spoilers and color page tonight

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Sensei has pretty much subsumed the other girls.

Maybe it'll be the results of the Popularity Poll. It's been enough time, right?

I think those are for mid-April/May, might be wrong though

Hope it has as good art as the Official Handbook did.

i hope it isn't Fumino chapter.

>good art as the Official Handbook did.
I'd love that, but get real for a second. Tsutsui sensei pulled out all the stops for that one, I don't think he can put that much effort in a color page in just a week.

It's a Rizu chapter.

I want to hug Kirisu sensei, tell her she does a good job as a teacher, and make her feel happy.

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If Sekijou doesn't show up for at least 4 pages, /sci/ chapter is worthless

/sci/ chapters tend to be cute.

Sekijou is hovering on the edge of every panel, user. You can trust she's never too far away from Ogata Rizu.

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Will we get he-he-headpats?

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Come on senpai chapter

Thanks Tsutsui-sensei i love Rizu.

That panty line hasn't been sold hard enough.

Sekijou, stop posting on Sup Forums.

I fixed the background.

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Well, she’s not wrong.

>sensei will never look like this at my small weiner
life truly is suffering

Me too. The official handbook had fantastic artwork, which is streets ahead of anything we've seen so far.

So ,she saw her own room

How small are we talking?

I'll take anything over an Sup Forums chapter.

Any scans of the official handbook?

Not yet, but I can't imagine it'll stay like that for long. How long it was until we got scans of the doujins?
Fucking nips holding the good stuff.

Where the fuck is the official handbook
You have voted for your favourite girl, right?

>Making the thread early so you can co-opt the OP pic of what should be a Rizu thread
Senseifags truly are the worst.

although while I'm a senseifag, the few times that I've been the OP I always use the latest Color Page or the latest fanart that I liked, according to which one is more recent, if I'm the OP next week I will use the spread of this week

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This desu. Why did we get bullied so much /sci/bros?

4.58008 inches

Sensei is the best especially with her clumsiness and tripping over and exposing her butt. I would act like approaching her to help her get up but trip to bury my face in her ass and act embarrassed. Then act like it was an accident and unintentional. Meanwhile take a deeep breath in while my nose is smudged against her butt.

It was dumped here months ago

You're gonna need a couple more paragraphs of autism if you wanna make that screencap user.

Maybe next they'll dump the last chapter for a 3rd time.

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Me too. She's annoying as hell.

she looks great when she doesn't have lab coat on and have her hair down. Hottest girl with sharp look and great figure. We need more scenes with her alone with moeyuki

Good quality scans, not those blurry, 1992-scanner-tier garbage. Honestly with how good the art is in the handbook, I want top quality.

I would loved to be smashed between sensei and miharus boobs or buttcheeks. The smell alone would be enough to make me jizz or pass out while jizzing.

Best grill should get all the OPs

Really? Shit!! I honestly think rizu is one of the worst characters among all the other girls in this manga. Her chapters are usually very boring.

I hope we get handholding

While interlocking fingers?

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my /chem/ical romance soon bros!

Look at this thread. It's clear who shitposter is.

The sweetest one gets the page

So, what page do the spoilers in japanese come from?

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*who the

If there's still no fumino chap i'll drop this shit

Fumino had the whole chapter 52 to herself, user.

Fuck that, I want a Mizuki chapter

It will come brother. And when it does it will sweep away the competition. Into then, darkness.

Fumino would just sweep in and steal her chapter.

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I drop this every week.

Alright, lets both say who at the same time.

no one cares about you're shit taste

litfags are cancer

Which kind of cancer?

stomach cancer

The constelation, /lit/fags are as bright as the stars.


How does this make you feel?

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sad that her Rizu's arent the right size but everything else is great.
also why is Nariyuki trying to punch me?


Because you're not studying.

Me too, user. Me too...

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but I Can't Study user..

Nariyuki looks off somehow. Rizu looks nice though.
How do you feel about this?

Rizu went to a salon to get her hair fix this time
Upon entering she sees moe
And asked wtf youre doing here
Then he said hes accompanying mizuki to the salon
Ogata then gets nervous and scared if her new hairstyle would not suit her and nariyuki will see it

World End Harem is better than this garbage

That's why he's trying to fistbump you. To let you know he supports you.

Naruyuki sounds okay, but the other two sound terrible.

So what kind of hairstyle anyway?

I want to hear that Nariyuki channeling ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴇ.
Rizu sounds a few years too old, but it's close to how I imagine she sounds.
I have no strong feelings on Fumino's voice.

The girls are cute, they're all so cute but... I miss when this manga had a plot.

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I'm happy that he supports me user, the problem is that in my class We Never Learn..

Ponytail to make Sekijou pass out from nasal blood loss.

I also miss the first three chapters.

If true, then this means the new chapter will have Rizu being cute and Mizuki actually appearing in the main story again. Sounds good.
Nariyuki and Rizu were alright. Fumino's voice was the only one that sounded bad to me.

What plot?

I started reading Nisekoi since I like BokuBen which I guess is kind of like Jump's spiritual successor to Nisekoi, but it just doesn't have the great ecchi content that BokuBen has like this.

I love this series but what plot?

>looks like a thong but it’s a normal pantylines
What’s even going on here

Booty game too strong

Has it been mentioned anywhere in the manga how old sensei is?

>I started reading Nisekoi
I'll save you some trouble then. Raku doesn't choose any of them.

Flat-mino is ugly

>missing plot
>posting girl without any ''plot''

Who would the least attractive girl actually be?


Hello ass twats. Volume 6 cover (sample)

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t. flatmino

volume 6 cover

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>no sensei
why even bother

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Go and face the rukia.

What's the point of Fumino wearing a towel? It's not like there's anything there


>Uruka washing Rizu's hair
Too cute.

Also do people with poor eyesight actually take their glasses to the baths?