One Piece Chapter 900 Spoilers

He had ONE job

Small summary:

Big Mom eats the cake, enjoys it.
She then attacks the thousand sunny, absolutely wrecks them.
Oven rounds up the Sun pirates with his ability
The last shot we see is the flag on the thousand sunny torn to up where they feel the true wrath of Big Mom. The Straw Hats are in shambles.

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Real spoilers:

Jimbe joins

Sanji a failure. We need to remove Sanji from this story.

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It's probably shitty editor meddling that caused it. The series really went to crap after Shabondy and still hasn't been equilibria stable the entire time since. I mean, what the fuck splitting the cast?

How can Jobji even compare to those couple of Gods??

Lanji should stay making food from now on,

Is the meme of this fake spoilers is gonna stick until tomorrow when we get the gook scans, isn't it?

Redon post it them, but could be a joke, but never underestimate Oda the hack

I don't underestimate Oda. I doubt the spoilers with April's fools around the corner.

Why does everyone think RAID SUITS is going to be Sanji's takeaway power up from all this when he already has something in his blood that can harden and strengthen his body similar to his already established powers?

>Vinsmoke Judge engineered his four sons to possess superhuman traits, by applying the procedure to them during their fetus stage.
>by doing so, he ensured they would develop a secondary, hardened skeleton known as an Exoskeleton (外骨格 Kaikokkaku?), as well as other physical enhancements

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Could be both. Oda released April Fools spoilers.

Or as someone in the other thread said
>Release these spoilers
>what you see actually does happen
>Except it doesn't really, Luffy was just seeing the future and is now OP as fuck so they dodge it

That's one controversial opinion right there. The Sabaody-Impel Down-Marineford saga is one of people's most common favorites.

The series temporarily went to shit during FI and PH, somewhat recovered during Dressrosa, and WCI has been a return to form with some missteps.

It's memory manipulation bois, everyone relax.

Though non-speedreaders see a problem with that.

>What is Zou?
Zou is one of the best arcs in the whole series, short, informative, with good plots around, and a good plot twist almost at the end of the arc, overall amazing.

Fucking kill yourself Sanji
You’re an Embarrassment

Holy shit, I seriously feel bad for jobjifags right now if spoilers are true, their only hope for redemption on this arc was either him beating someone strong like oven or daifuku, or "beating" BM with the cake, but with those spoilers, he's done, the year of jobji without a doubt.

This. Even Carrot is stronger than Sanji, pathetic. After Jinbei joins the crew Sanji will lose his title as the monster tri being him, Luffy and Zoro which'll now be Luffy, Zoro and Jinbei.

>he thinks the editor can tell Oda what to do

Anyone able to translate? Supposedly the real spoilers.


right click but probably fake anyway

kek its the YP spoilers.

They're apparently the same thing
>Delighted to Mamukeki
Pirates of the sun is rounded up by the capacity of the oven
Straw Jerma destroyed without Sube to do in Queen Mom Chanter confluence large amounts of reinforcements

A lot of WCI's problems to me have been due to Oda clearly writing and pacing things with the volume in mind. I think Dressrosa and Fishmen Island had a similar issue. They're these slower long-form arcs that are a pain to read from week to week but really shine in volume-format. This wasn't much of an issue in older arcs. Each chapter stood out more on it's own before Fishmen Island.

Yeah One Piece might as well have been a different series pre-timeskip. Each chapter flowed so well back then. Hell, no individual panel at all felt wasted to me, back then.

Because that would be good writing.

An active thread for OP already exists right now .

>Oven boils the sea water to capture the fishman pirates
>Capone and Chiffon are captured by a bandaged Cracker and his biscuit soldiers.
>Big Mom is back at full power and turns Prometheus into a shooting star to catch up with the Sunny.
>Luffy tries to go G4 but lacks haki.
>Sanji, Brook and Jinbe are overpowered by Napoleon.
>Smoothie captures both Carrot and Nami.
>Chapter ends with Big Mom holding Luffy and the torn flag of the Sunny.

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Honestly, the narrative of the series really changed a lot when the Strawhats all got back together. It really hasn't been the same since then. And it might be because the series has expanded so much, it's been harder for him to summarize and compress the series in a clean concise format.

