I'll post these in replies. Also feel free to post your own

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>doesn't even have a crosshair pupil

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Volume 13 WHEN

It's planned to come out in 10,000 years.

Shizu second best girl

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>thread might prune before tomorrow

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Relax man. Making new threads is free.

Do you think Peroro would see them as his children like Momonga does or would he not and just spend all day every day fucking Shalltear?

I can only post my gay fanfic in so many threads before it gets old.

>Princess Renner
You can't be serious.

It'll never get old.

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>yandere eyes aren't the purest form of love

Both, Peroroncino is a true man of patrician taste.

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It costs my non existent dignity

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I've been trying to force myself to have a proper Overlord dream but it just hasn't happened yet.
Which sucks because I know I'm capable of incredibly vivid, realistic dreams and I could totally be living the Overlord life if I only had more control over my mind.


That's kinda autistic but I had a really fuck stupid one once so I can't say anything.
Basically, Momon and Nabe were sparring as part of some nobles request, and Ainz wanted to test out a new feature he had the blacksmith give his swords, which were springs that would launch the blades forward for a surprise attack. Thing is nabe saw how ainz was going to launch them and used magic to activate it prematurely to fuck him up.
The I woke up. Literally head canon.

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Hope you get isekai'd and don't wake up in this world user. Choose an immortal race or cyborg.

Shalltear is third best girl

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I wanna manhandle EE's tiny body!!

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Someone please translate Clementine.

That's racist, just because Shalltear and Yuri are both undead doesn't mean you can say mean things like that.

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Why is this final arc rushed on the anime? Why did lizards get so many pointless episodes?


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I want to pinch Shizu's cheeks.

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Its so you can feel for them when they try to peacefully surrender but Ainz rejects them and forces them and their soldiers to die gruesomely.

It worked for me

1st: Ainz sama
27th: Ulbert
30th: touch me
Nuff said. How will moral fags ever recover?

>Leinas in 20th
Literally who.
She's canonically ugly.

When will Nazarick receive karma for toying with the lives of the weak?

>Entoma not high enough to get a comment
Ah, fuck.Oh, at least my two other favorite Pleiades and best boy did manage to make it.

i want to show EE my serpent

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What did she mean by this?

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>be non-human abomination
>murder, rape and eat babies in any order
>wonder why you are universally hated

nth Nazarick and its merry band of faggots getting BFTO

She saying she has more of a chance with Momon than Entoma does.

She means that Entoma makes my dick go up and up.

>32nd: E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild Receptionist

The E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild receptionist is higher than:

- Peroroncino
- Herohero
- Victim
- Bukubukuchagama
- Fluder
- Tabula Smaragdina
- Tia and Tina
- Nfirea
- Warrior Takemikazuchi
- Nishikienrai
- Nemu Emmot
- Brita
- Eclair
- Pestonya

Even Zach is higher than Nigredo!

Wait, they died?

Yeah, Demiurge put a bit too much power into his flame attack in episode 11, because he based it on how powerful Evileye is.

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He didn't misjudge. He probably killed them on purpose.

Would you forgive madhouse if they showed emperor JUST at the end of ep13?

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No, because he chides EE on how much weaker they were than her. It's clear he was toying with them.

>It's clear he was toying with EE.
Yes, that's the point. He's a devil and wanted to hurt her.

he literally asked EE why does she party with people of much lower level than her

yeah but he is D E V I O U S
maybe he's trying to make EE feel responsible for the death of her comrades

He's a devil. He lied about it being an accident.

This doesn't bode well for Nazarick.

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Demiurge is the closest thing Nazarick has to a troll NPC. He killed them on purpose, just so he could blame their deaths on EE and watch her emotional reaction.

Demiurge is probably the most evil character in the show by a wide margin. Anything he ever does that doesn't involve him idol-worshipping papa-bones, can be explained by asking yourself "what is the most fucked up possible reason Demiurge could've done that?"

Reminder: A cool as fuck t-shirt will be released.

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Give it to me straight.

EE sensed Momon's rage when she said they beat up BugMaid. So she is into him, right? She will tell the golden princess about it and then they will all gang up on him, right?

RIP in peace, Momon-sama.

She thought the rage was directed at Entoma for hurting EE. EE is currently crushing extra hard and her reasoning is 100% whacked.

But she got mad when he said it.

She sensed his musk. She and the golden princess will indeed gang bang him.

