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Thoughts on master fodder being back?

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The Zetsu looks like a Tyranid there

>how old is Himawari?
>she doesn't act anywhere like the age she's supposed to be
>I've heard people say she's 10
>i've heard people say she's only 6
>pic related she's 3 while Boruto is 5 in the ending scene of Naruto: The Last
>in the Boruto Movie there are 6 candles on her cake which is during the chunin exams where Boruto is 12 so she should be 10
>boruto was in the academy for 6 years before he graduated
>episode 2 of Boruto has Iwabe saying 10 years have passed since the 4th war (pic related)
>Several episodes later (I forget which) the TV announcer claims it's been 15 years since the war ended (pic related)
>episode 51 Naruto once again says it's been 10 years (pic related)
>if himawari was 6 during boruto the movie that would make her 1 when she debuts in the boruto anime
>i'm pretty sure no one here thinks that's the case right?
>she's 2 years and a couple months younger than Boruto
>the konoha chronology which was released before the anime came out also backs this up


>Kakashi was stated to have been 5 when he graduated from the academy
>obito and Rin graduated at 9 years old
>Kakashi was taking the chunin exams the same time Rin and Obito were
>according to the timeline they should have been in the academy

plot inconsistencies everywhere.

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Who's better?

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What if Urashiki appears next week?

Episode previews for the next 2 episodes

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They're not going to show Sasuke fighting Kinshinki.
How many Narutards will rage due to the anime not following the movie?


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why wont they?

I mean Bakugo or Sasuke retardo

top lel.

We are going to have birthday episodes for both Bort and Himawari and they are still the only characters without an official birthday date

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who the fuck is Bokugo?

How can there be white Zetsu alive when the last ones were destroyed after Nardo and Sauce undid the IT?

I thought Nardo and Sauce killed him for good?

You ever read or watched My Hero Academia?

>He didn't eat the thieves.
Boruto confirmed watered down toddler shit.

nope. And now that I opened that image I see that is not Naruto. I thought it was just a weird fan art drawing of Naruto and Sasuke and I was wrong. I'm guessing Bagugo is a character from Hero Academia?

Did Zetsus eat people? I don't remember that

That and the split personality were its biggest traits before they turned out to be a fodder and Kaguya's out of nowhere bitch boy

Zetsu was supposed to be from the Grass Village. He had a headband around his neck in the manga after Naruto and Sasuke's fight at The Valley of the End in part 1.

He's the main rival of the MC in MHA. You should really check it out if you're into shounen like Boruto/Naruto.

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oh yeah I already plan to. It's definitely on my list. It's a long anime list though that I have...


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What a good ass episode. I feel like this should be the true beginning of the anime... I feel like this will be a thing for new people getting into Boruto. Skip the first 50 episodes

Speaking of which, how come nigger Zetsu says this while he was meant to be a Kaguya's "son" all along?

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from the thumbnail it looks like a ghoulish face with blood shot eyes

Shut up and buy boruto volumes.

it was a fantastic episode I agree

what's wrong, retard-kun?

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He was just playing the part until it was time to strike.

Says what? That he's Madara's will? That was his cover for his real identity. My question is how did Madara believe that one day he got so angry that he magically created a physical form of his will? He didn't ask any questions? That just made sense to him? Hm yes my will is strong it makes sense it is now a living breathing physical thing,

finally an arlight episode, been a while

next week looks good too

The whole thing looked like he indeed made a black goo made out of his will.

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Has the bar for boruto been set so low that this new episode is now considered a good episode?

Hawawa! Now in 5 delicious flavors

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well now that kind of makes sense. He put his will inside of something that already existed.

Sumire is for Snek

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the bar isn't low. This was a good episode.

Seriously now, that drawing is 10/10

Anyone else really like their friendship?

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Boruto and Sarada are growing on me

Boruto has made me come to terms with something painful. Japanese anime is in general low effort garbage. it's the McDonald's of animated entertainment.

it has taught me to never expect anime to have good writing, cohesion and pacing.

Knowing this i can actually enjoy boruto more now because i see it for what i is, just another shit action shonnen anime that will have the cool fights using superpowers that appeal to me once in a while.

Friendship yes, pairing no.

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where did this idea of shipping Sumire with Denki come from?

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Shippers trying to get her away from Boruto.

I do too

>Boruto and Naruto development
>Katasuke foreshadowing
>Sarada not acting like a cunt for once
>Mitsuki in a birthday hat
>Himawari being cute
>White Zetsu reveal to set mood for upcoming Momoshiki arc
How is it not a good episode?

yeah the guy is talented. He posted that in a thread yesterday or the day before I forget.


La creatura...

