One Piece

Small summary:

Big Mom eats the cake, enjoys it.

She then attacks the thousand sunny, absolutely wrecks them.

Oven rounds up the Sun pirates with his ability

The last shot we see is the flag on the thousand sunny torn to up where they feel the true wrath of Big Mom. The Straw Hats are in shambles.

And the only other thing we got is the jump cover. Not the colorspread. Nigger Yonkou.

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Part of the spoiler is missing. After the page where Big Mom has all the Strawhats rounded up there is a double splash page showing a fleet of ships approaching. DOOM. Monet and Vergo are at the helm of the lead ship with CP0 all around. Rob Lucci is standing next to Stussy and says "it's time to extract Pudding." Vergo was a triple agent working for CP0 all along and Monet was his secretary.

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Memory manipulation obviously.

Zunesha's gonna show up and trunkslap Big Mom

you might be onto something

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>Torn up flag
Complete edgy bullshit. A Charlottefag would love it though.

if this is real Oda literally pulled a David Lynch on us

>David Lynch


Shit "plot twist". I cant wait to see idiots crying when this happens with Jinbe this time.

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Way to follow the Jump Enies Lobby model.

So Pudding is just messing with Big Mom's memories, right?


I honestly figured it would have always been that way. I mean, her devil fruit powers was kind of a huge big time foreshadow, especially since she never had a info card about her put together.

dont worry boys, its just Pudding. The strawhats are safe!!!!!!!

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I wish I had my own sentient cute fireball and cloud

Jinbe couldnt take that kind of damage Zoro is a God jimbe just a mere exshitshibukai..

Dont you dare compairing Godro to a shit like jimbei ever again.

I might just have to update my hack folder if this is legit man. What a shit show.

I'm a weak faggot and feeling genuine emotional distress over this.

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Please tell me this is an april fools joke

Hes a famous artist/director that always does the exact opposite of what everyone wants and expects

You figured her df ability would be used again given how powerful a memory fruit would be.


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Zoro couldn't even beat Carrot

Explains why I’ve never heard of him.

If true, what can luffy/jinbei/sanji POSSIBLY do.

After this arc sanji needs to be gutted by zoro and I say this as a sanjifag.

I want to ____ Carrot

It is

That sounds like something I would do or most shit I'd watch/read would do.

>BM falls asleep from cake
>Pudding alters her memories to that of having destroyed the SHs, allowing them flee

Sanji probably knows the plan too.

> A whole chapter wasted like that
Not happening homo.

Post yfw straw hats/fishmen got btfo

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Big mom doesn't really care about her kids does she? Everyone in the Charlotte family is actually scared of her because they know this, especially when she's in a state like she's in now.

if so oda deliberately tricked us on april fools


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It would be a worthless chapter but it's better than this shit actually happening.

Luffy will punch her REALLY hard


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this desu, yonkou is just trolling with us


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Sorry user. Its real and its not going away.


Imagine if the real chapter that they’re keeping a surprise is actually just as mediocre as usual. All this, for nothing.

Sorry user-Sama!!!

>BM falls asleep from cake
Then altering the memories is pointless because she's asleep which allows SH to get away without the need to alter memories.
>Pudding alters her memories to that of having destroyed the SHs, allowing them flee
Also pointless because the news of their escape would be shown like in 1-2 days. Also pointless because the civilians and soldiers know they escaped.

I can only pray you're wrong my dude.

Honestly I'm glad Luffy got his shit wrecked this time, did you guys notice how he didn't give a shit about Pekoms at all?

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>implying oda makes filler chapters



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If SH are captured by Big Mom, will Zeus save them?

Not true. Perospero lied to her that there was a cake on the thousand sunny.

She ate the cake on the island, then captured the sunny because it has another cake to eat.

I'm sorry YOJDfag, you were right all along

Is Oda even trying anymore?

It obviously is.

Not sure how that disproves what I said. The point is that the poster I responded to was wrong.

h-he'll be fine

So Big Mom destroys the Sunny as well? Not buying it.

This is wierd
If there is NO consequences, then the whole cake subplot is useless.
There's gotta be something more.
Though i do expect the sunny to gey demolished. It's about time for another ship.
Maybe it takes time to digest, and mom will fall asleep next chapter, allowing everyone to escape, and pudding erases the whole adventure from everyone's mind

It proves that there is still a reason for pudding to use her memory ability on Big Mom, since most of Big Mom’s kids don’t want to see their siblings getting killed by Big Mom.

is he death?? please tell me he dies... i hate that fat fuck even more than i hate Jobji.

Catering to Charlottefags produces objectively bad chapters. Who’d have thought?

