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What was his name again?

The chads got 2000

Chimpanzee Cutlass

Slashing simian

Oh great... Here's a thread where a bunch of losers have a gaff at something they don't even find fuccny nor do they understand it. However, with their desire to escape reality they will pretend to understand their little fantasy land with their fantasy gorilla.

Some will see this post and get very enraged. However, when it is time for bed, tears will flow down their cheeks as the realization that they're kissless virgins appeara again. And of course they'll masturbate.

A fleeting source of pleasure for them. Pathetic just fucking pathetic

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Chopping Chimp

nigger you didn't even get 5s

Is that a big hole in his stomach? You don't see that every day. I mean, that doesn't really even seem possible if you think about it, with body organs and cartilage and bones. I mean, I'm no doctor, but that is like one clean hole!

It's the Guillotine Gorilla bro, of course there's a hole.

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Beheading Baboon


You know the rules.

Chimping Congoid


Tada Banri

When was the last time we had something of this level? Sup Forums doesn't have shitstorms much anymore.

>we'll never have a fun Sup Forums shitstorm like samflam again because populars shows are now only about shitposting and shitflinging
That sucks man.

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This anime is one of the few times I skipped the "Three episode rule" meme.

It's like a won the fucking lottery when this happened. I mostly stayed for Flamenco Sapphire.

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the three episode rule was invented after Puella Magi Madoka's own guillotine gorilla moment

>think shit is actually getting real
>it actually isn't
What a fucking disappointment of a show.