Shit animes that are undeserve of its best girl


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Satania deserves her own anime without those bitches

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never have i seen a more obvious best girl

Here my second best girl that is also an idol stuck inside a shitty mecha anime.

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>Sheryl clone wasn't made a love interest so the Ranka clone can actually win.

Part of why the second cour sucked was because they had her get captured and be irrelevant for most of it.

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Thread ruined by your overrated mainstream waifu bait

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Thread saved by your rightfully-rated mainstream waifu.

satania is the best character, 50% because of her, and 50% because of the other girls

Massive trash

That Haruto is a lucky guy

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>Will forever remain his because she refuses to have sex with anyone else

That's a depressing eternity to live.

Saki was perfection.

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>Saki got the proposal

But instead he died for this.

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Fuck Haters, Yui obviously is Best Girl and the only girl who had a credible character development and a real crush by that miserable faggot of Rito

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Makes sense that he died for a better girl.

Fuck you tsukasa fushimi, Fuck you dengeki bunko and Fuck you kirino-fags

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Anime life is not fair,

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Tomoyo & Kyou >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shit > sanae > kotomi > fucko > ryou > nagisa

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>TFW Eruerufu and that literal who had a better love story in one episode than all of that Haruto’s scenes combined.
If Eruerufu and Saki was the main pairing and main protagonist and Heroine, this train wreck will actually be a good one like CG.

I used to confuse Tomoyo and Tomoya all the time. Fucking say Tomoya was my waifu one time here in Sup Forums and I wanna hang myself after being called out by Anons. Fuck Tomoyo After, they had a happy ever after her routine no brain cancer shit!

In first place I only started to watch IS only by Tatenashi but i liked Houki at the end. And are damned lies all the unfair slanders about her, Fuck Haters Fags.

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Date A Live isn't a bad Anime but there's so many better Anime that Kurumi would fit better in

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Somia was my only reason to keep watching Saint Seiya Omega.

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>Overrated, mainstream, used goods, "waifu" bait shit "best girl"
>Genocide murder mass.
>Sadistic, Insane, Edgy, Cunt.
>Psychotic sociopath bitch
>Manipulater cunt
>A fucking horny slut
>"Ultimate perfect waifu ever existed"
Annoying autistic, retarded fanbase excuses and lies
>loyal to your desires
> She's hot.
>I want Kurumi to eat me.
> I just want her to kill me
>Implying getting murdered and eaten up isnt the perfect confession of love
>"Pure" ironically while she wears clothes of lingerie
Yoshino > Tohka > Kaguya & Yuzuru >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kotori > miku > shit > tobichi > kurumi

Her character doesn't fit in a LN.

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Who the fuck are you quoting? Do you have schizophrenia?