Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

>Kobayashi effortlessly attained the 4th highest rank a wizard can get
>Has zero magical ability
>Tohru is unique among dragons in that she can produce her own mana
Is the temptation of using magic going to be what finally gets her to eat Tohru's tail?

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wasn't the point of the relax chapter that tohru accepted that kobayashi doesn't want to eat it and thus won't offer it again?

Yes, but now there's a potentially a reason for her wanting to eat it. Does Kobayashi "need" to use magic? Of course not, she has Tohru, who is a skilled sorceress in her own right. But if Kobayashi's curiosity ever gets the best of her, then she's gonna suck up her pride and eat it.

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>Kobayashi's curiosity ever gets the best of her
Naa. I don't see that happening. The only thing that would get Kobayashi to do such, would be if the situation needed magic or else something bad would happen. Only then can I see Kobayashi sucking it up.

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>everyone's forgotten about this show already

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Have they? is it confirmed a season 2 yet

no. the manga is too """""controversial""""" for them to do it

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Whatever do you mean?
I was under the impression """they""" promoted this stuff.

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S2 soon.

Would you eat a dragon's tail?

>>Has zero magical ability
She has no INNATE magic ability. But she is tricked into studying magic while never having cast a spell. And her lack of innate power is actually irrelevant, because her familiar Touru is a mana aura beast.

The only reason she has no reason to cast spells, is because Touru is already a proficient magic user and thus has no need to have Kobayashi do the work.

Yeah why not?

just post kanna everywhere, i mean physically post her around your town

Many hive minds have not forgotten.

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The poison? Unless sudoku is part of your master plan.

>someone without kmagical ability has the best dragon as a familiar
guess who is the favorite character of the DM

The real question is why is the president getting Kobayashi to do this? And also whether or not he somehow orchestrated her meeting with Tohru. And even whether or not Kobayashi's exposure to the magic code might have shielded her from the god sword that she pulled from Tohru.

Magic is programming so maybe she gets even better at work while improving her magic, so win-win

>The real question is why is the president getting Kobayashi to do this
talent scouting?
the fact that we don't know what the author is going to do as he is unpredictable makes him a good author