One Piece

Spoilers soon.
Guess who will be in the colorspread

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I can't believe Thatch is fucking dead...

I predict that Luffy will be in the color spread.

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Does anyone actually believe Luffy will become Pirate King?

>Monet was alive all this time


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For the moist fags

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When will Sogeking return ?

it's true, all of it

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Fuck you and that nigga.
Why doesn't he post the spoiler then?

Isn't that what he says every chapter?

dude isn't particularly fond of whole cake island

He's waiting for the signal from the RAW provider.

Maybe that means the cake was so good Mama had an orgasm that teleported the SH to Wano.
Anyways, I should get out of here.

>Why doesn't he post the spoiler then?
It's dark out there if he lost his RAW provider his not better than us

>yonkou saying he hyperventilated multiple times from the chapter
It better be good, damnit



>Isn't that what he says every chapter?
his mixing his hype for spoilers before everyone with the hype for the chapter, which are different, so don't take him seriously on that!

>luna tard saying is a good chapter
Sounds like a shit chapter already. Unless his delusions are off the charts

I really want to read the chapter and not the spoilers
We get the chapter spoilers tonight but the chapter won't be out for another 30ish hours.
I don't know what to do.

>Carrotfags get btfo this chapter

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jinbei actually dies

source: just read the chapter

Zoro > Jinbei

from yonkouproductions

wtf i love whole cake island now

So this is where the Reiju x Cavendish shit came from

Spoilers, legit, it's a very fucking good chapter so don't hover if you don't want to ruin an amazing chapter

Chapter 900: mission accomplished
cover page is an easter themes colorspread with the strawhats (jinbei is not in it fyi)

fishman pirates and jinbei begin to attack big mom's ships from underwater causing the fleet to fail, smoothie and daifuku are forced to retreat or drown

jinbei worries about fishman island and implications of the fishmen pirates betraying big mom

aladdin smiles and tells jinbei that theyre betting on the same flag that he is and to not worry

after the big mom pirates begin failing and retreating, aladdin says goodbye to jinbei saying to him "bring forth the new dawn with them" (same one that minks refer to)

jinbei gets back to the ship, luffy tells sanji to make him food so they can party, jinbei tells them its too early to celebrate, first they must get far away

scene switch germa is also retreating using a fast swimming ship technology

scene switch big mom eating cake

scene switch to morgans and stussy, stussy is on den den mushi with rob lucci saying "and that's the situation" with morgans sweating

scene switch lucci in room with akainu (just like the movie film gold, oda made it exactly like this)

lucci: you've heard them
akainu on den den mushi: "prepare it, I'm coming too"

scene change
kizaru smiling as he usually does and says akainu-san is finally taking action, that strawhat is useful
final page is ryokugyu and kizaru on a fleet of marine battleships (much bigger than a buster call), with ryokugyu saying that the balance of the world will change after this

break next week

t. canadian japanese in japan rn, uncle owns a corner store and just got the shipment of wsj magazines

how much do you trust me?

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>I don't know what to do.
GTFO of this thread, simple as that!




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More fake than a new HxH chapter

>Reminder that chapter 900 officially releases on April 2nd
>Reminder that April 2nd is best boy's birthday
It's time for The 9th

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The color spread will be as follows:

>Huge title saying "the Straw Hat Pirates"
>From the left, we will see Franky, Robin, Chopper, Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Brook, Gastino

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>How much do you trust me
You're an user, so nothing at all, but some user with spoilers wich are true usually says that phrase, so I'll raise my trust 0.0000001%

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10/10 nice fanfic

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Chapter 800 was Luffy getting the Straw Hat Grand Fleet so 900 should definitely be Luffy getting nakama

>img check out

you did the same shit last year

keep trying

I think they'd make a pretty good couple actually.
When it comes to looks they belong in on another's league. Cavendish is kind and honorable. Reiju needs a kind man. Cavendish needs a wife who'll take his bullshit with deadpan humour and won't die just from sleeping in the same bed. They're a good match imo.

>Read this shit
Fuck off don't post such blatantly fake garbage

Fuck, this actually sounds good. Probably fake though.


Let's pretend they are real.
Big Mom will be back to normal and this will be a good way to show her power

>akainu on den den mushi: "prepare it, I'm coming too"

it's happening
big if true

That nigga said he ships LuHan .So he's delusional but at least not a LuNafag.

the cake is probably so good it knocks big mom out, she won't wake up as the admirals cuck the island, there's no other point of showing that the cake has the power of almost knocking people out just by tasting its cream, big mom will eat the entire thing and it's lights out

This is honestly shit desu

You say the same about everything you like user.

you're shit :3

Lads, what is happening


It user. It's happening

He returns[/spolier]

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>chapter title: mission accomplished
made me skip reading the entire thing

HxHfags working out their impotent rage.

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He'll come out of the men's room a la Robin and request joining on the spot, he then throws Carrot off of the ship

Instantly 10/10

I will take the bait. So the marines will assault WCI and then come back to the Reverie on time?

It's bullshit, but I believe it.

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why would the admirals need to be there for the reverie? they certainly weren't for the other reverie

Can you faggots stop getting me excited?

tfw no wapol yaoi doujins

What's his motivation for joining?
Why would the crew accept him after that when they don't like him but like Carrot?

logo hoje bicho

>mfw marines will send their entire forces for big mom but never kill me

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where are those people right now?

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I can't believe bobbin is fucking dead

>fake spoilers
>regular chapter even if they are real

Everyone on Oro is creaming themselves because of these supposed "spoilers". Are they real or not?

Do you honestly believe those fake spoilers? Because if you do then you are retarded.

Holy fucking shit you boys are gonna flip the fuck out at this chapter I can't wait to see the thread reaction, first time I've ever audibly screamed while reading manga


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tfw you will never share a sorrowful drink with your drunken murderous boss... why live

In other news, water is wet.

True. But some retarted fags here would actually believe them

You guys seriously don't want this chapter spoiled for you. Leave while you still can, read this shit blind

>yonkou productions

I want an Easter-themed spread. I want Jinbei and Carrot to be there though.

Chapter 900: Big Mom

Floats are fighting
Big Mon eats the cake it's so good that tastes identical to Mother Carmel desserts.
Big Mom point of view flashback of the years ago incident

Break Next week

You got a better source?

That's their own fault man.

He's just saying that as damage control.

An anonymous post on Sup Forums is much more reliable.

she remembers that she ate caramel and the other children in a feeding frenzy with the giant's desserts.


>let me trust a random literal who nigger aka yonkouniggerductions
the absolute state of Sup Forums

is this general just redditors and 9gaggers?

You could have tried a little bit more user. This is just lazy

It was a good colorspread man. Pic related was also great for Hancock, Marco, and Luffy.

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He literally posts the actual spoilers every week. Nah let's trust some random user instead.

then its probably damage control on his part, he wants to be first spoiler poster and got cucked

Jinbei will die. all the death flags are there

Your new is showing

unfortunately yes
Just look at them browsing that site full of luna shippers and fightfags

I mean it WOULD be a good time for Akainu to fucking do something instead of having to watch the Gorosei spank his bum.

Yes it would, not denying that. But I'm just saying that beliving something on the internet when you have the resources to check if true, is their own fault.

I was one of them. I have no problem getting blown the fuck out though. My ego is not big at all.

Oda really dragged this shit out just to have an amazing chapter 900, didn't he? Why is he so autistic?

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Oh shut up already you fag.

They just released a 1000 piece puzzle of OP's spread too.

How does sanji have an unlimited stash of cigarettes?