What stoping him from leaving a clone and hanging around with his family for like an hour...

What stoping him from leaving a clone and hanging around with his family for like an hour? One Naruto Clone is already stronger than most Jonin in the village.

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What's stopping Sasuke to use Gakido and win literally every fight ever

muh plot

When he gets tired and passes out at his desk the clone disappears.

Either because he does not have an opening to use it, or he does not know how

He used it ONCE against naruto

Why did they make Himawari's VA sound like an old lady pretending to be a kid? Is it keikaku?

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Is he a respectable dad?

Not really respectable at all

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What's keeping him from bailing his job and spending all his free time railing his hot wife?

When you start reading between the lines, this entire show is a yaoi fanfic.

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Hayami Saori is shit and doesn't fit the role at all. If they want an overrated VA at least pick Inori Minase or Aoi Yuuki

Kill yourself.

You first

What did he see Sup Forums?

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The future we chose

Why doesn't Naruto just stop using shinobi when he can just use his clones since he's essentially a god?

He got nerfed since he became hokage. The work makes him fall asleep which dispels the clones.

Obviously not his death lmao.

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>Naruto shows up to meet Sasuke IN PERSON while he leaves a SHADOW CLONE in the office.

>Naruto doesn't show up at Boruto's birthday party, clone or not.

>Naruto's clone shows up to Hima-chan's birthday party, but he cancels the jutsu just as he drops her birthday cake on the floor..

Naruto loves Sasuke more than his own family. That's pathetic.

People can tell the difference

Forced drama

Remember this is Naruto the guy who was screaming for 700 chapters that he will be hokage. He simply takes his job too serious.

I'm under the impression that at any given time there are multiple Nuruto clones around the world doing ops. It would at least explain why the god-king of ninja is looking anemic

Forced drama, it doesn't make sense because SP can't write with any depth or subtlety. There is no way to justify what adult Naruto is doing, because SP haven't bothered to write a reasonable excuse for his behaviour.

Because the plot doesn't require it.

These ladies need to put on some fucking pants.

>both his parents looked young despite their age
>naruto looks like an old man in his 30's
what the fuck

Being the savior of the world is a lot of work dude.

Forced Drama.
Also, leaving a clone to do important jobs is a bad idea.
If anything, the most sensate and simple thing to do would be to cancel any appointments he has in order to celebrate important dates with his family.

Because the new writer is a hack. Did you not see Hinata's breasts disappear out of thin air?

You mean disappear into thin air. Things disappear into thin air and appear out of this air

shikamaru. shikamaru makes sure the real one is always doing hokage business and even makes sure clones aren't "wasting time" with nonsense like playing with his son.

remember what happened when pain tried it?