Sup Forums what is your opinion on the Watamote manga?

Sup Forums what is your opinion on the Watamote manga?

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Better than the anime.

One of my favorites.

It was great then it started getting old but was still decent then it was great again but now it's stale.

How so?

I miss her old, extreme expressions. I know they are trying to show development of Tomoko's character and all, but now she has a posse of friends surrounding her all the time, all of them find her endearing for one reason or another, and her antics don't end in some strange cringe inducing spectacle anymore. I'm going to see this story all the way through, but its lost its charm for me...

I say all of this, but secretly I am happy for her. I was always rooting for her to finally make friends and possibly experience love. She deserves to feel loved.

And going beyond that, perhaps the series is going to pick up again once a love interest is introduced. Someone that makes her lose it in super anxiety mode all over again. That would be fun!

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When would you say that happened?

Don’t know, but I’d probably date this pitiful board of a girl

I see, I just bought volume one the manga, it's gonna be the first manga I ever purchase.

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It would've been a lot better if things kept getting worse for her, like a "torture of the day" type of thing. Having a bright side to the story makes it dull and predictable.

>when you're from the r9k board, and you're returning home to seek shelter from the outside world.

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Is she lusting after something?

That's her either finding something funny or trying to look cute.

I was able to relate in the beginning, but then she started getting friends and lesbian love interests, while I still remained a loser, so it kinda lost its charm.

An example of the weakest creatures to have ever walked the Earth, or maybe they crawl?

When this became a yuri manga?

That's one of the criticisms of the fanbase. However coming from the r9k board I know how having someone suffer like you makes you feel less alone in this world, even if it is a fictional character. Despite all of this I do want Tomoko to be happy. The only difference Tomoko and I is that Tomoko actually desires socialization. Denying Tomoko of the happiness she wants at the cost of my hermit identity makes me feel dirty.

The writer took the wrong lessons away from the kyoto arc.

I wanted cute loner adventures not a /u/ harem

Projecting much? Most don’t have it that bad. I always disliked Watamote, since while I was awkward, I’m no autist. Hyper focusing on everyone’s expressions is a different kind of annoyance.

It needs more of this!!!

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>I did it. Now what next?

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Dress them up like rednecks.

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Became so good that I stopped reading it,

>Disgusting Trash

so you agree with the idea?

I thought trash was everywhere in this section of the omniverse?

reminds me of a quality hentai

I want to pat her greasy haired head

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