Would he have reached Super Saiyan Blue along with Goku like Vegeta did?

Would he have reached Super Saiyan Blue along with Goku like Vegeta did?

What about Ultra Instinct?

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If Goku didn't Radditz killed through self-sacrifice, it would have gone one of two ways for the character.
> Raddiitz kills Piccolo and brings Goku back to Frieza as a trophy.
>Radditz is promoted and Vegeta now has a small rivalry with Radditz
>They find mutual respect for eachother and try to overthrow Frieza
>Radditz becomes super saiyan instead of Goku to either kill or defeat Frieza
>Radditz finishes beating the shit out of Piccolo and Goku
>Gets the ok from Frieza to watch over Earth
>Becomes its new ruler for a while
>Goku and friends start a rebellion
>Either get jobbed by Radditz and his army or kill him as a group

I don't know what else would make sense or be interesting to watch.

I could see Raditz becoming Super Saiyan Blue too.

Ultra Instinct? No.

>Piccolo kills Raditz and Goku
>Goku in underworld realizes they need Raditz to fight Vegeta Nappa and he goes to Yenma to get him back
>Goku and Raditz train with King Kai and are both Resurrected
>To Kaioken users vs Vegeta and Nappa

Should have gone this way

here's your answer

>Goku is battered
>Raditz about to kill Vegeta instead of Krillin
>Goku begs him to let him go because hes a saiyan like them and he wants a good fight
>Vegeta becomes an ally, and has to work twice as hard to keep up with Goku and Raditz

Nope. He was ruined as soon as the saibamen were introduced.

Radits was weak by saiyan standards, so no.

It always seemed to me that raditz had more potential to goku. I bet he never trained too much, yet he was much more powerful than goku that trained all his life.

Saiyans don't train much

Raditz was a lowclass shit saiyan, the saibamen were stronger = even YAMCHA can BEAT Raditz

why did he die again? was it autism?

they don't need Raditz though and Raditz wouldn't help so I dunno where you're going with this

Vegeta was several orders of magnitude stronger than Goku and he also never trained much and he could still never surpass Goku

goku was weaker than raditz and the are from the same bloodline, had the two of them trained against each over for years who knows how strong they could have been.

Could Nappa become super saiyan without hair?

>vegeta never trained
>literally spent his childhood training in special facilities until his planet was destroyed then spent his teens traveling across worlds murdering aliens for a living

He didn't murder them, he ate them.

Radditz was fairly strong, and he was quite skilled. To beat radditz with brute strength you would need at leat 2k power.

Not sure about being skilled or fairly strong. But he was intelligent and had technique, he wasn't just raw strength, it was polished.

Why didn't we ever see more of him?

Radditz, nappa, and vegeta were all stunted in PL while working under frieza because they kept winning. Saiyans don't gain power from beating on weaklings. The moment the saiyan trio faced any amount of resistance, Radditz flew off to get goku. A round trip that would have taken at least 22 months (unless they left the planet to conquer another while waiting for radditz to bring backup, then it could have been less, but likely still a year round trip)
That's another reason for stunted growth. For a year, vegeta was in a fucking space ship. No fighting. Friezas business model extremely limited the saiyans ability to train.
So, had radditz been turned z fighter, he likely would have made pretty big gains pretty quickly, like vegeta on namek, and been a match for nappa.
Had vegeta seen radditz grew that strong, that fast, i think he would have called off the attack, and demanded to learn the secret to radditz powering up, so they could kill frieza.
So no piccolo death, but no kaioken goku, but everyone being alive and going to namek to stop frieza from collecting their dragon balls means a lot of shit would go down differently.
In all likelihood, the ginyu force would never arrive and the dragon would be summoned by goku and the gang to prevent frieza from getting wishes.
The real question is, would frieza nuke the planet from orbit, or wait for the dragon balls to reactivate.

Not canon.

The Toriyama Manga never shows young Vegeta.

The Super Anime is canon and shows young vegeta, but doesnt show him training.

Like Frieza, Vegeta most likely never trained because he was a high class warrior and the prince

We did in some cameos later in the series.
But i think the main reason was toriyama originally wanted goku to be the last saiyan. At the time he made radditz, nappa, and vegeta, all three were going to be killed off.
That's also why vegeta became much less of a crazed monster in the cell saga

Jacos dragon ball minus shows kid radditz and kid vegeta taking down a planet

No, Raditz was always just kind of a stupid thug that relied on his relatively high power level to push around people weaker than he is. When he's truly cornered the best he can do is lie and cower to try to weasel out of it. There's no sense of pride like Vegeta or pure, unfiltered autism for fighting like Goku; while he might be physically capable of it, he doesn't have the insane drive necessary to push himself to the heights they attained.