He'd be overwhelmed just like Ainz with Pandora's Actor

What did she mean by this?

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Did the princess kill that maid that mocked Climb off-screen? I thought that particular maid was the spy from Nazarick. What happened to that subplot? So many things left in the air and only 1 episode left.

Nope. She's blinded by her admiration and will likely die horribly due to it.

Momon on the other hand is autistic as fuck and things her wierdness around him isnt because she likes him, but rather because she suspects him of not being truthful, and of detecting his emotions. Comically, if he knew how much she admired and respected him, he might not feed her to Entoma. His schizophrenia makes him distrust and dislike EE even though she actually loves him and will be the cause of EE's gruesome death. Most of the suffering in this show is caused by Ainz being in the dark about what others feel.

I think she's keeping her around for leaking info and misdirection. I think she plans on having her killed when the opportunity presents itself, or she already has some plans in motion for the maid to die.

Meth, not even once.

Is this line in the LN?

Demi was playing with her. Don't you know what sarcastic mean?

>rustles jimmies

Its hard to detect sarcasm in subtitles desu. Should have added a hash tag to it.

Exactly. Demiurge wanted to make her mad and make her suffer, because its funny to him.

>gay fanfic
I once dreamed I was EE and Shalltear was turning me into her pet, which is awkward because I was sure I was moaning and so and all the walls in my house are paper thin -t.lives with parents

leave ainz to me

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Less funny and more religiously appropriate.

>Most of the suffering in this show is caused by Ainz being in the dark about what others feel.
Such is the life of a Lich.

>villains who attempted to destroy Nazarick while seated on papa bones lap

>Ainz trying to get the "villains" who've been dfying his authority and stirring up insurrection to surrender voluntarily
>makes a bet with them that they cannot escape his reach no matter how far or fast they flee and gives them one day to get as far away as they can
>heroes reach the ends of the world just as the last light of dawn is fading
>panting and sweating, they sit down to catch their breath- only to find themselves sitting in Ainz's lap

no Climb-sama, yamete!

His paranoia is what keeps Nazarick safe desu. Why doesn't Narbe tell him what she feels? Why doesn't Narbe suspects of the Supreme Being's IQ when he fails to understand EE?

Such is the life of an autistic lich

Renner best character

The guardians and maids already understand that "absolute ruler Ainz-sama," isn't the same as, "real Ainz-sama." They have plenty of examples and have already made reasonable estimates to his power and ability. They just love him that much and so continue to treat him however it is they feel is required so that he continues to believe he's an absolute ruler.

What keeps Nazarick safe is mostly the fact that its an impenetrable fortress guarded probably 75 of the strongest 100 beings that currently exist.

Is Ainz playing chess while everyone else plays checkers, including the viewer. Or has he managed to maintain control of all his NPCs by mere luck?
Demiurge seems smarter than him, and it seems Ainz has managed to prove how awesome he is by strikes of luck over being a crafty leader.

I always thought that Sebas meant he was JUST weak enough (like level 39) to be able to ignore any attack because of the supreme beings passive to ignore lower level attacks.
I don't know the exact levels but you know what i mean

Bit of both, actually. Ainz is unduly hard on himself and is much smarter than he gives himself credit for. You're right, Demiurge and Albedo are both smarter than he is but not by much. And, yes, he's incredibly lucky. And this luck doesn't help his self-esteem, especially since it helped him in some of the most vital times, making him think his own intelligence is lacking.

what keeps Nazarick safe is Nazarick itself

Ainz has very high INT and CHA/luck
even when Suzuki has no idea what's going on the rules of the NW bend around him to keep this aspect of his character consistent.
basically he has plot-armor for real.

You've caught on? Ainz has 1 thing going for him. He's autistic and schizophrenic. His caution and overanalysis of every situation generally keeps him and nazarick out of harms way. Other than that he has no idea whats going on and is generally in the dark about everything his kids are doing. The running theme of the show is that single parents create evil children.

And his own intelligence isn't bad, either. Just looking at his behavior during the Carne village. He's just lacking experience with being a ruler.

>Is Ainz playing chess
More like connect four.

That reminds me. Why was Albedo so mad with Ainz in one of these latest episodes? If I remember correctly she said she doesn't understand, what is it that she doesn't understand? Is it why he is hanging out and helping humans?

Which episode? She's pissed because she's evil and Ainz has an evil alignment and she can't figure out why he keeps acting in a good alignment way half the time.