Friendly reminder that best girls always have dark hair!

Friendly reminder that best girls always have dark hair!

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Thank you for reminding me that.

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It's not the hair color that matters, it's the glasses



Since when has blonde been dark hair?

it's both

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The lack of them

By Sxarp

Ummmmmmm, sweetie...

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Next Rize soon!

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Too damn true

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Competency and confidence make a girl best. These are all cute/sexy anime girls, so they all look good. If having one particular flavor of cute/sexy is enough to edge another girl out, then the characters are all probably shit anyways.

Motherfucker, you're right

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That's not twintail

I respect dark hair.

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Give me your Sup Forums login I need to DELETE this post.

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Both of them wear ponytail sometimes though. A Kirara character is not defined by their hairstyle.

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Often, not always.

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