Not sure how you garnered all that information from the 3 or 4 episodes he was in

That doesnt mean training, that just means they took a weak planet down.

What was unique about Raditz among the saiyans though, was that he was a survivor type, you don't see the others pulling the kind of tricks he did. And while you may say that would hinder growth, there are also circumstances where it would lead to a lot of growth, Namek for example could have been a great boon for him had he survived to it, he would have thrived doing the same kind of things as Vegeta did there, assuming he got enough of an initial power bump

Yeah, well I'm not sure how people are imagining him completely breaking what little character we're shown to try and stay on par with Goku and Vegeta, either.

if Raditz would join the guys on DBZ he wouldve been their saiyan-yamcha or the yamchyan.
but i guess if they revived him on super, with super's stupid power scale, progress and shit he wouldve become at least SSJ3 because he felt that tingly felling in his back -_-
thats stupid, i mean, goku saw how frieza blows up his best friend kenny and vegeta threw himself on a fucking moon during an asteriod shower in order to achieve that transformation

he was many times stronger than goku

Yeah and guess what? So was Goku

I don't see how what you mentioned changes either of the scenarios I described. Raditz is a brute like you said, why WOULDN'T he do something like try and garner respect or control earth if he had the opportunity to do so? He's not political or sociable, he would either control through force or weasel his way up the totem pole until he found a way to brute force his way to leader.
I like the idea of Raditz and Goku fighting together but I doubt Raditz would assist with fighting other saiyans, Goku seemed to be a special case for him. He also no doubt would betray Goku if he did go along with resurrection and training just because he wants to kill Goku so badly.

I thought he trained in Bardock Father of Goku.

Raditz was probably stronger because he was older and had more experience getting beatings on other planets.

>many times
uh no
1200 is not MANY times of 900 it's not even double

It really seems like the idea of constantly training to improve was an alien concept to the saiyans as a whole.

>> Raddiitz kills Piccolo and brings Goku back to Frieza as a trophy.
>>Radditz is promoted and Vegeta now has a small rivalry with Radditz
Why the hell would Frieza give a shit about some random monkey that couldn't even defeat a guy so weak he that he's on the level of insta-grown microwave dinner warriors?

It legit was, low class saiyans were taught to know their place and not bother if I remember correctly.

This is probably giving Toriyama too much credit but I could legit imagine Frieza being somewhat aware of this and deliberately forcing that mentality on the Saiyans.

What if Turles lived? Would he have kept powering up with the fruit? How fast would he have reached SSB?

To be fair, training only gave results for the Z fighters thanks to plot. Everyone else got cucked.

Just look at Nail. He started out super strong. Highly unlikely he got any training done since they're in a peaceful planet and he always has to constantly tend to Guru. No amount of training Piccolo did would have let him catch up to Nail.

Remember how Kami and Piccolo only entertained the possibility of fusing and obtaining power beyond that of a Super Saiyan to protect the planet the second time the planet was in danger.

As far as the retarded S cell shit goes, the general idea is that you can't really develop into a super saiyan without also leveraging a somewhat peaceful lifestyle against a lot of battle experience. Vegeta trained his ass off, way past Goku, but took way more to clip into super saiyan because of all of his internal conflicts.

So I imagine the internal logic would be that Raditz wouldn't be able to advance very far unless he also calmed the fuck down and became a more balanced person, in addition to being a fighter. He always struck me as being more of a conniver than a brawler - someone who was born a weakling, believed he was a weakling, and survived by only fighting when he knew he could win. A typical lower class. So I imagine he'd also have trouble gaining huge power increases unless he embraced losing battles like his brother did. Goku's main advantage was that he's fucking stupid and was raised on a planet of weaklings that could serve as XP fodder.

Super has retconned this. You now just need to be angry and have a tingly back. There’s no magic in SS anymore.

we literally never found out in Canon how Vegeta became SSJ

the reason why SSJ was rare before is more due to Saiyan Culture being retarded

I can tell you don't actually even watch Super.

is there a youtube video for each dragon ball related question

when kid trunks achieved SSJ so easily, vegeta was shocked and didnt believe that the transformation of the legendary warrior is so easy to achieve, stating that he went through hell to achieve that form