Who has gendo fucked? Did he ever fuck misato?

Who has gendo fucked? Did he ever fuck misato?

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Nobody, which is perfectly ok for a 14 yo boy.

You are thinking of shinji.

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Rumor has it that he had SEX with Shinji's MOM but I'm not sure. Idea seems a little too far fetched imo

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Whats with the sudden surge of EVA threads.

fuck I can't read, rape my face senpai

Gendo has fucked pretty much every girl working at Nerv except Rei

Fucking bullshit fan-theory for fags trying to read way too much into it. Is there a single scene where it is even insinuated that Gendo fucked Yui?

>except Rei
Didn't he have like a vat of reis in his secret underground laboratory?

They're used as backups, not for sex.

>Who has gendo fucked?
Literally every single woman in this series
>Did he ever fuck misato?

He probably once tried to see if he could stick it in Eva-01.

Doesn't Misato imply she's only fucked Kaji with the cig thing?

Toji's sister?

Do you REALLY think that unit 01 was the one who hurt her, even after every single citizen been evacuated?

he will in 4.0 once he realizes that she grew up to be a hottie with a body

every woman in the show ritsuko's age and older

Is that even going to come out?

Also Kaji and Kaworu

Some guy in another thread posted a tweet confirming that they are currently in the editing stage of production.

So we're probably 2 more Anno's depressions and 5 years away from it releasing.

According to a news article, doing Shin Goji "Reignited his love for film making" so that's probably the only reason it's currently being made.

That doujin about that pic was pretty good.

3.0+1.0 is supposed to come out any second now...
>somewhere between march and april
are you ready?

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Backups for sex


>implying he didn't swim in that pool on a regular basis

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>except Rei


>that's not LCL they're swimming in

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How do they all have that same hair-cut?
Do they get someone to go into the tank and take care of that?

He had fuyutsuki do it. I bet he tried to molest one on multiple occasions. He never got laid. Couldn't gendo just give him one? I mean they are all made using jap tax dollars anyway.

Is her hair blue but the LCL makes it look red? Is it red but it turns blue after they take her out of it?

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I'm inclined to say its just the LCL and stylistic lighting effect.

>tfw no tube-grown wife-daughters

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>what is color
>what is albedo
>what is (ambient, specular, diffuse) light
magic, I tell you

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You must be right.

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Misato fucked half of NERV, so probably.

Does that include Pen Pen?

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Especially Pen Pen, why the heck would she keep him around otherwise?

Misato makes my pp feel good.


Especially Pen-Pen
She keeps him there for a reason.

No wonder how she got that promotion.

Those fat otaku hikikomori hipster NEET trolls behind those SEELE computer screens took advantage of that situation for sure and gave it.

It gets delayed by one week every time you do it anons.

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I thought he just liked it there because it smelled like fish.

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