>Beerus never had a rematch against Goku/Vegeta in the anime
Post missed opportunities

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Goku and Vegeta are still vastly underpowered to have a fair fight against Beerus or Whis

SSGSSE and SSGSSKK will never show up in the manga.

I hope UI will at least be better explained in the manga.

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Wont be UI in manga. They are gonna win in SSB

>hugely hyped up new form won't be in the manga

They'd be idiots not to use UI.

>4 days later
>butthurt gokufags still shitting up threads
series is over, pacos

Reminder Faggot Black & Zamasu are weak jobbers. Just like Gohan.

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How would mastered UI Goku+Vegeta fair against them?

>Toriyama newest form for Goku
>not in the outline (aka in both versions)
You wish. You can't stop Angelku

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Goku alone is already stronger than GoDs
I'd love to see Blanku and Blancogeta fighting Whis tho

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Who is that twink in the back?

Whis would rape UI goku with his eyes closed and two hands tied behind his back.

>being this optimistic
I envy you, user.

I mean, their first match was in movie, it would make since if their last one was too.

Even if his UI was enough to beat him, couldn't he just reverse time and kick his ass before he got UI?

He doesn't need a rematch, he already won.
The fact that Vegeta managed to land a punch of Beerus means that Beerus couldn't see that coming or was too slow to dodge it, which means Vegeta is at the very least faster than Beerus

Beerus was completely humilliated at that moment, that's why he got so angry. It was a psychological victory for Vegeta

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To all the Pan lovers.

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gibe link

based Brojack.

that arm is not appealing

Idk what you hate about UI in the anime but manga SSG and manga SSB are way better than the anime versions, you should be hyped about manga saving UI (althought I think UI is already dope in the anime)

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What's the music that plays when Frieza's appears at the end of episode 131? Sounded dope but lasted 5 seconds

CHADjack cucking Jobhan just like Spopovich. Based.

Here the music at 1:39 youtube.com/watch?v=rW1dyRRaFVU

How did Gohan lose all his gains and go back to cuck mode in a single day?

He no-saled the hit anyways so why does it matter?

>dead show
>dead thread

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>posting edgelord fanfiction

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But is he Vegito blue tier?

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The recap version of Chala head Chala.

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Chadhan always wins baby!

ty senpai you da real lad althought I thought there were 2 different musics playing

>Why kind of faggot uses "edgelord". Are you an autistic 12 year old?

GT Pan faggot BTFO

do you think jiren can beat beerus?

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Bitch please.

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Who are you quoting, retard?

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>how GT should have ended
Seriously fuck Pan

No, Jobren is a cuck. CHADrus would just Hakai him.

>my dimwitted brother
>your power mirrors your mind, dull and weak

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Yeah, I feel like Whis would have made some comment poking fun at Beerus if Jiren was stronger.

Fuck off back to Sup Forums, you retarded Nazi faggot

These threads are on life support until the next manga chapter.

>he thinks the manga creates any discussion aside from manga vs anime shitposters

>Beerus is still vastly underpowered to have a fair fight against Jiren

I miss him

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I'm currently working on a fanfic (that will most likely be shit).

With me having moved Super to take place between the Baby and Super 17 arcs, this leaves ten years between Buu and EoZ, with some stories being movies 11-13, FighterZ (I like 21), and Shin Budokai taking place somewhere in there.

So, anons, give me shit to write for this gap besides that.

Pan is for ___

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Jiren > Belmont > Beerus


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this would be fucking kino, pure anger gohan could beat beerus tbqh famalam

Why would UI be enough? doesn't Whis already have UI on top of thousands of years of experience using it?


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>tfw no new episode of DBS this weekend
>tfw i'm gonna have to find something else to play drinking games with

i'm surprisingly bummed out about this.

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>cute thread

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Happy gang.

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The cutest and the happiest

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>cant even greentext
You have to go back

Toyocucks BTFO!!!!


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>tfw they came back
feels great.

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It's wonderful isn't it?

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Toyo's only good quality is polishing the dark turd that was the super anime. Toriyama as a mangaka was so amazing and it's something that really can't be replicated now a days.

Cabba's is like a catalyst for their power.

ui is part of tory outline, so are the finalists
so UI and goku/frieza/17 vs jiren is something that will not change

Who makes better battles than Toriyama?

Rewriting in whatever inevitable sequel/interquel series comes up to be a less shit character.

