Who is the best kyoani girl?

who is the best kyoani girl?

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Without a doubt, it's Muse.

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Not even a contest anymore.
Latest episode proved it.

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Kumiko. Anyone who disagrees with me is absolutely gay.

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Ugly dyke.

Mai-senpai, no contest.

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There are a lot of great ones, but Rikka is best for me.

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Those are some of their worst girls though

Confirmed homosexual.

kumiko isn't even the best girl in her own show though, see

There's so many choices, it's not really a fair question. But here's my vote.

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Based Chitanda poster.

nah. You just have shit tier taste.

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Came here to post this, the most beautifu protagonistl in years.


You must be gay if you ever wanted to stop fucking Sento.

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i wouldn't want to ruin sento by lewding her

I fucking hate incels.

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and i fucking hate you normie trash

Where is the Kumiko?

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You posted her.

This is the only correct answer

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I really really REALLY like Asuka.

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Not even a contest.

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You cannot top the best.

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That's my wife you posted bastard, delete it.

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Caucasian girl in my Chinese cartoon??

Is that even a serious question?

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Kumiko is unironically one of the best & fluffiest characters in existence

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Its a shame she gets put in a forced marriage with someone else.

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I miss that reference

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Used to be Sento without a doubt but Baioretto is starting to get up there.

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Ritsu, lads.

Also acceptable answers.

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Sento and Violet are completely different, especially in the chest area.


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>kagamin ponytail
so strong...

cute ritsu

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Made by Gonzo.

She got her haircut by lying under a lawnmower

2/3 seasons are by KyoAni, it counts

Violet kinda of looks like Sento, but not sexualised and without big chest.

Her best moments came from Fumoffu and TSR, which were both by Kyoani.

Do we actually know Violet's chest size yet?

She got her haircut by being cute and best girl

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Mayaka is made for losing herself in lust and passion during one night with Oreki and accidentally ending up with his bastard child, which will end up feeling jealous towards his children with Chitanda.

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shes 14 user, don't expect much

I love the hatefuck chemistry Mayaka and Oreki have throughout the series. Chitanda is cute but her dynamic with Oreki is really one note.

>more autistic
>not lewd
>could rip your arms off in a split second
>war hero
>saberclone but better
>cuter clothes
>intelligent, has a wide range of vocabulary at her disposal
whats not to like?

she's WHAT

she's the oldest-looking anime girl in decades

well we don't know her exact age, but according to the LNs shes about 14

I think this closest shot of her chest.

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Actually tough to pick a Kyoani girl, their artstyle is so shit.

that bait is so egregiously obvious that i just have to hand over a pity (You)

Then why are you in this thread? just for some (You)? Then have one, since i am nice user.

monstrous manhands

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Tomoyo is perfect and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain wrong.

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I never asked for this...

She is perfect. That's the problem, she has no flaws.

Remember that NTR doujin with Tomoyo?

sup mugi

I would rather spend my life with perfection than with an autist, tsundere or bully.

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Delete what.


Oh I almost forgot.

The sequel


Tomoyo is for pure vanilla only.

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That's a TSR screen.
If you want to nitpick, Osamu Horiuchi did the character design for all four seasons.

Didn't we just have this exact same thread?

Then explain why Tomoyo loved getting mind broke by cocks.

Non-canon. Tomoyo's pureness can break any deviances.

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I personally don't believe you can have a best girl from a studio, because there are too many of them to narrow it down, also best girls are best in different circumstances. I mean from KyoAni I can't choose between Yui, Mai, Sento, Haruhi, or Kumiko.

Every Kyoani girl suffers from debilitating autism.

Kyoani Classic: Haruhi
Nukyoani: Kumiko

it's not the same

No love for this cute girl?
What's wrong with you guys?

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Kumiko is easily their best written girl.

Who are their best written girls overall?

Tamako is my 2nd best.

Kumiko, Haruhi & Yuki, Mayaka, Keions, Tamako& Midori, Tohru & Kobayashi, Sento

One of these two, can't decide

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Stop projecting so hard.

Why are there so many kumikofags when she's not even top 3 in her own show?

she is the best

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