This pleases the bunny, she offers to share her carrot with you.

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Big Mom believes that there is ANOTGER delicious cake on the thousand sunny still, even though she just ate one on an island, she was told there is one on that boat and she doesn’t know it’s a lie thus the boat is fine.

People are like "She'll enjoy it and faint."
Other people are like "Someone tampered with the cake. She is going to die."

No, Oda says FUCK Straw Hats and completely decimates the shit out of them. Hahahahaha! This arc is not going to end anytime soon!

Big Mom already jobbed to sanji, what we are seeing is pudding altering her memories

this would really set back the strawhats pretty hard cause BM pirates know SH abilities and everything but they would lose all knowledge of BM pirates and their abilities


Place your bets. Who's saving them boys?

>This arc is not going to end anytime soon!
This is delusional. It will end and if this is true then BM will be like Kuma and show up near the end of the arc like in TB.




But the post I responded to say Big Mom was asleep. Meaning that it's pointless in order to save the SH. Now if you want to say that there's meaning in altering the memory for Perosperos life, feel free to believe that. I won't argue against it because it makes sense. Pudding is his sister after all.

But it cant be for the sake of the SH because the act of falling asleep lets the SH get away regardless.

Luffy literally used up his life's supply of plot armour beating Katakuri and now he;s facing the repercussions

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>It's about time for another ship.
Odds of Oda ruining one of the SH's dreams like this: 0%
Maybe a major remodel is in store, but destroying the ship that Franky specifically made to sail around the whole world would be retarded.

Sogeking will return to rescue them

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Combination attack from the newlyweds Sanji and Pudding

Pudding just saved them through mindfuckery.

If Pudding saves them that also counts as Sanji because he made her switch sides.

An executive from Shueisha cancels the series and takes Oda’s pen from his hand.

Year of Sanji indeed

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>Sanjifags this desperate

I love Carrot too!

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he can just keep standing up against BM this time

>Strawhats get overwhelmed
>Suddenly Sun Pirates save Strawhats
>"You guys!"
>"Leave it to us!"
>Sun Pirates get overwhelmed
>Suddenly Caesar Clown saves the Sun Pirates
>"Leave it to me!"
>Caesar gets overwhelmed
>Suddenly Pudding saves Caesar
>"Leave it to me!"
>Pudding gets overwhelmed
>Suddenly the Strawhat Grand Fleet saves Pudding
>"You guys!"
>"Leave it to us!"
>The Grand Fleet gets overwhelmed
>Suddenly Shanks saves the Grand Fleet
>"Leave it to me!"
>Shanks gets overwhelmed
>Big Mom saves Shanks
>"Nani? You're supposed to be the bad guy here!"
>"I've forgiven you because the cake tasted so good!"
>Luffy finds the One Piece and becomes kaizoku oni orewa naru

Is this actually real? Because I am absolutely fucking floored if it is. I hope that Pudding did something to BM that lets her see an illusion, and then she faints. Pudding can manipulate memories, and if she is awakened she can also manipulate the memories indirectly through the cake. Fuck, please be an illusion if this is real.

I'll hate YonkouProductions forever if this turns out to be fake. We need people like him who have access to scans to tell us what's going to happen. He shouldn't fuck up his position like this if he wants to play a joke on us.

I wonder if my theory will happen, WCI was a little inspired in Wonderland so I always thought it would be great to have a court part. Katakuri could be one of the few who support SH

Or else why would he gone missing for that long?

Well that assumes she can’t still pursue the strawhats when she wakes up.

Sanji or Jinbe. They will talk with her and she will see the errors of her ways. I cant wait for the idiots who like this chapter when that ending happens.

Let's be honest. Sanji isn't saving anyone. He had his chance and he fucked up royally

i hope this is real, what happend to those moments when the crew actually got their asses kicked??
Kizaru almost kills them all and now they gonna run away from a fucking Yonko just like that?? Yonkous will look like shit if Oda doesnt fix this.

So the cake, which is supposed to be Sanji's big moment ended up being a failure? Shocker.

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Sanji already did it


Why does everyone think RAID SUITS is going to be Sanji's takeaway power up from all this when he already has something in his blood that can harden and strengthen his body similar to his already established powers?

>Vinsmoke Judge engineered his four sons to possess superhuman traits, by applying the procedure to them during their fetus stage.
>by doing so, he ensured they would develop a secondary, hardened skeleton known as an Exoskeleton (外骨格 Kaikokkaku?), as well as other physical enhancements

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fuck off they spent 2 years training just to get their shit kicked in? Fuck right off they shud be able to escape a yonko but not beat them