One Piece Cover
Dr Stone
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Black Clover
We Never Learn
Jujutsu Kaisen
Food Wars Color
Noah's Notes
Hunter X Hiatus
Hinomaru Zumo
Robot X Laserbeam
Ghost tits
Act Age

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jump super push

RIP Act Age.

>5. Black cover
>10. BokunoHero

>Act Age third to last
pls no

Actually second, Tomatoy is a gag-manga.

RIP ActAge

muh super jump push or something who gives a fuck

Dr. Stone? More like Dr. Stronke

This is why these threads are shitshows

how are the sales of robot x laserbeam tanks? I am shocked at how low it has consistently been.

85k if I remember correctly. It sells better than Dr. Stone.

It started strong, but it stagnated and it's selling less than Stone and Bokuben.

Who do I believe?

Is Noah's Notes ranked or is it next week? Either way it's decently scored. Hopefully nips will have great taste so that the manga won't get axed.

WNL not color?

>mfw I enjoy both
It's probably because BC's current arc is in defcon5 alert while hero aca is currently doing a light hearted school festival with a youtuber villain

I miss Based Middleman

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From last thread
>BokuBen: 83197 3rd week
>Robot: 78912 3rd week
>Stone: 76622 3rd week

Rankings start at a series' 8th chapter.

NN is only at 4.

Soma and Robot have color pages.

Promised PUSHland
Kimetsu no PUSH
PUSH Clover
We Never PUSH

Fuck off.

ok buddy stay angry

>muh push
BnHAfag is really the worst.

>BC 4, HeroAca 8
newfags need to lurk 2 years before posting, also falseflaggers should never post

Actually its 7th since We Never Learn has a color page. Once again Jump's two top sellers are in the middle of the rankings

>Everyone calling push is a bnhafag!
Every week

1. Dr Stone
2. Neverland
3. Kimetsu no Yaiba
4. Black Clover
5. Bokuben
6. Gintama
7. Haikyu
8. My Hero Academia (OH NONONONO)
9. Hiatus x Hiatus
10. Hinomaru
11. R x L
12. Yuna
13. Act Age
14. Bozobeats

Not listed: One Piece (CP), Soma (CP), Jujutsu, Noah's Notes, Ziga, World Trigger

>Act Age
RIP. You won't be missed

>not the PUSHed Neverland
you had one job, assblast-kun


When making TOC threads could you at least refer Soma as "Shokugeki" please and not Food Wars. Thank you.

They are literally not hiding it anymore

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I will never not be amused at how butt blasted MHA makes you

Robot and Bokuben have a CP.

Because every shitposter in toc thread are bnhafag

There's literally no point to these threads anymore

You demonstrated that very well, indeed


>Dr Stone
It's only there because of the editor-in-chief, if it depended on sales or popularity, it would have already been canceled.
It has already had so much advertising that the only famous person left to promote the series is Shinzo Abe.
>Kimetsu no Yaiba
Togashi tried to help, Fate-guy tried to help, but in the end, Bleach at the bottom was still selling more.
>Black Clover
The new editor-in-chief wanted it to be the new Naruto, but the sales say it's, at best, the new Toriko.
>We Never Learn
As no famous has recommended the series, the author is using his little daughter in the comment session to manipulate the readers, and the editor-in-chief is helping with high positions.

Mhu your manga is shit will axed soon my manga is superior strong rank

But where else will we shitpost endlessly about BnHA and BC?

Why can't people just accept that BnHA is the new Bleach, and just isn't as good as it used to be?

Careful you’re going to be called a mhafag

Based retard did it again

You are not fooling anyone BnHAfag.

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>It has already had so much advertising that the only famous person left to promote the series is Shinzo Abe.

>"You like Emma, don't you? Your child can be just as cute and adorable! Go have kids."

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Because it's the new Reborn! and is still not that shitty yet

>and just isn't as good as it used to be?
This. My Hero reached it's peak during the All Might vs. AFO battle. Afterwards the manga dipped in quality.

