Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

The series ended without any of them dying. Suck it darkfags.

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Anyone who seriously considered that possibility must have had their brains amputated at brith.

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Lads why is the ED so good

Happy memories and lovely voices.

Fug that's beautiful.

Yeah I think the ED is underrated to be honest. Tonally on-point with the whole show.

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No homo though.

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I want to protect those smiles at all costs.

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Hey user, I'm in too.

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Add it to the official contract.

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Got that dude covered plus my own signature.

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Megu is really pretty in that last shot.

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megu pls

Not leaving me outta this

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Do not bully me I tried my hardest for my girlfriend!

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Love you

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When the finale started with lighthearted daily life back at Showa, you just had to know it was going to start a slow drip of feels that would grow into a waterfall. This was the first thing that got me. Even in ep 12 Kimari was still a sweet and silly genki girl having fun on a trip with friends. Here there was a seriousness and conviction that we never saw from her before before. She went from "Thanks for bring me along" to "We are doing this again." She even had to make sure Miss Antarctica herself was serious enough. And then she was immediately and perfectly back to her usual self. But this face stuck with me.

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>Image size changes with every signature

I'm not signing the contract because I trust that you'll all remember me.

What do you expect from a bunch of dorks?

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What a beautiful ED, I didn't appreciate it until half of the season.

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I doubt Rin would want to join a contract with a bunch of dorks

>Not leaving a blank space for the next user
Do you even tomodachi?

These are the lyrics:

>We were searching for the exit to a long tunnel,
>Following the faint scent of the light.

>Even if we mess up, we can still smile!

>Let's start anew from here. I'll depart on this journey,
>Clutching my dirty, perfectly round marble.
>I'll surely find the words I couldn't say before.
>I don't mind if anyone makes fun of me. I'll just keep believing!

>Like a fish swimming barefoot, unbeknownst to anyone,
>We'll leave our scattered ambitions spread all over our desks.

>I hope this feeling of excitement never goes away!

>Let's start anew from here. Let's go see the world!
>Following the outcome of the dice we toss up to the sky.
>If even the flow of seasons continues to tomorrow,
>Don't stop until the time has come. Keep going like this forever!

>Slipping past the web of onlookers,
>Jump over the wall of our every day lives.
>Once we learn to love even the scars
>From each time we fell down.

>Let's start anew from here. I'll depart on this journey,
>Clutching my dirty, perfectly round marble.
>I'll surely find the words I couldn't say before.
>I don't mind if anyone makes fun of me. I'll just keep believing!

>Then I'll tell those words to you. Until that day,
>I wish you all the best!

They really scraped Google Images for reference huh

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>Rin-chan is a Sora Yori fan
Yuru Camp meets Sora Yori OVA confirmed.

Fucking hell, user, this song...

Of course. I believe in meme magic.

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h-how do you extend it?

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It's been too long since we've had an official crossover.

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What, did you think Megu went to the Arctic by herself?

Can you imagine the softness of hugging this pouting bundle? And the smell of probably higher-quality hair care products than the rest of the girls use

>Were asked one thing they wanted to do before leaving
>Remember the OP and that scene we haven't seen yet
>Get excited and think it's about to happen
>They play softball

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drawfag autism shoop but after the friendship contract all bets are off

i'm gonna regret posting this

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It's so good

you fuck
how dare you post this after i upload the drawfag shop
i'll end you

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I miss it already

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Yes sorry my friend, it couldn't be helped!

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I'm so glad that this boring shit is over.

These threads are always so goofy but so nice, I'm gonna miss them once they're completely gone.
I love you guys.

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woaw that looks incredibly ugly how did madhouse pull it off?

We'll always have a little Antarctica in our hearts user.

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He draw Kanae, it's OK, I approve.

This bullying has gone on for too long!

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Fixed. Please stop removing yunyun, the bullying has gone on long enough.

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Listening to it makes it all come rushing back.

I'm crying and I don't know why

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The girls are doing alright.

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Good. Don't let me down Japan.

I'm not a fan of short hair but I've gotta admit Shirase looks beautiful like this.

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Dear Lord...

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It's still long enough that it's feminine and doesn't completely ruin her character.

Give it five months and the girls will all forget about Yuzuki. Mark my words, she'll be a friendless loser once again.

Violent bitch.

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Yuzuki's ex-classmate pls.

Kimari is a sex goddess.

No joke, imagine how much fun it'd be exploiting her naive and adventurous nature to convince to her to try all sorts of kinky shit.

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Megu is a good friend

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It's kinda amazing
Not a few minutes ago I was angry, seething even. But after I saw this adorable face, my rage and concerns drifted away

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not mine
I wish I knew what those bonuses are

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finally got around to finishing it, great show

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What was your favorite moment?

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Those penguins seem pretty chill

Not that user, but has anybody mentioned how incredibly touching it was that Shirase passed Takako's laptop onto Gin, thereby giving Gin access to all of her emotions and memories that she went through over their three years of estrangement?

Also, the final inbox count according to this scene was 1483. Significantly above 1 message per day. Shirase ;_;

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I love that pengins don't really fear humans and just chill around the station
Imagine having these adorable creatures waddling around your workplace


So close to 1488 tho..

That's great. Kill yourself.

Dr Gin..

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>Also, the final inbox count according to this scene was 1483. Significantly above 1 message per day. Shirase ;_;

Complete soundtrack is out.
51:17 This one is fucking magical.

n e a t

Uh, you don't get to bring pengins.

I want to get a Shirase cardboard standee and put in the penguin exhibit at my local zoo

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Its not too late to sign is it?

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Exactly, she needs someone experienced in winter camping.
It all makes sense.

They smell like shit, though.

Sea iguanas in the Galapagos are just as chill, far less smelly, and look cool as fuck.

And if you still need a pengin fix, they have those too.

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>penguin note

Likely because the penguins in antarctica have never evolved with an instinct to fear and avoid human hunters being passed from generation to generation. Most other animals that actually live near humans try to stay away from us because their ancestors were hunted by us.

She's not gonna read them, she perfectly understand the emotional bond formed by these emails between Shirase and her mother. I bet that sending that final email was the last thing she's gonna do with that laptop, she's gonna turn it off for good and keep it as a treasure for the rest of her life.