Sumire and Denki are getting more screentime in the upcoming arc. People realized that they're both good with ninja tech and started a crackship from that coupled with the screentime leaks.

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yes to both

oh idk about that I just found the picture funny as fuck so I saved it, Makes me lol every time I look at it that's all.

not really. It's just a funny picture. Relax.

it was a great episode you're right

my sides

Uh oh, is it time to pick it back?

I dropped it around Shikama- I mean Shikadai's gay boyfriend arc

those both are finally getting more likeable

Me too, shit was getting unbearable boring, but maybe SP is getting their shit togeher, cuz last episode was miles better than the last 10, so yeah

I ship it

Of course Denki is confirmed to be part of the Chunin Exams. Metal Lee's team plays a role in the movie. He is part of that team in the anime/reboot. The whole plot of Episode 48 is that Team 5 wants to stand out so they CAN be recommended for the exams. Udon admitted in Episode 50 he would let his team compete if they really wanted to. He is going to be in the Chunin Exams.

yes it is. Absolutely pick it back up.

I do too now just wait for fanart

Greatest love story ever told

Kek. This goes back way earlier. Kishi fucked up the timeline when he claimed that Orochimari left the Akatsuki 7 years before part 1. However, that's impossible because that would have made Itachi 10 years old when that happened. But Itachi didn't join until he was 13, aka after the Uchiha were gassed.

so how old is Bort currently? 11? 13?

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13 as of this episode since he's 13 in the movie and his birthday was recent

>I should have pulled out.

which means Himawari is about to be 11. She does not act like she's 11. Something is seriously wrong with that girl.

I just hate shit like this. It messes up animes/mangas. I don't want to say ruins because I still enjoy them but it still bothers me when it happens and I can't look past it

i'm waiting

it will be

>implying you'd have the self control to pull out of hinata

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>which means Himawari is about to be 11. She does not act like she's 11. Something is seriously wrong with that girl.
She's became a friendless NEET even earlier than I did. Hopefully she turns out better.

That thumbnail looked like a low poly 3D monster with bloody eyes.

why doesn't Hima have any friends?
is SP too lazy to come up with some filler children?

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Same. I wouldn't wish this fate on anyone.

why doesn't she go to school? She's home all day every day. If you're not a ninja do you not go to school or something? She's school age.

Probably because she's ugly as sin and has a horrible haircut. Not to mention her head is abnormally big for such a small body. The long pencil thin neck doesnt help either.

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What the fuck? I haven't watched a single episode of Boruto. Please tell me that's Naruto in a wig and not one of their children. After fapping to Hinata for the past decade this makes my dick feel very weird.

>When Boruto told her him and their mom can celebrate without their dad coming and that he'll even invite his friends for her too.
That was the moment I realized Himawari not having friends was not just a meme.

It's just an edit of Naruto when he met his mom.


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Reminder that Sarada went to his birthday and Sumire didn't. And it was Sarada that went in Borts room to try to cheer him up when he was sad about his dad not being there for him.

Not a shipperfag or anything but you could say the same for Sakura in various cases.

I wouldn't mind of Boruto just marries someone who we've never heard of cause he only met her at 23 then dated her for a few months. That's kinda how it works.

why do people hate obito so much

They willfully misinterpret the 'coolest guy'-thing, and also because he is a stupid eyenigger.

I didn’t know this confirms that they’ll fuck

Hawawa is only interested in Bort

>Thoughts on master fodder being back?
>Tease Boruto's eyes since way back when
When will the fucking story progress in regards to those stupid eyes?
>inb4 Boruto Shippuden Timeskip generations extravaganza.

Never said they would. But it's just more and more evidence leading to the case

None of this shit is “evidence”, dumb shippershitter

>Not evidence
Showing clear examples about how Sarada cares about bort even though she doesn't like to admit it and is able to lift him up when he's feeling down. Like it or not she is there for him.

Yes, but so was Sakura to Naruto. Using shipteasing as “evidence” is pointless, especially when you responded to a post about Sumire with “b-b-but Sarada!” like an insecure shipperfag.

What kind of dumb tumblrina would write shit like that? Read your post out loud and listen to it.
Sumire already confessed she wanted Bort dick, and she's playing the role of Hinata 2.0, it's obvious that hack nip is going to just have Nardos clone repeat his steps with small twists along the way.

True but Sakura was originally going to end up with naruto but kishi decided to changed that 3/4ths through Shippuden. They literally had to make a film for actual development between naruto and Hinata because they fucked up not having him acknowledge her back in the pain arc. They probably want to set it up for how it's supposed to be from the beginning so they don't have to try and fix things again.

Pretty sure Kishi said he decided Naruto would be with Hinata early on, either way, the core problem with retarded shipperfag is retards who think their ship is already practically canon