I think for me the reason Fishmen Island was such a bummer was because he just really forgot how to write the Strawhats as a unit. He's been doing better but that arc is filled with a lot of gag and catchphrase spam.

NO WAY IN HELL THESE ARE REAL. april fools. Just makes no sense. She wouldn't just eat the cake, and have no reaction to it, and then randomly appear next to the sunny lmao. They could have done better with "fake spoilers"

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So after Luffy was able to defeat two of the strongest big mom pirates, it is safe to say he is strong enough to beat an admiral now.

Since the top commanders should be arroung the power of whitebeards commanders. and they were able to fight the admirals evenly (they got wrecked after they got distracted, but before that it was kind of even)

So Luffy is now at the same level as Marco, Jozu, Kuzan, Kizaru and the two other admirals.

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I hope the spoilers are real, It would be the ultimate middle finger to Sanji.

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Should we report Niggerprod to Shueisha?

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law lost his god status after getting cucked by doffy


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New details, said the same person who gave spoilers in 5ch as Redon confirmed them just in case.

- The cake does serve to stop Big Mom.
- The sun pirates create a way for Luffy and the others to flee but Oven appears from a mirror and begins to defeat the Fishmen.
- On the other hand the Germa is defeated by new characters.
- One of those new characters has a big scythe is thin and tall.
- The other one has a long sword.
- The two faces are hidden so you do not know who osn.
- The Queen Mama Chanter arrives
- The main cannon of the Chanter hits the Sunny (?) And when Big Mom finishes eating the cake the flag of the Mugiwara floating in the sea appears.

yes but unironically

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>ChadZoro is apart of the the ChadNovas
>Jobji isn't even part of it

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>Not already doing it

Why would Shueisha not know about him already? Are you retarded?

Yes. Unironically, yes.

>There are people that devote this much energy to shitting on Sanji
Kissless Zorobetas hating on a Chadji

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Way to go Franky, the Sunny jobbed

ahhhhhhh, why me and my fans are so pathetic?

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Not devoting any energy user. It just goes with the flow.

someone needs to make a reverse of the meme now, its outdated

just tell me how and consider it done

you can't just hype a chapter up and then give us that piece of shit for spoilers, at least give us detailed ones fuck this guy

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>SH fails in Wano
>They become prisoners of BM
>A timeskip happens
>They can finally escape and Zoro and the others explain everything that happened after all
>older Momonosuke
>Vivi comes too and explain what happened in the Reverie

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Now that the other thread is dead, this thread can finally get a discussion going.

No, but the fact that he has access to chapter SCANS even before Jaimini does and absolutely refuses to release them on the Internet, making us wait until late Thursday night or Friday for the full chapter, fucking hurts.

assuming everyone you listed hasn't gotten stronger at the same time lol. If luffy was fully rested, he might have a chance against big mom. He personally still doesn't know anything about her abilities. Remember back during the party she tanked his gear 4th punch with her fucking arm, and did something to him that made him lose gear 4, (i don't think it was just luffy being tired). If that's the case, he could go at her full strength gear 4th, and he could instantly lose.

Big Mom tanking gear 4

Big mom doing something that made luffy lose his power?

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>the cake was pointless, sanji jobbed
>the sunny is already broken, franky jobbed
how many chapters were wasted for this?

Fails in WCI**

Should have "Anyone can use something a simple as moonwalk!"

Pretty bullshit how Big Mom's oldest daughter, COMPOTE, is still IRRELEVANT as fuck despite being on a Tank Volume Cover.

Redon specifically denied thwm being fake or april fools

ruffy was just hungry and just fought donflamingo awhile back

You guys Zorons are spamming out hundreds of shitposts as usual.
And it is up to date. Zoro is still a one eyed cyclops who got permanently crippled off screen.

Big Mom already chewed a piece of the Sunny and a direct hit at point blank range toward Big Mom's nose and two eyeballs didn't even give her a nosebleed or black eye.

Sunny already jobbed against Big Mom a long time ago.

Has oda written himself into a corner with the power scaling? Luffy defeating Katakuri was barely acceptable, we've seen Kaidou BTFO Kidd. How are Luffy and the strawhats going to ever compete with Kaidou?

