Ancient Magus' Bride

Finally finished this show yesterday.

The first cour was absolutely fantastic, one of the best I've ever seen.
The second cour with the whole immortal shota jew overarching plot was much less stellar but still fine. With it wrapped, I would be glad to see a continuation.

What did you think, Sup Forums?
Also, what's the deal with the manga? Do I understand it right that the anime has an original ending as the story outpaced the manga? Was the author involved in writing the script?

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No one?

The ending of the second to last episode is where the manga is right now, so only the final episode is original. And even then, I doubt the manga is gonna differ much on that development, it did feel like the author was heavily involved. The story could go on where the anime left off, anyways.

The world was interesting but none of the characters were. I dropped it after Chise was impaled and just got up, because it didn't feel they were even pretending it mattered what happened to her at that point.
At least the backgrounds were pretty.

It was fucking terrible and I'm glad I dropped it, though I wish I hadn't picked it up in the first place.

Sup Forums doesn't watch shoujoshit.

It's a shame because this anime is actually about struggling with crippling autism.

I self insert as Elias and it made the experience much better

>What did you think, Sup Forums?
About the same, people enjoyed the first cour, the second one, they didn't.

First 6-8 episodes were good. Chise and Elias were exploring the world while doing missions and it was developing both their characters quite well. Then
>Elias throws a temper tantrum
>Chise tries to sacrifice her life for strangers
>everyone tells her to stop
>she says she won't anymore
>repeat x5 until the end
>also bad guy becomes friends with everyone in the end cliche
At first I was genuinely interested and watched each episode closely. Then I started reading threads on Sup Forums while it was playing in the background because its the same shit predictable and uninteresting shit with slivers of plot.

I thought it kidna sucked.

It was pretty bad. Felt like some 14-year-old girl fanfiction.

Chise really doesn't look or act like a 15-year-old.

Gee, it's almost as if Elias possessing an underdeveloped personality despite his ancient age and Chise's extreme stubbornness and kindness are major parts of their characters or something.
>bad guy becomes friends with everyone in the end
This is a blatant lie.

>sees and hears monsters everyday
>some rip, tear and eat humans or other magical beings
>some try to gnaw her limbs off
>both parents abandoned her
>one parent tried to kill her
>Chise really doesn't act like a 15-year-old
>comparing anime to reality
Connect the dots.

Okay, fine, but she doesn't look 15 either.
And not only her, every other young character in the show as well.
>Chise is 15, looks at least seventeen
>Alice is 18, looks at least 20+
>Stella is 10(!) looks at least 13
What the fuck?

There are 500 year old loli. Magic exists too. Why are you so caught up on this?

Because these three are supposed to eb (relatively) regular people with no age correction applied to them.
It just bothers me.

I was fine with it, the manga had been going this direction for while now. I always enjoyed the manga for the amazing art even when the story wasn't as steller during the Cartaphilus parts.
Overall, I hope the manga gets a more closed ending instead of the anime one, it felt a bit rushed.

I really hope the manga doesn't end here and we return to more episodic mini-arcs like it was at the beginning. There is still so much to do and explore, I don't want it to end.

Middle schoolers can grow beards, elementary schoolers can have full racks and some high schoolers look like they could be in their 30s. Genetics and outside factors (growth hormones, drugs, sunlight, disease, etc) can make people look younger/older than they are. Yet you are caught up on the same issues in an anime.

Chise isn't even human, she is a sleigh beggy.

It's had the feeling of wrapping up for a while. I would expect something similar to the anime ending soon.

I liked it because Chise's depression and autism made it easy to self insert.

Seeing Chise grown from a suicidal doll into a proactive albeit reckless character was very entertaining. I liked it.