Imagine if Junko wasn't a kind girl. Tokiwadai would be a very different place.

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Reposting what user said in the last thread.

With Index VO released, the new Mediamix information section lists Index & Kamachi Kazuma Information separately. We will also be getting an NT SS with the theme of Birthday given that it's Dengeki Bunko Magazine's Tenth Anniversary.
Latest MediaMix Information!
Dengeki Bunko Magazine Anniversary Celebration Project Part 1!
>『新約 とある魔術の禁書目録』  鎌池和馬/はいむらきよたか

Should be getting info on Index III now. With staff confirmations and such.

Did her arm broke?

>got caught watching Raildex and Fate porn by family
I am going to die from this shame. I think my nofap has gotten a lot easier now

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>Fate porn
You should be ashamed.

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There’s a gif of your cute wife Index giving you a satisfying bj. You should respect her and use that.

I want to have a threesome with Touma and Othinus

I'm so goddamn sorry guys, I think this here's going to be the end of me for a few days. I'm going to take a break from this place and recollect my thoughts

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>little girl farm
>literally has all the prospective Level 5 girls or copies them (Dolly)
>except Mugino
What did they mean by this?

>he wants to slam Othinus with Kami

With as much attention as he gives Mikoto and Misaki I think you’d be the one getting double teamed here.

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By the way, it seems that Dengeki will no longer delay their digital versions, and now they will be released the same day as the physical version.


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Could've been worse. Could've been a nazi girls folder. That would be much harder to explain.

>I think you’d be the one getting double teamed here.
I'm perfectly fine with that as well. Double teaming Touma is also a good option.

I want to be a shota strong enough to overpower and molest Awaki.

she's small time

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Good job.

Hahaha jobbing even while trying to fap

>that twist
Astral Buddy has gotten pretty interesting in a shorter amount of time than these series usually take.

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Wake me up when Junko literally rips Mugino limb by limb

Mitsuari was pretty cute, why did she turn into such a bitch?

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That Mugino is a hag. Kamachi has said this so many times, I don’t see how you don’t get it.

>There is at least one person surprised by Astral Buddy.
Well, I guess with people like Kakineanon in the fandom, it should be expected.

It great having something to talk about.

Also do you think what happen to Mitsuari Ayu, is what making Yumiya Iruka take the actions she taking in the Astral Buddy?

Also we may find out Astral Buddy real identity by next chapter that is really fast.

At least we still have Index.

The real question is does her real identity remember anything well she is in Ghost Form?


Well, young Mugino like young Misaka was probably already a Level 5 or something. Every girl here seems to be candidates and such. Which means young Awaki fucking where?

Because they chance Misaki over her for making a LVL 5 and Touma fail to save her.

Index will kill a magic god before the end of the series.

Fuck off MP.

I mean chose.

>"Ghost-chan, don't you remember that Junko loves you as a friend?"
>"I'm sorry, but what's a Junko?"

Seems to me this facility just creates nasty ass bitches no matter what.

At this point at least we now know that Astral Buudy seen to be some kind of Esper power. The question is, it a Gemstone power or not?

Both seemed to have taken the truth about level 5 development hard, but unlike Mitsuari who was operating on hatred and jealousy it seems like Iruka is motivated by her admiration for Junko.

Is there any guide to the mobage?

That pretty common in AC. It rarer to see a facility in AC that does not do that.mess peop

>yfw its another aggregation of AIM dispersion fields

This also sum up Touma and Misaki relationship too.

Honestly how have you still not figured it out?

>Dengeki will no longer delay their digital versions
>seem they cheaper too, 7 buck.
>no more shitty illustation and spoiler
>js06 doesn't need to wait her copies
hope they release Horizon like Kamachi.

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>everyone involved with Misaki ends up with memory fuckery

Imagine how sweet things would be if only MP got caught masturbating to Touma and had to leave Raildex threads.
Even if it's just for a week.

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Kamisato is still the only person with a Ghost in his harem in Index.

Read up more on AIM. I’m pretty sure this is the work of the sixth level five.

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Imagine how sweet it would be if instead of practicing fake news magic Estelle got a job and saved up money to have that mole surgically removed?

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Have I wandered into the future where studios make their own h-ovas?

Anal play does nothing for me.

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>Rakko is the older sister

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So do you think Iruka's friend willbackstab her at some point?

It just seen like her goal is different form Iruka's goal.

What's your problem with moles? Did they hurt someone you love?

But js06 likes to collect

She doesn't seem like the type to think about elaborate plans and betrayal. If anything Iruka will be the one to turn on her and whoever she works for.

It’s a blemish. Obviously it’s not unreasonable to have a problem with it.

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>the date with Index one-shot wasn't translated
All right, I'm willing to throw away money for translations. Anyone know translators I can commission for this?

It's not, it looks cute on Estelle.

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No I think Iruka's friend is smarter. She notice something was up when they went to see Misaki.

Dude, not even Idol Accel was translated by js06. Give it time.

It is likely that spats is working for someone else (maybe Kuriba?) with all the Indian Poker cards she somehow has in her possession.

Spats doesn't care about anything but fighting and doing her job. If Iruka didn't order a tactical retreat she would have tried to fight Junko until one dropped dead.

Tokiwadai girls are nuts.

Not enough dick in their systems

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I'm tempted to just throw money at translations for the Virtual-On manga.


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one-shot? doujin? where?

What the fuck

It definitely accentuates her jewishness.

>Kakine keeps jobbing to his family (and himself)

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Fascinating. Please tell me more.

Yes, we remember her now. You don't need to keep posting this all the time.

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When she’s finally revealed I want the flashbacks to be so intense you have a seizure.

Dengeki has their own store though? They don't use Bookwalker.


Yikes MP, I know Janie's important to you or whatever but I don't think I deserve a seizure over not believing your crack theories.

Just being overly dramatic but still it’s going be a bad time for you guys.

Although I’m pretty sure sisters fans will accept Janie pretty quick.

Well obviously people wouldn't react very well to Janie being revealed as the #6. She'd have to appear out of nowhere in the novels and make enough of an impression to even sell the prospect of her being an actually important character. Not to mention the fact that you of all people is pushing this has likely made most threadgoers despise her a little more

I feel bad for Febri, poor girl had no chance she will always be the inferior twin.

She’s going to leave a huge impression if my theory is correct and will ultimately lead to Aleister turning to Mikoto becoming the first level six to complete his plan.

>14 years old
>About average height for an adult woman

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Ultimately this will lead Kamijou to turn against Aleister and fight for himself instead of others which will help his character.

That only proves that women are inferior and worthless.

Just like Misaki, Saten and over 500 other girls at this point. I guess Kamachi doesn't go out often and doesn't know what the average height of a japanese woman is.

She's going to grow up and have mental problems, as well as a lot of jealous hate for her sister. We might even hear about her committing a murder suicide on Janie one day in the future.

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Uhhh that came kinda out of nowhere

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More Mikoto when?

Not to mention the kanji for Etsu means child/joy and also refers to a legend about twins.

Can you read japanese?

We don’t even know her ability yet. We do that somehow her ability is connected to Janie somehow as she could sense whenever Aim Diffusion Ghost was being used*

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No but I did a lot of research into the name. Also knowing the language means little because even English speakers have little idea what their own name means a lot of the time.

100% Junko when?

Pretty sure that she was only made as a spare for Febri. After all, Janie was only made to show off STUDY's skills at making powerful lolis. There wouldn't be any point wasting time and money giving Febri any significant powers when the main product is already so powerful.

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