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Why aren't military grade lesbian catgirl robot maid bodyguards a thing yet?

Clarin a shit

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Fuck off thief.

Nene's going for the harem end, I can feel it.

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>touch little girls crotch to become a magical robot girl

what did the Ghost in the Shell author mean by this?

Not if Phobos dies first.

I want to look exactly like Clarin

post cat prince

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Dork is my self-insert


Post Daya.

Refresh my memory, what was the difference between the two main girls?
One slept and one recharged, were they both cyborgs? Or was one an android?

The cat one was an android, the dork a cyborg

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Fatal error

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I wish I was a dorkbot.

>your day will never start like this

The Fibonacci sequence has never been so cute!

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>This video contains content [sic] from KADOKAWA CORPORATION, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
Post a hooktube like next time.