Chapter 900: Bon Voyage Ex-Captain!
Tales of the self proclaimed straw hat grand fleet vol. 32 Orlumbus Arc "We're already wanted adventurers, we might as well become pirates!"

Even with the appearance Sun pirates, chance of escape seems slim.

Smoothie's ship reaches the Sunny and they prepare to board.

Cut to Big Mom at Funwari Island

Big Mom is eating the cake and faints

Big Mom's Souls are released and Totland is in total chaos

Jinbe: "There's only one way, that I see, to get out of this "

Jinbe takes the ship to Wadatsumi and gives him a look

Wadatsumi: Ah, I understand captain, er, ex-captain

Wadatsumi picks up the Sunny and throws it away from Totland

The Sun Pirates: Bon-Voyage ex-captain!

In the sky on the sunny

Jinbe: Does the offer still stand? Can I join your crew Luffy?

Luffy: Hmm? I thought you already did.

Chapter 900 end
no break next week

Sanjihaters BTFO. Remove yourselves from Sup Forums immediately you Zolophilic redditors

real spoilers when

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This time it jobbed to Big Mom's ship though.

Why do you hate Sanjifags so much? It almost seems personal. Like at some point you got mind raped by a Sanjifag and never got over it.

>self proc-
stopped reading there

lmao fucking retard we already know we have a color spread so putting a cover page outs you as a mouth breathing tard

Friendship ended with Sanji. Law is my new monster trio!

My dad is Oda and he told me this is how Luffy is going to escape.

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If not within a few hours then probably not at all.

Zoro can't. Whats that say about him?

>One of those new characters has a big scythe is thin and tall.
>The other one has a long sword.
i-is it them?

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It straight up wasn't acceptable


Man, us Zorofags truly have the maturest fanbase from this series. Too much whiny Jobji, Luffy fags, etc. Post yfw you're a fellow Zorobro.

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how mad would everyone be if Oda just decides to have big mom kill the strawhats, switch over to wano and have kaidou kill everyone there and then one piece is over

moral of the story is not everyone can be what they want

This one looks like it could be true.

>They are new characters

Zoro is an Isekai self-insert

Sanji's cake won't knock Big Mom out.

Sanji's cake was a pure hack job with no thoughts or feelings put into it.

Love is the missing ingredient and that is what separates Sanji's cake from Streusen's cake and will make the difference in Big Mom's reaction toward Sanji's cake.

It will be good but not great enough to knock Big Mom out.

Screencap my post if you don't believe me.

spoilers when?

Honestly, yes.

this would make the chapter 100x better

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Would it be so bad if Luffy fails? He is in a Yonkou's territory after all and with half of the crew (with useless Chopper and Barbie Nami). Oda should just do another timeskip

Unironically better than that shitheap Yonkou posted.

>Would it be so bad if Luffy fails?
Yeah, it would. Should have just made the first one longer if he wanted to do this shit.

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the fake spoilers from the other thread were unironically god tier and better writing than the hack

feels good desu

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Delicious Luffyfag tears.

Post more TS Zoro

do it

Yeah. If Oda wanted the Strawhat to fail then he should've done it ages ago during the wedding instead of wasting everyone's time like this.

Oda would redeem himself from how horribly he handled Katakuri versus Luffy if Luffy gets raped by Big Mom.

Half of the Strawhats haven’t even shown significant growth from the last one.

stop posting this in every thread you sperg

I agree with this. Notice that the other fake spoilers even took into account the colorspread and the fact that we still missing one cover with the giants before going in Orlumbus story.

>tfw lawfag

Smug law reaction image

It feels too good.

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Oda reacted to the negative reception of Luffy winning against Katakuri and he finally agreed he fucked up so now he is going to make Luffy suffer.

>Blackbeard's crew defected and joined the BMP
Blackbeard BTFO!!!

Zoro was right. Luffy should've left Sanji's pathetic ass on WCI

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Luffy defeating Katakuri wasn’t acceptable and you can beat your life on the fact that Kaidou will go down in a tag team battle.

>got his arm chopped off, his entire plan failed and cries like a bitch and would have died had luffy not bailed him out