Because its still not axed we want its axed from shonen jump for better future

Actually after a bit more thought, BC fits the bill more with its crazy “twist”. It had Yami suspecting William as Licht, Will denying it THEN he’s actually Licht all along

Bokuben is not color page?


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Apparently not?

BnHAfag in nutshell

ATTENTION. Bokuben will be getting a color page this issue alongside Soma, One Piece and RxL.

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people are really trying hard for this jump push meme

>8. My Hero Academia
RIP Thread

The last toc thread said that WNL will have a color page.


Because its the new big 3 the pillar of shonen jump user

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>the author is using his little daughter in the comment session to manipulate the readers
And it's working.
Based RL Nariyuki.

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I thought Deku vs Bakugo 2.0 was cool, I'm also enjoying the current La Brava stuff a lot
it's not too serious and not too goofy, just the right amount of cheese

TPN has stopped being good since they escaped.

Mamamamamamamdaaaaaaaaaaaaa watch my anime user

I'm happy to know some things will remain constant.

>Why can't people just accept that BnHA is the new Bleach
It is. It even has the same delusional fanbase like the Bleach fanbase that think anything post Soul Society is good.

>We Never Learn
>As no famous has recommended the series, the author is using his little daughter in the comment session to manipulate the readers, and the editor-in-chief is helping with high positions.

It's not a meme, it's a real thing.

Big difference is Hori doesn't hate his manga.

Its meme its fake you fuck bnhafag

Its a meme
also is not me

Big 3? Its like big one user

Pure Ranking

01 Dr Stone ch.045
02 Asspulland ch.073
03 Kimetsu no Yaiba ch.097
04 Black Clover ch.144
05 Gintama ch.670
06 Haikyu ch.289
07 Capeshit ch.169
08 Hunter X Hiatus ch.373
09 Hinomaru Zumo ch.180
10 Ghost tits ch.098
11 Act Age ch.004
12 Boze ch.005

This. That arc was phenomenal but now that kind of quality is gone. For some reason humans are overpowering demons and no one dies. Essentially everyone has plot armor which takes away the tension. I'm not into edge but it makes no sense for zero human deaths when there are demons everywhere. TPN just became an overrated series sadly.

92499 2080350 One Piece
22143 *274065 Dragon Ball Super
18613 *244635 Black Clover
14588 *178658 Gintama
12123 *540754 MHA
11667 *939928 Hunter X Hunter

Funny that MHA continues to sell at a rate higher than those ahead of it. Like its trying to say that the ToC doesn't matter.

Neither does Kubo. His health was fucked for like the last three years and he still pushed on. Even had to get surgery after finishing his series since his shoulder was all torn up.

EiC wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore was he

>07 Capeshit ch.169
Hahahaha axed soon

>Neither does Kubo.
Good joke.
April's fools amirite?

>It continues
RIP thread

>This is the excuse Bleachfags still uses for the shittyass final arc and ending

kek that's one way to call it

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That fake dont bealive bnhafag lies

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

True. I'm only reading it for Emma being a genocidal cutie.

>05 Gintama ch.670
So the first Gintama timeskip chapter is slightly higher than usual. Looks like the Kondo/Tae bait-and-switch didn't really affect the ranking that much.

people who are laughing at the position of mha and saying that the series deserves this position, do you think that series like bc, tpn and stone deserve top positions?

because I never see you complaining about it.

they tried to make somewhat battle manga is hilarious, couldn't give a shit any of new character in current arc

I don't think MHA deserves to be as low as it is

Nay, as some user said ... its the new Reborn down to its fujo fanbase, it will never go as high as Bleach did.

>939928 Hunter X Hunter
out of the rankings without achieve 1 million kek

For me it is the exact opposite I like the school event thing, but don't care at all about the la brava gentle thing.
They are not serious enough to get me engaged, but not goofy enough to make them funny to me.

Which BNHA chapter is ranked? 170 or 169?

Because MHA garbage manga

Final arc had good moments, and there's literally nothing wrong with the two final chapters except for the missing characters. Unless you were camping for a different pairing. Of course Kubo should have wrapped various plot points and given us a good final fight, but to say he hates his manga is ridiculous.

The jiro chapter I think where they decide what they wanna do.