Toyotaco needs to work on his paneling and fight choreography primarily. While not necessarily bad, it has nothing on Toriyama in his prime. His best fight so far has been Completed SSB Goku vs Merged Zamasu, which was still not on prime Toriyama's level, and there is a glaring difference in quality between that and other fights he draws. His art is also not on point, since his characters feel too rigid, his "speed lines" are really badly done, and his attention to detail is lacking most of the time. His art seems very basic and static compared to Toriyama's

How does he compare to other guys like Mashima from Fairy Tail or Oda from One Piece

Do you love Whis

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None of them is really that good at drawing fights, but they make up for it in other areas (at least Oda does, Mashima only has boobs and butts).

Mate, Champa got SCARED when Hit and Goku gave him a stern look.

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It's a filler though. And few minutes later Champa was ready to massacre everyone in his team. Which was a filler too. I don't think it should be used for comparisons of any sort. By the way, this whole "pawns" motive was pretty dope, shame it (as a filler) had no rights to go anywhere.

You guys enjoying your dead threads?

i will

Yes, slow threads are best threads. (You) can leave now

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So this is teh power of Mexico

im a /who/re so im used to this

>So this is teh power of Mexico
>Brazilian flags

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This is the power of burger education

Another confusing thing is that how the hell Universe 7 ended up below Universe 6? Seriously!

They beat them at the tournament before. Champa(may peace be upon him) is admittedly weaker than Beerus.
Even Zeno sama was at the tournament and he saw what was going on.
Also Champa(may peace be upon him) seems much worse at his job then Beerus, he's too lazy to even destroy planets himself.

Is it beacuse Vados maybe stronger than Whis? Or Toiei fucked up as usual?
> I'd go with the Toiei version!

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i miss pikkon ;_;

Why do people think Goku's stupid? TFS memed up Goku's "stupidity" too hard. Just read some of the stuff he said throughout the series.

>[When Frieza kills Vegeta] Goodbye, Vegeta. You’re not as cold-hearted as you believed yourself to be. A heart of stone can’t shed tears like you did. You must have been holding them back your whole life. I’m the only one left. I think I understand you now. You weren’t grieving over your own death, or because our home planet was destroyed. You were grieving because he turned you into what he wanted you to be. You never had a chance to be anything else. Well I still respect you. I know you made a lot of mistakes, but now I see that it wasn’t all your fault. You had the fiery will of a Saiyan. Please share that with me now, ’cause I need it. Thank you for saving my son’s life and buying enough time for me to recuperate. I’ll do my best to carry out your wish. (to Frieza) It’s true. Vegeta’s right. You have no honor. For him. And for everyone else you’ve destroyed, I am going to finish you.

Is it because they're stupid and can't comprehend the 11D multiversal chess based Son kun is playing.

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>still 3 weeks until the next chapter is out
Jesus this hurts


> Super memed up Goku's
Fixed it for you, burger-kun. DBS made Goku, Vegeta and Bulma more into the archetypes they helped establish than their own characters.

Why is the shitposting and characterfaggotry here so much more intense and so much better than everywhere else on Sup Forums
It's in a class of its own

Everyone realized that the story for Super was dogshit and the only worthwhile things were the memes, but in order to truly shitpost they had to align themselves with a certain character. For example, when Ningenposting was big everyone posted Zamasu and the biggest characterfags were zamasufags.

Are we getting Kefla in the manga?

Does this mean Super Vegetto was already Blue level?

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In the manga SSB and SSG are close in strength, if SSG is supposed to be close to Vegetto's peak of power (at Buu arc) it's not surprissing that Kefla is god tier. Even if she can't go SS3 her SS2 is way stronger than a regular SS2 and Kale and Caulifla base forms are stronger than Goku and Vegeta's base forms at that time so Kefla's base is also stronger
SS Vegetto

The real question is if LSS will be in the manga too or not, also if it's in the manga will they actually explain it?

The garbage.

But more important than that, in the manga being tired means something and a bad usage of SSGSS is severely penalized, if Goku fights Kefla with a tired Blue he would be weaker than his SSG self at full power so Kefla would be a threat for him even if she's not god tier
Maybe Vegeta wil be too busy with Toppo while Goku fights Kefla, then after that fight Goku uses SSG again against Anilasa to conserve his stamina so he and Blue Vegeta can fight Jiren together without being affected by Blue's cooldown


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Does anyone have the final chart of the elimination order and score for the ToP?

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