Left or right?

Left or right?

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Choose your Rin

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Neither. One pleases old men for money. One looks like a dumpster fire.


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I want to be Luvia's personal sex slave.

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Which one has the penis?

Left on Right is the only true and patrician answer.

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Luvia is more my style but good lord, Rin in Fate Extra makes me diamonds.

Right riding on top of left because she likes to pretend she had no other way to pay her debts but just wants to ride the highest bidder. If she wasn't such a naughty girl she would have had become Bazett's apprentice in debt management.


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The one with stinky feet.

Extra Rin is the child of Luvia and Rin

Rin, but I wouldn't complain about Luvia, either.

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Left or Right?

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Why do they have mind break eyes?

The mom.

right for headpats and normal brother and sister bonding, left for you know what

because they are puppets at that point

>left for you know what
Farting on.

Can Rama be an option?

So if I tell rin to please old men for money she will do it?